Azure Active Directory B2C 服务限制和局限性Azure Active Directory B2C service limits and restrictions

本文介绍 Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) 服务的使用限制和其他服务限制。This article contains the usage constraints and other service limits for the Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) service.

以下最终用户相关服务限制适用于 Azure AD B2C 支持的所有身份验证和授权协议,包括 SAML、Open ID Connect、OAuth2 和 ROPC。The following end-user related service limits apply to all authentication and authorization protocols supported by Azure AD B2C, including SAML, Open ID Connect, OAuth2, and ROPC.

类别Category 限制Limit
每个 Azure AD B2C 租户每个 IP 地址的请求数Number of requests per IP address per Azure AD B2C tenant 6,000/5 分钟6,000/5min
每个 Azure AD B2C 租户的总请求数Total number of requests per Azure AD B2C tenant 12,000/分钟12,000/min

请求数可能因在 Azure AD B2C 用户旅程期间发生的目录读取数和写入数而异。The number of requests can vary depending on the number of directory reads and writes that occur during the Azure AD B2C user journey. 例如,从目录中读取的简单登录旅程包含 1 个请求。For example, a simple sign-in journey that reads from the directory consists of 1 request. 如果登录旅程还必须更新目录,则此操作将被计为其他请求。If the sign-in journey must also update the directory, this operation is counted as an additional request.

Azure AD B2C 配置限制Azure AD B2C configuration limits

下表列出了 Azure AD B2C 服务中的管理配置限制。The following table lists the administrative configuration limits in the Azure AD B2C service.

类别Category 限制Limit
每个应用程序的范围数Number of scopes per application 10001000
每个用户的自定义属性 数 1Number of custom attributes per user 1 100100
每个应用程序的重定向 URL 数Number of redirect URLs per application 100100
每个应用程序的注销 URL 数Number of sign out URLs per application 11
每个属性的字符串限制String Limit per Attribute 250 个字符250 Chars
每个订阅的 B2C 租户数Number of B2C tenants per subscription 2020
自定义策略中的继承级别Levels of inheritance in custom policies 1010
每个 Azure AD B2C 租户的策略数Number of policies per Azure AD B2C tenant 200200
最大策略文件大小Maximum policy file size 400 KB400 KB

1 另请参阅 Azure AD 服务限制和局限性1 See also Azure AD service limits and restrictions.

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