Azure 备份服务器 (MABS) 中的新增功能What's new in Azure Backup Server (MABS)

MABS V3 UR1 中的新增功能What's new in MABS V3 UR1

Azure 备份服务器 (MABS) 版本 3 UR1 是最新更新,其中包含重要的 bug 修复以及其他功能和增强功能。Azure Backup Server (MABS) version 3 UR1 is the latest update, and includes critical bug fixes and other features and enhancements. 若要查看 MABS V3 UR1 中已修复的 bug 列表和安装说明,请参阅知识库文章 4534062To view the list of bugs fixed and the installation instructions for MABS V3 UR1, see KB article 4534062.


MABS v3 UR1 不再支持 32 位保护代理。Support for the 32 bit protection agent is deprecated with MABS v3 UR1. 请参阅弃用 32 位保护代理See 32 Bit protection agent deprecation.

通过使用 SSD 的分层存储加快了备份速度Faster backups with tiered storage using SSDs

MABS V2 引入了新式备份存储 (MBS),从而提高了存储利用率和性能。MABS V2 introduced Modern Backup Storage (MBS), improving storage utilization and performance. MBS 使用 ReFS 作为基础文件系统,并被设计为使用诸如分层存储之类的混合存储。MBS uses ReFS as underlying file system and is designed to make use of hybrid storage such as tiered storage.

若要通过 MBS 实现缩放和性能,建议将 MABS V3 UR1 的一小部分(占总存储的 4%)闪存 (SSD) 用作分层卷,并与 DPM HDD 存储结合使用。To achieve the scale and performance by MBS we recommend using a small percentage (4% of overall storage) of flash storage (SSD) with MABS V3 UR1 as a tiered volume in combination with DPM HDD storage. 具有分层存储的 MABS V3 UR1 的备份速度可提高 50-70%。MABS V3 UR1 with tiered storage delivers 50-70% faster backups. 有关配置分层存储的步骤,请参阅 DPM 文章使用分层存储设置 MBSRefer to the DPM article Set up MBS with Tiered Storage for steps to configure tiered storage.

对 ReFS 卷的支持Support for ReFS volumes

借助 MABS V3 UR1,可以备份 ReFS 卷和部署在 ReFS 卷上的工作负载。With MABS V3 UR1, you can back up the ReFS volumes and workloads deployed on the ReFS volume. 可以备份 ReFS 卷上部署的以下工作负载:You can back up the following workloads deployed on the ReFS volumes:

  • 操作系统(64 位):Windows Server 2019、2016、2012 R2、2012。Operating System (64 bit): Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012.
  • SQL Server:SQL Server 2019、SQL Server 2017、2016。SQL Server: SQL Server 2019, SQL Server 2017, 2016.
  • Exchange:Exchange 2019、2016。Exchange: Exchange 2019, 2016.
  • SharePoint:SharePoint 2019、2016(包含最新 SP)。SharePoint: SharePoint 2019, 2016 with latest SP.


MABS V3 支持备份 ReFS 卷上存储的 Hyper-V VMBackup of Hyper-V VMs stored on an ReFS volume is supported with MABS V3

[重要说明] 我们已经发现了一些已删除重复数据的 ReFS 卷的备份问题。[IMPORTANT] We've identified a few issues with backup of deduplicated ReFS volumes. 我们正在努力解决这些问题,并将在有可用的修补程序后立即更新此部分。We're working on fixing these, and will update this section as soon as we have a fix available. 在此之前,我们将从 MABSv3 UR1 中删除对删除重复数据的 ReFS 卷备份的支持。Until then, we're removing the support for backup of deduplicated ReFS volumes from MABSv3 UR1.

VMware 并行备份VMware parallel backups

借助 MABS V3 UR1,单个保护组中的所有 VMware VM 备份将并行进行,从而使 VM 备份速度提高 25%。With MABS V3 UR1, all your VMware VMs backups within a single protection group will be parallel, leading to 25% faster VM backups. 早期版本的 MABS 仅跨保护组执行并行备份。With earlier versions of MABS, parallel backups were performed only across protection groups. 借助 MABS V3 UR1,VMware 增量复制作业将并行运行。With MABS V3 UR1, VMware delta replication jobs run in parallel. 默认情况下,并行运行的作业数设置为 8。By default, the number of jobs to run in parallel is set to 8. 了解有关 VMware 并行备份的详细信息。Learn more about VMware parallel backups.

VMware VM 备份的磁盘排除Disk exclusion for VMware VM backup

借助 MABS V3 UR1,可以从 VMware VM 备份中排除特定磁盘。With MABS V3 UR1, you can exclude specific disks from a VMware VM backup. 了解有关从 VMware VM 备份中排除磁盘的详细信息。Learn more about excluding disks from VMware VM backup.

支持额外的身份验证层,以删除联机备份Support for additional layer of authentication to delete online backup

MABS V3 UR1 为关键操作添加了额外的身份验证层。With MABS V3 UR1, an additional a layer of authentication is added for critical operations. 当你执行“停止保护并删除数据”操作时,系统将提示你输入安全 PIN。You'll be prompted to enter a security PIN when you perform Stop Protection with Delete data operations.

脱机备份改进Offline backup improvements

MABS v3 UR1 通过 Azure 导入/导出服务改善了脱机备份体验。MABS v3 UR1 improves the experience of offline backup with Azure Import/Export Service. 有关详细信息,请参阅此处的更新步骤。For more information, see the updated steps here.

新的 cmdlet 参数New cmdlet parameter

MABS V3 UR1 包含新参数 [-CheckReplicaFragmentation]。MABS V3 UR1 includes a new parameter [-CheckReplicaFragmentation]. 新参数用于计算副本的碎片百分比,并包含在 Copy-DPMDatasourceReplica cmdlet 中。The new parameter calculates the fragmentation percentage for a replica, and is included in the Copy-DPMDatasourceReplica cmdlet.

弃用 32 位保护代理32-Bit protection agent deprecation

MABS v3 UR1 不再支持 32 位保护代理。With MABS v3 UR1, support for 32-bit protection agent is no longer supported. 将 MABS v3 服务器升级到 UR1 后,你将无法保护 32 位工作负载。You won't be able to protect 32-bit workloads after upgrading the MABS v3 server to UR1. 任何现有的 32 位保护代理都将处于禁用状态;计划的备份将失败并显示“代理被禁用”错误。Any existing 32-bit protection agents will be in a disabled state and scheduled backups will fail with the agent is disabled error. 如果要保留这些代理的备份数据,可以通过“保留数据”选项停止保护。If you want to retain backup data for these agents, you can stop the protection with the retain data option. 否则,可以删除保护代理。Otherwise, the protection agent can be removed.


查看更新的保护矩阵,以了解 MABS UR1 支持保护的工作负载。Review the updated protection matrix to learn the supported workloads for protection with MABS UR 1.

MABS V3 RTM 中的新增功能What's new in MABS V3 RTM

Microsoft Azure 备份服务器版本 3 (MABS V3) 包含重要的 bug 修复、Windows Server 2019 支持、SQL 2017 支持以及其他功能和增强功能。Microsoft Azure Backup Server version 3 (MABS V3) includes critical bug fixes, Windows Server 2019 support, SQL 2017 support, and other features and enhancements. 若要查看 MABS V3 中已修复的 bug 列表和安装说明,请参阅知识库文章 4457852To view the list of bugs fixed and the installation instructions for MABS V3, see KB article 4457852.

MABS V3 包含以下功能:The following features are included in MABS V3:

卷到卷的迁移Volume to Volume migration

发布 MABS V2 中的新式备份存储 (MBS) 时,我们宣布推出了工作负荷感知的存储,在其中可以根据存储属性,将某些工作负荷配置为备份到特定的存储。With Modern Backup Storage (MBS) in MABS V2, we announced Workload aware storage, where you configure certain workloads to be backed up to specific storage, based on storage properties. 但是,在配置后,你可能发现,需要将某些数据源的备份移到其他存储,以优化资源利用率。However, after configuration, you may find a need to move backups of certain data sources to other storage for optimized resource utilization. 在 MABS V3 中可以迁移备份,并通过三个步骤将其配置为存储到其他卷。MABS V3 gives you the capability to migrate your backups and configure them to be stored to a different volume in three steps.

防止意外的数据丢失Prevent unexpected data loss

在企业中,MABS 由管理员团队管理。In enterprises, MABS is managed by a team of administrators. 尽管用于备份的存储有指导原则可供参考,但在 MABS 中提供错误的卷作为备份存储可能会导致关键数据丢失。While there are guidelines on storage that should be used for backups, an incorrect volume given to MABS as backup storage may lead to loss of critical data. 在 MABS V3 中,可以使用这些 PowerShell cmdlet 将这些卷配置为不可用于存储,来防止这种情况。With MABS V3, you can prevent such scenarios by configuring those volumes as the ones that aren't available for storage using these PowerShell cmdlets.

自定义大小分配Custom size allocation

新式备份存储 (MBS) 根据需要消耗少量的存储。Modern Backup Storage (MBS) consumes storage thinly, as and when needed. 为此,在配置用于保护后,MABS 会计算备份数据的大小。To do so, MABS calculates the size of the data being backed up when it's configured for protection. 但是,如果要同时备份许多的文件和文件夹(例如,在文件服务器中备份时),大小计算可能会花费很长时间。However, if many files and folders are being backed up together, as in the case of a file server, size calculation can take long time. 在 MABS V3 中,可将 MABS 配置为接受默认卷大小而不是计算每个文件的大小,从而可以节省时间。With MABS V3, you can configure MABS to accept the volume size as default, instead of calculating the size of each file, which saves time.

针对 RCT VM 优化的一致性检查Optimized CC for RCT VMs

MABS 使用 RCT(Hyper-V 中的本机更改跟踪),可以在发生 VM 崩溃等情况时减少非常耗时的一致性检查的需求。MABS uses RCT (the native change tracking in Hyper-V), which decreases the need for time-consuming consistency checks in scenarios as VM crashes. 与基于 VSS 快照的备份提供的更改跟踪相比,RCT 提供更好的复原能力。RCT provides better resiliency than the change tracking provided by VSS snapshot-based backups. 在执行任何一致性检查期间,MABS V3 只会传输更改的数据,因而可以进一步优化网络和存储消耗。MABS V3 optimizes network and storage consumption further by transferring only the changed data during any consistency checks.

TLS 1.2 支持Support to TLS 1.2

TLS 1.2 是 Microsoft 建议的通信方式,并采用一流的加密。TLS 1.2 is the secure way of communication suggested by Microsoft with best-in class encryption. MABS 现在支持 MABS 与受保护服务器之间的 TLS 1.2 通信,以进行基于证书的身份验证和云备份。MABS now supports TLS 1.2 communication between MABS and the protected servers, for certificate-based authentication, and for cloud backups.

VMware VM 保护支持VMware VM protection support

现在,支持对生产部署使用 VMware VM 备份。VMware VM backup is now supported for production deployments. MABS V3 为 VMware VM 保护提供以下功能:MABS V3 offers the following for VMware VM protection:

  • 支持 vCenter 和 ESXi 6.5、5.5 和 6.0。Support for vCenter and ESXi 6.5, along with support for 5.5 and 6.0.
  • 在云中自动保护 VMware VM。Auto-protection of VMware VMs to cloud. 如果将新的 VMware VM 添加到受保护的文件夹,则会在磁盘和云中自动保护这些 VM。If new VMware VMs are added to a protected folder, they're automatically protected to disk and cloud.
  • VMware 备用位置恢复的恢复效率改进。Recovery efficiency improvements for VMware alternative location recovery.

SQL 2017 支持SQL 2017 support

MABS V3 可与用作 MABS 数据库的 SQL 2017 一同安装。MABS V3 can be installed with SQL 2017 as the MABS database. 可将 SQL Server 从 SQL 2016 升级到 SQL 2017,或全新安装 SQL Server。You can upgrade the SQL server from SQL 2016 to SQL 2017, or install it freshly. 还可以使用 MABS V3 在群集和非群集环境中备份 SQL 2017 工作负荷。You can also back up SQL 2017 workload both in clustered and non-clustered environment with MABS V3.

Windows Server 2019 支持Windows Server 2019 support

可在 Windows Server 2019 中安装 MABS V3。MABS V3 can be installed on Windows Server 2019. 若要将 MABS V3 与 WS2019 配合使用,可以在安装/升级到 MABS V3 之前将 OS 升级到 WS2019,或者在 WS2016 中安装/升级 V3 之后升级 OS。To use MABS V3 with WS2019, you can either upgrade your OS to WS2019 before installing/upgrading to MABS V3 or you can upgrade your OS after installing/upgrading V3 on WS2016.

MABS V3 是完整发行版,可直接安装在 Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2019 中,或者从 MABS V2 升级。MABS V3 is a full release, and can be installed directly on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, or can be upgraded from MABS V2. 在升级到或安装备份服务器 V3 之前,请阅读安装先决条件。Before you upgrade to or install Backup Server V3, read about the installation prerequisites. 此处可以找到有关 MABS 安装/升级步骤的详细信息。Find more information about the installation/upgrade steps for MABS here.


MABS 的代码基与 System Center Data Protection Manager 相同。MABS has the same code base as System Center Data Protection Manager. MABS v3 相当于 Data Protection Manager 1807。MABS v3 is equivalent to Data Protection Manager 1807. MABS v3 UR1 相当于 Data Protection Manager 2019 UR1。MABS v3 UR1 is equivalent to Data Protection Manager 2019 UR1.

后续步骤Next steps

了解如何准备服务器或开始保护工作负荷:Learn how to prepare your server or begin protecting a workload: