Azure Data Box Disk:常见问题解答Azure Data Box Disk: Frequently Asked Questions

使用 Azure Data Box 磁盘云解决方案可以通过快速、经济、可靠的方式将 TB 量级的数据发送到 Azure。The Azure Data Box Disk cloud solution enables you to send terabytes of data to Azure in a quick, inexpensive, and reliable way. 本常见问题解答文章包含在 Azure 门户中使用 Data Box 磁盘时可能遇到的问题及其解答。This FAQ contains questions and answers that you may have when you use Data Box Disks in the Azure portal.

问题和解答分为以下几个类别:Questions and answers are arranged in the following categories:

  • 关于该服务About the service
  • 配置和连接Configure and connect
  • 跟踪状态Track status
  • 迁移数据Migrate data
  • 验证和上传数据Verify and upload data

关于该服务About the service

Q.Q. 什么是 Azure Data Box 服务?What is Azure Data Box service?

A.A. Azure Data Box 服务专为脱机数据引入而设计。Azure Data Box service is designed for offline data ingestion. 此服务可以管理针对数据传输定制的、具有不同存储容量的所有产品组合。This service manages an array of products all tailored for data transport for differing storage capacities.

Q.Q. 什么是 Azure Data Box 磁盘?What are Azure Data Box Disks?

A.A. 使用 Azure Data Box 磁盘能够快速、经济、安全地将 TB 量级的数据传入和传出 Azure。The Azure Data Box Disks allow a quick, inexpensive, and secure transfer of terabytes of data into and out of Azure. Azure 会向你寄送 1 到 5 个磁盘,每个磁盘的最大存储容量为 35 TB。Azure ships you 1 to 5 disks, with a maximum storage capacity of 35 TB. 可以通过 Azure 门户中的 Data Box 服务轻松配置、连接和解锁这些磁盘。You can easily configure, connect, and unlock these disks via the Data Box service in Azure portal.

磁盘已使用 Microsoft BitLocker 驱动器加密进行加密,可在 Azure 门户中管理加密密钥。Disks are encrypted using Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption, and your encryption keys are managed on the Azure portal. 然后,从客户的服务器复制数据。You then copy the data from the customer's servers. 在数据中心,我们会使用高速专用网络上传链路将数据从驱动器迁移到云中,然后将其上传到 Azure。In the datacenter, We migrate your data from drive to cloud using a fast, private network upload link and uploads it to Azure.

问:Q. 何时应使用 Data Box 磁盘?When should I use Data Box Disks?

A.A. 如果需要将 40 TB(或更少)的数据传输到 Azure,则使用 Data Box Disk 会很有利。If you have 40 TB of data (or less) that you want to transfer to Azure, you would benefit from using Data Box Disks.

Q.Q. Data Box 磁盘的价格是多少?What is the price of Data Box Disks?

A.A. 有关 Data Box Disk 的价格,请访问定价页For information on the price of Data Box Disks, go to Pricing page.

Q.Q. 如何获取 Data Box 磁盘?How do I get Data Box Disks?

A.A. 若要获取 Azure Data Box Disk,请登录到 Azure 门户并创建磁盘的 Data Box 订单。To get Azure Data Box Disks, log into Azure portal and create a Data Box order for disks. 提供联系信息和通知详细信息。Provide your contact information and notification details. 在你提交订单后,我们会在 10 天内将磁盘寄送给你,具体时间取决于磁盘的供货情况。Once you place an order, based on the availability, disks are shipped to you within 10 days.

Q.Q. 在一个实例中使用 Data Box 磁盘最多可以传输多少数据?What is the maximum amount of data I can transfer with Data Box Disks in one instance?

A.A. 如果使用 5 个磁盘,并且每个磁盘具有 8 TB 容量(7 TB 可用容量),则最大可用容量为 35 TB。For 5 disks, each with 8 TB capacity (7 TB of usable capacity), the maximum usable capacity is 35 TB. 因此,可在一个实例中传输 35 TB 数据。So you can transfer 35 TB of data in one instance. 若要传输更多数据,需订购更多的磁盘。To transfer more data, you need to order more disks.

Q.Q. 如何检查 Data Box 磁盘是否在我的区域中可用?How can I check if Data Box Disks are available in my region?

A.A. 若要查看目前提供 Data Box Disks 的区域,请转到区域可用性To see where the Data Box Disks are currently available, go to the Region availability.

Q.Q. 使用 Data Box 磁盘可在哪些区域存储数据?Which regions can I store data in with Data Box Disks?

A.A. 所有区域都支持 Data Box Disk。Data Box Disk is supported for all regions.

问:Q. 如果 Data Box 磁盘出现任何问题,我应该与谁联系?Whom should I contact if I encounter any issues with Data Box Disks?

A.A. 如果 Data Box Disk 磁盘出现任何问题,请联系 Azure 支持部门If you encounter any issues with Data Box Disks, contact Azure Support.

订购设备Order device

问:Q. 如何获取 Data Box Disk?How do I get Data Box Disk?

A.A. 若要获取 Azure Data Box Disk,请登录 Azure 门户并创建 Data Box Disk 订单。To get Azure Data Box Disk, sign into the Azure portal and create a Data Box Disk order. 提供联系信息和通知详细信息。Provide your contact information and notification details. 提交订单后,我们会在 10 天内将 Data Box Disk 送达,具体时间取决于 Data Box Disk 的供货情况。Once you place an order, based on the availability, Data Box Disk is shipped to you within 10 days. 有关详细信息,请转到订购 Data BoxFor more information, go to Order a Data Box.

问:Q. 我无法在 Azure 门户中创建 Data Box Disk 订单。I couldn't create a Data Box Disk order in the Azure portal. 为什么?Why?

A.A. 如果无法创建 Data Box Disk 订单,有可能是订阅类型或访问权限的问题。If you can't create a Data Box Disk order, there's a problem with either your subscription type or access.

请查看你的订阅。Check your subscription. Data Box Disk 仅适用于企业协议 (EA) 和云解决方案提供商 (CSP) 订阅产品/服务。Data Box Disk is only available for Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Cloud solution provider (CSP) subscription offers. 如果没有这两种订阅类型中的任一种,请联系 Azure 支持部门以升级订阅。If you don't have either of these subscription types, contact Azure Support to upgrade your subscription.

如果具有受支持的订阅产品/服务类型,请查看订阅访问级别。If you have a supported offer type for the subscription, check your subscription access level. 只有订阅的参与者或所有者才能创建订单。You need to be a contributor or owner in your subscription to create an order.

问:Q. 从创建订单到将数据上传到 Azure 需要多长时间?How long will my order take from order creation to data uploaded to Azure?

A.A. 以下每个订单处理阶段的预计提前期有助于你充分了解预期内容。The following estimated lead times for each phase of order processing will give you a good idea of what to expect.

这些提前期是估算值。These lead times are estimates. 订单处理的每个阶段的时间都受到数据中心负载、并发订单和其他环境条件的影响。The time for each stage of order processing is affected by load on the datacenter, concurrent orders, and other environmental conditions.

Data Box Disk 订单的预计提前期:Estimated lead times for a Data Box Disk order:

  1. 订购 Data Box Disk:几分钟,从门户Order Data Box Disk: A few minutes, from the portal
  2. 磁盘分配和准备:最多 5 个工作日,具体取决于库存可用性和待处理的订单数量Disk allocation and preparation: Up to 5 business days, depending on inventory availability and number of pending orders to be processed
  3. 寄送:2-3 个工作日Shipping: 2-3 business days
  4. 客户站点上的数据复制:取决于数据的性质、大小和文件数。Data copy at customer site: Depends on nature of data, size, and number of files.
  5. 退货:2-3 个工作日Return shipping: 2-3 business days
  6. 在数据中心处理并上传到 Azure:一旦完成操作处理并连接了磁盘,就会在数据中心开始数据上传。Processing at the datacenter and upload to Azure: Data upload begins at the datacenter as soon as operational processing is complete and the disk is connected. 上传时间取决于数据的性质、大小和文件数。Upload time depends on nature of data, size, and number of files.

配置和连接Configure and connect

Q.Q. 是否可在订单中指定 Data Box 磁盘的数目?Can I specify the number of Data Box Disks in the order?

A.A. 不是。No. 根据数据大小和磁盘的供货情况,你最多会收到 5 个 8 TB 磁盘。You get 8 TB disks (a maximum of 5 disks) depending upon your data size and availability of the disks.

问:Q. 如何解锁 Data Box 磁盘?How do I unlock the Data Box Disks?

A.A. 在 Azure 门户中,转到自己的 Data Box 磁盘订单,并导航到“设备详细信息”。In the Azure portal, go to your Data Box Disk order, and navigate to Device details. 复制支持密钥。Copy the passkey. 从 Azure 门户下载并提取适用于操作系统的 Data Box Disk 解锁工具。Download and extract the Data Box Disk unlock tool from the Azure portal for your operating system. 在具有要复制到磁盘的数据的计算机上运行该工具。Run the tool on the computer that has the data you want to copy to the disks. 提供支持密钥以解锁磁盘。Provide the passkey to unlock your disks. 同一个支持密钥可解锁所有磁盘。The same passkey unlocks all the disks.

有关分步说明,请转至在 Windows 客户端上解锁磁盘在 Linux 客户端上解锁磁盘For step-by-step instructions, go to Unlock disks on a Windows client or Unlock disks on a Linux client.

Q.Q. 是否可以使用 Linux 主机建立连接并将数据复制到 Data Box 磁盘?Can I use a Linux host computer to connect and copy the data on to the Data Box Disks?

A.A. 是的。Yes. Linux 和 Windows 客户端都可用于连接数据并将数据复制到 Data Box Disk。Both the Linux and Windows clients can be used to connect and copy data on to the Data Box Disks. 有关详细信息,请转到主机的受支持操作系统列表。For more information, go to the list of Supported operating systems for your host computer.

Q.Q. 我的磁盘已发货,但现在我想取消此订单。My disks are dispatched but now I want to cancel this order. 为何取消按钮不可用?Why is the cancel button not available?

A.A. 订购磁盘后,只能在发货之前取消订单。You can only cancel the order after the disks are ordered and before the shipment. 磁盘一旦发货,就再也不能取消订单。Once the disks are dispatched, you can no longer cancel the order. 但是,你可以将磁盘退货,需要支付一定的费用。However, you can return your disks at a charge.

Q.Q. 是否可以同时将多个 Data Box 磁盘连接到主机来传输数据?Can I connect multiple Data Box Disks at the same to the host computer to transfer data?

A.A. 是的。Yes. 可将多个 Data Box 磁盘连接到同一主机来传输数据,多个复制作业可以并行运行。Multiple Data Box Disks can be connected to the same host computer to transfer data and multiple copy jobs can be run in parallel.

跟踪状态Track status

Q.Q. 从下单到退回磁盘的整个过程中,如何跟踪磁盘的订单状态?How do I track the disks from when I placed the order to shipping the disks back?

A.A. 可以在 Azure 门户中跟踪 Data Box 磁盘的订单状态。You can track the status of the Data Box Disk order in the Azure portal. 创建订单时,系统还会提示你提供通知电子邮件。When you create the order, you are also prompted to provide a notification email. 如果已提供,则在订单状态发生任何变化时,你都会收到电子邮件通知。If you have provided one, then you're notified via email on all status changes of the order. 详细了解如何配置通知电子邮件More information on how to Configure notification emails.

Q.Q. 如何退回磁盘?How do I return the disks?

A.A. Auzre 会在发货包装中连同 Data Box 磁盘一起提供一个发货标签。Azure provides a shipping label with the Data Box Disks in the shipping package. 在快递公司寄件时,请将该标签贴在包装箱上,并密封包装。Affix the label to the shipping box and drop off the sealed package at your shipping carrier location. 如果该标签已损坏或丢失,请转到“概述”>“下载发货标签”,并下载新的退货标签。If the label is damaged or lost, go to Overview > Download shipping label and download a new return shipping label.

迁移数据Migrate data

Q.Q. 在 Data Box 磁盘中最多可以使用多少数据?What is the maximum data size that can be used with Data Box Disks?

A.A. Data Box 磁盘解决方案最多提供 5 个磁盘,最大可用容量为 35 TB。Data Box Disks solution can have up to 5 disks with a maximum usable capacity of 35 TB. 磁盘本身容量为 8 TB(7 TB 可用容量)。The disks themselves are 8 TB (usable 7 TB).

Q.Q. Data Box 磁盘支持的最大块 Blob 和页 Blob 大小是什么?What are the maximum block blob and page blob sizes supported by Data Box Disks?

A.A. 最大大小受制于 Azure 存储限制。The maximum sizes are governed by Azure Storage limits. 最大块 Blob 大致为 4.768 TiB,最大页 Blob 大小为 8 TiB。The maximum block blob is roughly 4.768 TiB and the maximum page blob size is 8 TiB. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Blob 存储的可伸缩性和性能目标For more information, see Scalability and performance targets for Blob storage.

Q.Q. Data Box 磁盘的数据传输速度是多少?What is the data transfer speed for Data Box Disks?

A.A. 对通过 USB 3.0 连接的磁盘进行测试时,磁盘性能最高为 430 MB/秒。When tested with disks connected via USB 3.0, the disk performance was up to 430 MB/s. 实际数字根据所用的文件大小而异。The actual numbers vary depending upon the file size used. 传输较小的文件时,性能可能会下降。For smaller files, you may see lower performance.

Q.Q. 如何知道我的数据在传输过程中是否安全?How do I know that my data is secure during transit?

A.A. Data Box 磁盘已使用 BitLocker AES-128 位加密进行加密,支持密钥只在 Azure 门户中提供。Data Box Disks are encrypted using BitLocker AES-128 bit encryption and the passkey is only available in the Azure portal. 使用帐户凭据登录到 Azure 门户即可获取支持密钥。Log into the Azure portal using your account credentials to get the passkey. 运行 Data Box 磁盘解锁工具时,请提供此支持密钥。Supply this passkey when you run the Data Box Disk unlock tool.

Q.Q. 如何将数据复制到 Data Box 磁盘?How do I copy the data to the Data Box Disks?

A.A. 使用 RobocopyDiskboss 等 SMB 复制工具,甚至是 Windows 文件资源管理器的拖放式操作,即可将数据复制到磁盘。Use an SMB copy tool such as Robocopy, Diskboss, or even Windows File Explorer drag-and-drop to copy data onto disks.

问:Q. 在加快数据复制方面你们是否有诀窍?Are there any tips to speed up the data copy?

A.A. 若要加快复制过程:To speed up the copy process:

  • 使用多个数据复制流。Use multiple streams of data copy. 例如,在 Robocopy 中使用多线程选项。For instance, with Robocopy, use the multithreaded option. 有关所用的确切命令的详细信息,请转到教程:将数据复制到 Azure Data Box Disk 并进行验证For more information on the exact command used, go to Tutorial: Copy data to Azure Data Box Disk and verify.
  • 使用多个会话。Use multiple sessions.
  • 不通过网络共享进行复制(否则可能受到网络速度的限制)可确保使数据驻留在磁盘所连接到计算机本地。Instead of copying over network share (where you could be limited by the network speeds) ensure that you have the data residing locally on the computer to which the disks are connected.
  • 在整个复制过程中,确保使用 USB 3.0 或更高版本。Ensure that you're using USB 3.0 or later throughout the copy process. 下载并使用 USBView 工具,以识别已连接到计算机的 USB 控制器和 USB 设备。Download and use the USBView tool to identify the USB controllers and USB devices connected to the computer.
  • 为用于复制数据的计算机建立性能基准。Benchmark the performance of the computer used to copy the data. 下载并使用 Bluestop FIO 工具来建立服务器硬件的性能基准。Download and use the Bluestop FIO tool to benchmark the performance of the server hardware. 选择最新的 x86 或 x64 版本,选择“项目”选项卡,然后下载 MSI。Select the latest x86 or x64 build, select the Artifacts tab, and download the MSI.

Q.Q. 如果源数据包含小型文件(几个 KB 或 MB),如何加速数据复制?How to speed up the data if the source data has small files (KBs or few MBs)?

A.A. 若要加快复制过程:To speed up the copy process:

  • 在高速存储上创建本地 VHDx,或者在 HDD/SSD(速度较慢)上创建空的 VHD。Create a local VHDx on fast storage or create an empty VHD on the HDD/SSD (slower).
  • 将其装载到 VM。Mount it to a VM.
  • 将文件复制到 VM 的磁盘。Copy files to the VM's disk.

Q.Q. 是否可对 Data Box 磁盘使用多个存储帐户?Can I use multiple storage accounts with Data Box Disks?

A.A. 否。No. Data Box 磁盘目前仅支持一个存储帐户(常规或经典帐户)。Only one storage account, general or classic, is currently supported with Data Box Disks. 支持热 Blob 和冷 Blob。Both hot and cool blob are supported.

问:Q. Data Box Disk 提供了用于处理数据的什么工具集?What is the toolset available for my data with Data Box Disks?

A.A. 随 Data Box Disk 提供的工具集包含三个工具:The toolset available with the Data Box Disk contains three tools:

  • Data Box Disk 解锁工具:可以使用此工具来解锁 Azure 寄送的已加密磁盘。Data Box Disk Unlock tool: Use this tool to unlock the encrypted disks that are shipped from Azure. 使用此工具解锁磁盘时,需要提供从 Azure 门户中的 Data Box Disk 订单中获得的密钥。When unlocking the disks using the tool, you need to provide a passkey available in the Data Box Disk order in the Azure portal.
  • Data Box Disk 验证工具:可以使用此工具根据 Azure 命名约定来验证大小、格式和 Blob 名称。Data Box Disk Validation tool: Use this tool to validate the size, format, and blob names as per the Azure naming conventions. 它还会生成复制的数据的校验和,然后使用校验和来验证上传到 Azure 的数据。It also generates checksums for the copied data, which are then used to verify the data uploaded to Azure.
  • Data Box Disk 拆分复制工具:如果使用多个磁盘,并且需要拆分大型数据集并将其复制到所有磁盘中,请使用此工具。Data Box Disk Split Copy tool: Use this tool when you are using multiple disks and have a large dataset that needs to be split and copied across all the disks. 此工具当前可用于 Windows。This tool is currently available for Windows. 托管磁盘不支持此工具。This tool is not supported with managed disks. 此工具会在复制数据时进行验证,因此可以在使用此工具时跳过验证步骤。This tool validates the data as it copies it, so you can skip the validation step when using this tool.

此工具集可用于 Windows 和 Linux。The toolset is available both for Windows and Linux. 可以从以下位置下载此工具集:You can download the toolset here:

验证和上传Verify and upload

Q.Q. 寄回磁盘后,多久可以访问我在 Azure 中的数据?How soon can I access my data in Azure once I've shipped the disks back?

A.A. 一旦“数据复制”的订单状态显示为已完成,应该立即就能访问数据。Once the order status for Data Copy shows as complete, you should be able to access your data right away.

Q.Q. 上传后,我的数据位于 Azure 中的哪个位置?Where is my data located in Azure after the upload?

A.A. 复制磁盘中 BlockBlobPageBlob 文件夹下的数据时,系统会针对 BlockBlobPageBlob 文件夹下的每个子文件夹,在 Azure 存储帐户中创建一个容器。When you copy the data under BlockBlob and PageBlob folders on your disk, a container is created in the Azure storage account for each subfolder under the BlockBlob and PageBlob folder. 如果直接复制了 BlockBlob 和 PageBlob 文件夹下的文件,则这些文件将位于 Azure 存储帐户下的默认容器 $root 中 。If you copied the files under the BlockBlob and PageBlob folders directly, then the files are in a default container $root under the Azure Storage account. 将数据复制到 AzureFile 文件夹下的某个文件夹时,会创建文件共享。When you copy the data into a folder under AzureFile folder, a fileshare is created.

Q.Q. 我刚刚发现,我并未遵循容器的 Azure 命名要求。I just noticed that I didn't follow the Azure naming requirements for my containers. 我的数据是否无法上传到 Azure?Will my data fail to upload to Azure?

A.A. 容器名称中的所有大写字母会自动转换为小写字母。Any uppercase letters in your container names are automatically converted to lowercase. 如果名称存在其他方面的不合规情况(例如包含特殊字符或采用其他语言),则上传将会失败。If the names are not compliant in other ways - for example, they contain special characters or other languages - the upload will fail. 有关详细信息,请转到 Azure 命名约定For more information, go to Azure naming conventions.

Q.Q. 如何验证已复制到多个 Data Box 磁盘的数据?How do I verify the data I copied onto multiple Data Box Disks?

A.A. 数据复制完成后,可以运行 DataBoxDiskImport 文件夹中提供的 DataBoxDiskValidation.cmd 来生成校验和,以用于验证。After the data copy is complete, you can run DataBoxDiskValidation.cmd provided in the DataBoxDiskImport folder to generate checksums for validation. 如果有多个磁盘,则需要针对每个磁盘打开命令窗口,并运行此命令。If you have multiple disks, you need to open a command window per disk and run this command. 请注意,根据具体的数据大小,此操作可能需要花费很长时间(大约数小时数)。Keep in mind that this operation can take a long time (~hours) depending upon the size of your data.

Q.Q. 退回磁盘后,我的数据会发生什么情况?What happens to my data after I have returned the disks?

A.A. 完成将数据复制到 Azure 的过程后,会根据 NIST SP 800-88 修订版 1 中的指导原则,安全擦除磁盘中的数据。Once the data copy to Azure is complete, the data from the disks is securely erased as per the NIST SP 800-88 Revision 1 guidelines.

Q.Q. 在传输期间我的数据会受到怎样的保护?How is my data protected during transit?

A.A. Data Box Disk 由 AES-128 Microsoft BitLocker 加密进行加密,需要使用一个密钥才能解锁所有磁盘并访问数据。The Data Box Disks are encrypted with AES-128 Microsoft BitLocker encryption, and a single passkey is required to unlock all the disks and access data.

问:Q. 如果将更多数据添加到 Data Box 磁盘,是否需要重新运行校验和验证?Do I need to rerun checksum validation if I add more data to the Data Box Disks?

A.A. 是的。Yes. 将更多数据添加到 Data Box 磁盘后,如果你确定要验证数据(我们不建议这样做!),则需要重新运行验证。If you decide to validate your data (we recommend you do!), you need to rerun validation if you added more data to the disks.

Q.Q. 我已将所有的磁盘用于传输数据,现在需要订购更多的磁盘。I used all my disks to transfer data and need to order more disks. 是否有某种方法可让我快速下单?Is there a way to quickly place the order?

A.A. 可以克隆以前的订单。You can clone your previous order. 克隆操作会创建与以前相同的订单,并允许编辑订单详细信息(仅限这些信息),而无需键入地址、联系人和通知详细信息。Cloning creates the same order as before and allow you to edit order details only without the need to type in address, contact, and notification details.

问:Q. 我将数据复制到了 ManagedDisk 文件夹。I copied data to the ManagedDisk folder. 我没有看到任何指定了资源组的托管磁盘。I don't see any managed disks with the resource group specified for managed disks. 我的数据是否已上传到 Azure?Was my data uploaded to Azure? 如何找到数据?How can I locate it?

A.A. 是的。Yes. 你的数据已上传到 Azure,但如果你看不到任何具有指定资源组的托管磁盘,则可能是因为该数据无效。Your data was uploaded to Azure, but if you don't see any managed disks with the specified resource groups, it's likely because the data was not valid. 如果页 blob、块 blob、Azure 文件存储或托管磁盘无效,系统会将它们置于以下文件夹中:If page blobs, block blobs, Azure Files, or managed disks are not valid, they will go to the following folders:

  • 页 blob 会进入以 databoxdisk-invalid-pb- 开头的块 blob 容器。Page blobs will go to a block blob container starting with databoxdisk-invalid-pb-.
  • Azure 文件存储会进入以 databoxdisk-invalid-af- 开头的块 blob 容器。Azure Files will go to a block blob container starting with databoxdisk-invalid-af-.
  • 托管磁盘会进入以 databoxdisk-invalid-md- 开头的块 blob 容器。Managed disks will go to a block blob container starting with databoxdisk-invalid-md-.

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