Azure Key Vault 的常见错误代码Common error codes for Azure Key Vault

Azure 密钥保管库上的操作可能返回下表中列出的错误代码The error codes listed in the following table may be returned by an operation on Azure key vault

错误代码Error code 用户消息User message
VaultAlreadyExistsVaultAlreadyExists 由于指定名称已在使用中,因此尝试创建具有该名称的新密钥保管库失败。Your attempt to create a new key vault with the specified name has failed since the name is already in use. 如果最近删除了具有此名称的密钥保管库,则该密钥保管库可能仍处于软删除状态。If you recently deleted a key vault with this name, it may still be in the soft deleted state. 你可以在此处验证它是否处于软删除状态You can verify if it existis in soft-deleted state here
VaultNameNotValidVaultNameNotValid 保管库名称应为 24 个字符,可为字母数字,并以字母开头The vault name should be 24 char, alphanumeric and start with an alphabet
AccessDeniedAccessDenied 你可能在访问策略中缺少执行该操作的权限。You may be missing permissions in access policy to do that operation.
ForbiddenByFirewallForbiddenByFirewall 客户端地址未获授权,调用方不是受信任的服务。Client address is not authorized and caller is not a trusted service.
ConflictErrorConflictError 你请求对同一项进行多个操作。You're requesting multiple operations on same item.
RegionNotSupportedRegionNotSupported 此资源不支持指定的 azure 区域。Specified azure region is not supported for this resource.
SkuNotSupportedSkuNotSupported 此资源不支持指定的 SKU 类型。Specified SKU type is not supported for this resource.
ResourceNotFoundResourceNotFound 未找到指定的 azure 资源。Specified azure resource is not found.
ResourceGroupNotFoundResourceGroupNotFound 未找到指定的 azure 资源组。Specified azure resource group is not found.
CertificateExpiredCertificateExpired 检查证书的到期日期和有效期。Check the expiration date and validity period of the certificate.

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