Azure 中的虚拟机隔离Virtual machine isolation in Azure

Azure 计算提供独立于特定硬件类型并专用于单个客户的虚拟机大小。Azure Compute offers virtual machine sizes that are Isolated to a specific hardware type and dedicated to a single customer. 独立大小在特定的硬件生成上有效并运行,当硬件生成失效时,将弃用。The Isolated sizes live and operate on specific hardware generation and will be deprecated when the hardware generation is retired.

独立的虚拟机大小最适合于由于满足符合性和法规要求等原因而需要与其他客户的工作负载高度隔离的工作负载。Isolated virtual machine sizes are best suited for workloads that require a high degree of isolation from other customers’ workloads for reasons that include meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. 使用独立大小可保证你的虚拟机将是在特定服务器实例上唯一运行的虚拟机。Utilizing an isolated size guarantees that your virtual machine will be the only one running on that specific server instance.

另外,由于独立大小的 VM 很大,客户可以选择使用 对嵌套虚拟机的 Azure 支持来细分这些 VM 的资源。Additionally, as the Isolated size VMs are large, customers may choose to subdivide the resources of these VMs by using Azure support for nested virtual machines.

当前的独立虚拟机产品/服务包括:The current Isolated virtual machine offerings include:

  • Standard_E64is_v3Standard_E64is_v3

  • Standard_E64i_v3Standard_E64i_v3

  • Standard_E80ids_v4

  • Standard_E80is_v4

  • Standard_M128msStandard_M128ms

  • Standard_F72s_v2Standard_F72s_v2


独立的 VM 大小具有有限的硬件寿命。Isolated VM Sizes have a hardware limited lifespan. 详情请参阅下文Please see below for details

弃用独立的 VM 大小Deprecation of Isolated VM Sizes

由于独立的 VM 大小是硬件绑定的大小,Azure 将在正式弃用这些大小之前 12 个月提供提醒。As Isolated VM sizes are hardware bound sizes, Azure will provide reminders 12 months in advance of the official deprecation of the sizes. Azure 还将为我们的下一个硬件版本提供已更新的独立大小,客户可以考虑将其工作负载转移到该版本上。Azure will also offer an updated isolated size on our next hardware version that the customer could consider moving their workload onto.

大小Size 隔离停用日期Isolation Retirement Date
Standard_DS15_v21Standard_DS15_v21 2020 年 5 月 15 日May 15, 2020
Standard_D15_v21Standard_D15_v21 2020 年 5 月 15 日May 15, 2020

1 有关 Standard_DS15_v2 和 Standard_D15_v2 隔离停用计划的详细信息,请参阅常见问题解答1 For details on Standard_DS15_v2 and Standard_D15_v2 isolation retirement program see FAQs


问:是要停用大小还是只停用“隔离”功能?Q: Is the size going to get retired or only "isolation" feature is?

:如果虚拟机大小没有“i”下标,则只有“隔离”功能将失效。A: If the virtual machine size does not have the "i" subscript, then only "isolation" feature will be retired. 如果不需要隔离,则不需要执行任何操作,VM 将继续按预期工作。If isolation is not needed, there is no action to be taken and the VM will continue to work as expected. 例如 Standard_DS15_v2、Standard_D15_v2、Standard_M128ms 等。如果虚拟机大小包括“i”下标,那么该大小将被停用。Examples include Standard_DS15_v2, Standard_D15_v2, Standard_M128ms etc. If the virtual machine size includes "i" subscript, then the size is going to get retired.

问:当我的虚拟机落脚于非隔离的硬件上时,是否会出现停机?Q: Is there a downtime when my vm lands on a non-isolated hardware?

:如果不需要隔离,就不需要采取任何行动,也不会有停机时间。A: If there is no need of isolation, no action is needed and there will be no downtime.

问:迁移到非独立的虚拟机是否有成本增量?Q: Is there any cost delta for moving to a non-isolated virtual machine?

:否A: No

问:其他独立大小将于何时停用?Q: When are the other isolated sizes going to retire?

:我们将提前 12 个月进行提醒,以防官方弃用孤立的大小。A: We will provide reminders 12 months in advance of the official deprecation of the isolated size.

问:我是依赖于白银或黄金耐久性层级的 Azure Service Fabric 客户。Q: I'm an Azure Service Fabric Customer relying on the Silver or Gold Durability Tiers. 此更改是否会影响我?Does this change impact me?

:否。A: No. Service Fabric 的耐久性层级提供的保证即使在此更改发生后也将继续履行。The guarantees provided by Service Fabric's Durability Tiers will continue to function even after this change. 如果你出于其他原因而需要物理硬件隔离,可能仍需采取上述措施之一。If you require physical hardware isolation for other reasons, you may still need to take one of the actions described above.