Azure 导入/导出服务:常见问题解答Azure Import/Export service: frequently asked questions

下面是你在使用 Azure 导入/导出服务将数据传输到 Azure 存储时可能会提出的问题及其解答。The following are questions and answers that you may have when you use your Azure Import/Export service to transfer data into Azure storage. 问题和解答分为以下几个类别:Questions and answers are arranged in the following categories:

  • 关于导入/导出服务About Import/Export service
  • 为导入/导出准备磁盘Preparing the disks for import/export
  • 导入/导出作业Import/Export jobs
  • 寄送磁盘Shipping disks
  • 其他Miscellaneous

关于导入/导出服务About Import/Export service

是否可以使用 Azure 导入/导出服务复制 Azure 文件存储?Can I copy Azure File storage using the Azure Import/Export service?

是的。Yes. Azure 导入/导出服务支持导入到 Azure 文件存储。The Azure Import/Export service supports import into Azure File Storage. 目前它不支持导出 Azure 文件。It does not support export of Azure Files at this time.

Azure 导入/导出服务是否适用于 CSP 订阅?Is the Azure Import/Export service available for CSP subscriptions?

是的。Yes. Azure 导入/导出服务支持云解决方案提供商 (CSP) 订阅。Azure Import/Export service supports Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) subscriptions.

能否使用 Azure 导入/导出服务将 PST 邮箱和 SharePoint 数据复制到 Microsoft 365?Can I use the Azure Import/Export service to copy PST mailboxes and SharePoint data to Microsoft 365?

是的。Yes. 有关详细信息,请访问导入组织 PST 文件概述For more information, go to Overview of importing your organization's PST files.

是否可以使用 Azure 导入/导出服务将我的备份脱机复制到 Azure 备份服务?Can I use the Azure Import/Export service to copy my backups offline to the Azure Backup Service?

是的。Yes. 有关详细信息,请转到 Azure 备份中的脱机备份工作流For more information, go to Offline Backup workflow in Azure Backup.

是否可以从 Microsoft 购买用于导入/导出作业的驱动器?Can I purchase drives for import/export jobs from Microsoft?

否。No. 对于导入和导出作业,你需要使用自己的驱动器。You need to ship your own drives for import and export jobs.

为导入/导出准备磁盘Preparing disks for import/export

是否可以跳过导入作业的驱动器准备步骤?Can I skip the drive preparation step for an import job? 是否可以在不复制的情况下准备磁盘?Can I prepare a drive without copying?

否。No. 必须使用 Azure WAImportExport 工具准备用来导入数据的任何驱动器。Any drive used to import data must be prepared using the Azure WAImportExport tool. 还要使用该工具将数据复制到驱动器。Use the tool to also copy data to the drive.

在创建导出作业时我是否需要执行任何磁盘准备操作?Do I need to perform any disk preparation when creating an export job?

否。No. 但建议执行一些预先检查。Some prechecks are recommended. 若要检查所需的磁盘数,请使用 WAImportExport 工具的 PreviewExport 命令。To check the number of disks required, use the WAImportExport tool's PreviewExport command. 有关详细信息,请参阅预览导出作业的驱动器使用情况For more information, see Previewing Drive Usage for an Export Job. 此命令可以根据要使用的驱动器的大小,帮助你预览所选 Blob 的驱动器使用情况。The command helps you preview drive usage for the selected blobs, based on the size of the drives you are going to use. 此外,请检查是否可以向要寄送的用于导出作业的硬盘驱动器进行读取和写入。Also check that you can read from and write to the hard drive that is shipped for the export job.

导入/导出作业Import/Export jobs

是否可以取消我的作业?Can I cancel my job?

是的。Yes. 可以取消状态为“正在创建”或“正在寄送”的作业。 You can cancel a job when its status is Creating or Shipping. 在这些阶段之外,无法取消作业,它将一直执行到最终阶段。Beyond these stages, job cannot be canceled and it continues until the final stage.

在 Azure 门户中可以查看多长时间的已完成作业的状态?How long can I view the status of completed jobs in the Azure portal?

可以查看最长 90 天的已完成作业的状态。You can view the status for completed jobs for up to 90 days. 已完成作业在 90 天后会被删除。Completed jobs are deleted after 90 days.

如果我想要导入或导出 10 个以上驱动器,我应该怎样做?If I want to import or export more than 10 drives, what should I do?

一个导入或导出作业在单个作业中只能引用 10 个驱动器。One import or export job can reference only 10 drives in a single job. 若要寄送 10 个以上驱动器,应当创建多个作业。To ship more than 10 drives, you should create multiple jobs. 与同一作业关联的驱动器必须放在同一个包裹中一起寄送。Drives associated with the same job must be shipped together in the same package. 当数据容量跨多个磁盘导入作业时,若需了解更多信息并获得指导,请联系 Azure 支持。For more information and guidance when data capacity spans multiple disk import jobs, contact Azure Support.

上传的 blob 显示状态为“租用已过期”。The uploaded blob shows status as "Lease expired". 我该怎么办?What should I do?

你可以忽略“租用已过期”字段。You can ignore the "Lease Expired" field. 导入/导出在上传期间对 blob 进行租用,以确保没有其他进程可以并行更新 blob。Import/Export takes lease on the blob during upload to make sure that no other process can update the blob in parallel. “租用已过期”意味着导入/导出不再上传到它,并且 blob 可以供你使用。Lease Expired implies that Import/export is no longer uploading to it and the blob is available for your use.

寄送磁盘Shipping disks

一次装运的最大 HDD数量是多少?What is the maximum number of HDD for in one shipment?

对于一次装运的 HDD 数量没有限制。There is no limit to the number of HDDs in one shipment. 如果磁盘属于多个作业,我们建议:If the disks belong to multiple jobs, we recommend that you:

  • 为磁盘标上对应的作业名称。label the disks with corresponding job names.
  • 使用后缀为 -1、-2 等的跟踪号码更新作业。update the jobs with a tracking number suffixed with -1, -2 etc.

是否应该在包裹中放置除了 HDD 之外的其他东西?Should I include anything other than the HDD in my package?

请仅在寄送包裹中寄送硬盘驱动器。Ship only your hard drives in the shipping package. 不要包括电源线或 USB 电缆之类的物品。Do not include items like power supply cables or USB cables.

跨国寄送和返还驱动器是否存在限制?Are there any restrictions with shipping and returning my drive internationally?

请注意,发运的物理介质可能需要穿越国界。Please note that the physical media that you are shipping may need to cross international borders. 应当负责确保物理介质和数据是遵照适用的法律导入和/或导出的。You are responsible for ensuring that your physical media and data are imported and/or exported in accordance with the applicable laws. 在发运物理介质之前,请咨询顾问以验证介质和数据是否可以合法地发运到所确定的数据中心。Before shipping the physical media, check with your advisors to verify that your media and data can legally be shipped to the identified data center. 这有助于确保它可以及时到达 Azure。This will help to ensure that it reaches Azure in a timely manner.

上传完成后,将驱动器返还到国际地址的过程需要的时间可能会长于本地寄送所需的时间(通常为 2-3 天)。After the upload is complete, the process to return drive(s) to an international address can take longer than the typical 2-3 days needed for local shipping. 在 Azure 门户中列出的“打包”阶段,Data Box 团队将确保提供正确的文档,以确保寄送符合各种国际进出口要求。During the stage listed in the Azure portal as Packaging, the Data Box team is ensuring that the correct documentation is provided to ensure the shipment complies with the various international import and export requirements.

创建作业时,寄送地址是一个不同于存储帐户位置的位置。When creating a job, the shipping address is a location that is different from my storage account location. 我该怎么办?What should I do?

某些存储帐户位置映射到备用寄送位置。Some storage account locations are mapped to alternate shipping locations. 此前可用的寄送位置也可临时映射到备用位置。Previously available shipping locations can also be temporarily mapped to alternate locations. 在寄送驱动器之前,请始终查看你在创建作业的过程中提供的寄送地址。Always check the shipping address provided during job creation before shipping your drives.

寄送我的驱动器时,承运商要求我提供数据中心的联系地址和电话号码。When shipping my drive, the carrier asks for the data center contact address and phone number. 我该如何提供?What should I provide?

电话号码和数据中心地址是在创建作业过程中提供的。The phone number and DC address is provided as part of job creation.


如果我无意中发送了不符合支持的要求的 HDD,会发生什么情况?What happens if I accidentally send an HDD that does not conform to the supported requirements?

Azure 数据中心会将不符合支持要求的驱动器返还给你。The Azure data center will return the drive that does not conform to the supported requirements to you. 如果包裹中只有某些驱动器满足支持要求,则会处理这些驱动器,而不符合支持要求的驱动器则会返还给你。If only some of the drives in the package meet the support requirements, those drives will be processed, and the drives that do not meet the requirements will be returned to you.

该服务是否会在返还驱动器之前将其格式化?Does the service format the drives before returning them?

否。No. 所有驱动器都使用 BitLocker 加密。All drives are encrypted with BitLocker.

如何才能访问此服务导入的数据?How can I access data that is imported by this service?

使用 Azure 门户或存储资源管理器在你的 Azure 存储帐户下访问该数据。Use the Azure portal or Storage Explorer to access the data under your Azure storage account.

导入完成后,我的数据在存储帐户中看起来是什么样的?After the import is complete, what does my data look like in the storage account? 是否会保留我的目录层次结构?Is my directory hierarchy preserved?

为导入作业准备硬盘驱动器时,目标由数据集 CSV 文件中的 DstBlobPathOrPrefix 字段指定。When preparing a hard drive for an import job, the destination is specified by the DstBlobPathOrPrefix field in the dataset CSV. 该目标是存储帐户中的目标容器,可以将硬盘驱动器中的数据复制到其中。This is the destination container in the storage account to which data from the hard drive is copied. 在该目标容器中,为硬盘驱动器中的文件夹创建虚拟目录,为文件创建 Blob。Within this destination container, virtual directories are created for folders from the hard drive and blobs are created for files.

如果驱动器的文件已存在于我的存储帐户中,该服务是否会覆盖现有 Blob 或文件?If a drive has files that already exist in my storage account, does the service overwrite existing blobs or files?

视情况而定。Depends. 准备驱动器时,可以使用数据集 CSV 文件中名为 /Disposition:<rename|no-overwrite|overwrite> 的字段指定是否应覆盖或忽略目标文件。When preparing the drive, you can specify whether the destination files should be overwritten or ignored using the field in dataset CSV file called Disposition:<rename|no-overwrite|overwrite>. 默认情况下,该服务会将新文件重命名,而不是覆盖现有 Blob 或文件。By default, the service renames the new files rather than overwrite existing blobs or files.

WAImportExport 工具是否与 32 位操作系统兼容?Is the WAImportExport tool compatible with 32-bit operating systems?

否。No. WAImportExport 工具仅与 64 位 Windows 操作系统兼容。The WAImportExport tool is only compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems. 有关受支持的 OS 的完整列表,请转到受支持的操作系统For a complete list of Supported OS, go to Supported Operating Systems.

Azure 导入/导出支持的最大块 Blob 和页 Blob 大小是多少?What is the maximum Block Blob and Page Blob Size supported by Azure Import/Export?

  • 最大块 Blob 大小约为 4.768 TB 或 5,000,000 MB。Max Block Blob size is approximately 4.768TB or 5,000,000 MB.
  • 最大页 Blob 大小为 8 TB。Max Page Blob size is 8TB.

Azure 导入/导出是否支持 AES-256 加密?Does Azure Import/Export support AES-256 encryption?

是的。Yes. Azure 导入/导出服务使用 AES-256 BitLocker 加密。Azure Import/Export service uses AES-256 BitLocker encryption.

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