Azure API 管理层的基于功能的比较Feature-based comparison of the Azure API Management tiers

每个 API 管理定价层都提供了一组不同的功能和每单位容量Each API Management pricing tier offers a distinct set of features and per unit capacity. 下表总结了每个层中提供的主要功能。The following table summarizes the key features available in each of the tiers. 某些功能可能根据层以不同的方式工作或具有不同的能力。Some features might work differently or have different capabilities depending on the tier. 在这种情况下,介绍这些功能的文档文章中指出了差异。In such cases the differences are called out in the documentation articles describing these individual features.


请注意,开发人员层适用于非生产用例和评估。Please note the Developer tier is for non-production use cases and evaluations. 它不提供 SLA。It does not offer SLA.

功能Feature 消耗Consumption 开发人员Developer 基本Basic 标准Standard 高级Premium
Azure AD 集成1Azure AD integration1 No Yes No Yes Yes
虚拟网络 (VNet) 支持Virtual Network (VNet) support No Yes No No Yes
多区域部署Multi-region deployment No No No No Yes
多个自定义域名Multiple custom domain names No No No No Yes
开发人员门户2Developer portal2 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
内置缓存Built-in cache No Yes Yes Yes Yes
内置分析Built-in analytics No Yes Yes Yes Yes
自承载网关3Self-hosted gateway3 No Yes No No Yes
TLS 设置TLS settings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
外部缓存External cache Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
客户端证书身份验证Client certificate authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
备份和还原Backup and restore No Yes Yes Yes Yes
基于 Git 的管理Management over Git No Yes Yes Yes Yes
直接管理 APIDirect management API No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Azure Monitor 日志和指标Azure Monitor logs and metrics No Yes Yes Yes Yes
静态 IPStatic IP No Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 允许使用 Azure AD(和 Azure AD B2C)作为标识提供者,以用于开发人员门户上的用户登录。1 Enables the use of Azure AD (and Azure AD B2C) as an identity provider for user sign in on the developer portal.
2 包括相关功能,例如用户、组、问题、应用程序和电子邮件模板以及通知。2 Including related functionality e.g. users, groups, issues, applications and email templates and notifications.
3 在开发人员层中,自承载网关仅限于单个网关节点。3 In the Developer tier self-hosted gateways are limited to single gateway node.