Azure 顾问简介Introduction to Azure Advisor

了解 Azure 顾问的主要功能,获取常见问题的答案。Learn about the key capabilities of Azure Advisor and get answers to frequently asked questions.

顾问是什么?What is Advisor?

顾问是一种个性化的云顾问,可帮助遵循最佳做法来优化 Azure 部署。Advisor is a personalized cloud consultant that helps you follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments. 它可分析资源配置和遥测使用情况,并推荐解决方案,有助于提高 Azure 资源的经济效益、性能、高可用性和安全性。It analyzes your resource configuration and usage telemetry and then recommends solutions that can help you improve the cost effectiveness, performance, high availability, and security of your Azure resources.

使用顾问可以:With Advisor, you can:

  • 获取主动的、可操作的以及个性化的最佳做法建议。Get proactive, actionable, and personalized best practices recommendations.
  • 提高资源的性能、安全性和高可用性,同时确定机会减少总体 Azure 支出。Improve the performance, security, and high availability of your resources, as you identify opportunities to reduce your overall Azure spend.
  • 通过提议的内联操作获取建议。Get recommendations with proposed actions inline.

可通过 Azure 门户访问顾问。You can access Advisor through the Azure portal. 登录到门户,在导航菜单中查找“顾问”,或在“所有服务”菜单中搜索它 。Sign in to the portal, locate Advisor in the navigation menu, or search for it in the All services menu.

顾问仪表板显示针对所有订阅的个性化建议。The Advisor dashboard displays personalized recommendations for all your subscriptions. 可为特定的订阅和资源类型应用筛选器,以显示相关建议。You can apply filters to display recommendations for specific subscriptions and resource types. 建议分为四类:The recommendations are divided into four categories:

可以单击“类别”以显示此类别建议的列表,并选择某个建议以了解相关详细信息。You can click a category to display the list of recommendations within that category, and select a recommendation to learn more about it. 还可了解可执行的操作,通过这些操作获取商机或解决问题。You can also learn about actions that you can perform to take advantage of an opportunity or resolve an issue.


选择推荐的操作以实现该建议。Select the recommended action for a recommendation to implement the recommendation. 系统将打开一个简单界面以帮助你实现建议,或为你提供有助于实现建议的参考文档。A simple interface will open that enables you to implement the recommendation or refer you to documentation that assists you with implementation. 顾问确认建议已实现的时间可能长达一天。Once you implement a recommendation, it can take up to a day for Advisor to recognize that.

如果不打算立即采取建议的操作,可将它推迟指定时间段或将其消除。If you do not intend to take immediate action on a recommendation, you can postpone it for a specified time period or dismiss it. 如果不想接收某个特定订阅或资源组的相关建议,可通过配置,使顾问仅生成某些指定订阅和资源组的相关建议。If you do not want to receive recommendations for a specific subscription or resource group, you can configure Advisor to only generate recommendations for specified subscriptions and resource groups.

常见问题Frequently asked questions

如何访问顾问?How do I access Advisor?

可通过 Azure 门户访问顾问。You can access Advisor through the Azure portal. 登录到门户,在导航菜单中查找“顾问”,或在“所有服务”菜单中搜索它 。Sign in to the portal, locate Advisor in the navigation menu, or search for it in the All services menu.

还可通过虚拟机资源接口查看顾问建议。You can also view Advisor recommendations through the virtual machine resource interface. 选择虚拟机,并滚动到菜单中的顾问建议。Choose a virtual machine, and then scroll to Advisor recommendations in the menu.

需要哪些权限才能访问顾问?What permissions do I need to access Advisor?

可以访问订阅的所有者、参与者或读者身份访问顾问建议 。You can access Advisor recommendations as Owner, Contributor, or Reader of a subscription.

顾问为哪些资源提供建议?What resources does Advisor provide recommendations for?

顾问提供了有关应用程序网关、应用服务、可用性集、Azure 缓存、Azure 数据工厂、Azure Database for MySQL、Azure Database for PostgreSQL、Azure Database for MariaDB、Azure ExpressRoute、Azure Cosmos DB、Azure 公共 IP 地址、SQL 数据仓库、SQL Server、存储帐户、流量管理器配置文件和虚拟机的建议。Advisor provides recommendations for Application Gateway, App Services, availability sets, Azure Cache, Azure Data Factory, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure public IP addresses, SQL Data Warehouse, SQL servers, storage accounts, Traffic Manager profiles, and virtual machines.

Azure 顾问还包括来自 Azure 安全中心的建议,其中可能包含有关其他资源类型的建议。Azure Advisor also includes your recommendations from Azure Security Center which may include recommendations for additional resource types.

是否可以推迟或消除建议?Can I postpone or dismiss a recommendation?

若要推迟或消除建议,请单击“推迟”链接。To postpone or dismiss a recommendation, click the Postpone link. 可以指定推迟时间段,或选择“从不”以消除该建议。You can specify a postpone period or select Never to dismiss the recommendation.

后续步骤Next steps

若要了解有关顾问建议的详细信息,请参阅以下资源:To learn more about Advisor recommendations, see: