Azure Integration Runtime IP 地址Azure Integration Runtime IP addresses

适用于: Azure 数据工厂 Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure 集成运行时使用的 IP 地址取决于 Azure 集成运行时所在的区域。The IP addresses that Azure Integration Runtime uses depends on the region where your Azure integration runtime is located. 同一区域中的所有 Azure 集成运行时都使用相同的 IP 地址范围。All Azure integration runtimes that are in the same region use the same IP address ranges.


可以将这些 IP 范围用于数据移动、管道和外部活动执行。You can use these IP ranges for Data Movement, Pipeline and External activities executions. 这些 IP 范围可用于数据存储/网络安全组 (NSG)/防火墙中的筛选,以便通过 Azure 集成运行时进行入站访问。These IP ranges can be used for filtering in data stores/ Network Security Group (NSG)/ Firewalls for inbound access from Azure Integration runtime.

Azure 集成运行时 IP 地址:特定的区域Azure Integration Runtime IP addresses: Specific regions

对于资源所在的特定 Azure 区域中的 Azure Integration Runtime ,允许来自为其列出的 IP 地址的流量。Allow traffic from the IP addresses listed for the Azure Integration runtime in the specific Azure region where your resources are located. 可以从服务标记 IP 范围下载链接中获取服务标记的 IP 范围列表。You can get an IP range list of service tags from the service tags IP range download link. 例如,如果 Azure 区域为“ChinaEast 2”,则可以从 DataFactory.ChinaEast2 获取 IP 范围列表。For example, if the Azure region is ChinaEast 2 , you can get an IP range list from DataFactory.ChinaEast2.

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