Azure 应用程序网关资源运行状况概述Azure Application Gateway Resource Health overview

Azure 资源运行状况 有助于在 Azure 服务问题影响资源时进行诊断和获取支持。Azure Resource Health helps you diagnose and get support when an Azure service problem affects your resources. 它通知你有关资源的当前和过去运行状况的信息,It informs you about the current and past health of your resources. 并提供技术支持以帮助你缓解问题。And it provides technical support to help you mitigate problems.

对于应用程序网关,资源运行状况依赖于网关发出的信号来评估资源是否正常运行。For Application Gateway, Resource Health relies on signals emitted by the gateway to assess whether it's healthy or not. 如果网关运行不正常,资源运行状况将分析其他信息以确定问题根源。If the gateway is unhealthy, Resource Health analyzes additional information to determine the source of the problem. 它还标识为了修复问题而由 Microsoft 执行的操作或你可以执行的操作。It also identifies actions that Microsoft is taking or what you can do to fix the problem.

有关如何评估运行状况的其他详细信息,请在 Azure 资源运行状况中查看资源类型和运行状况检查的完整列表。For additional details on how health is assessed, review the full list of resource types and health checks in Azure Resource Health.

应用程序网关的运行状况状态显示为以下状态之一:The health status for Application Gateway is displayed as one of the following statuses:


状态为“可用”表示服务尚未检测到影响资源运行状况的任何事件。An Available status means the service hasn't detected any events that affect the health of the resource. 如果过去 24 小时内网关在计划外停机后进行了恢复,则会看到“最近已解决”通知。You'll see the Recently resolved notification in cases where the gateway has recovered from unplanned downtime during the last 24 hours.



状态为“不可用”表示服务已检测到影响网关运行状况的正在发生的平台或非平台事件。An Unavailable status means the service has detected an ongoing platform or non-platform event that affects the health of the gateway.

平台事件Platform events

平台事件是由 Azure 基础结构的多个组件触发的。Platform events are triggered by multiple components of the Azure infrastructure. 它们包括计划的操作(例如计划内维护)和意外的事件(例如计划外的主机重启)。They include both scheduled actions (for example, planned maintenance) and unexpected incidents (for example, an unplanned host reboot).

资源运行状况提供了有关事件和恢复过程的更多详细信息。Resource Health provides additional details on the event and the recovery process. 还可以通过它联系支持人员,即使你没有有效的 Microsoft 支持协议。It also enables you to contact support even if you don't have an active Microsoft support agreement.



Unknown 运行状况状态指示资源运行状况未收到此网关的相关信息已超过 10 分钟。The Unknown health status indicates Resource Health hasn't received information about the gateway for more than 10 minutes. 此状态不是网关状态的最终指示,This status isn't a definitive indication of the state of the gateway. 但它是故障排除过程中一个重要的数据点。But it's an important data point in the troubleshooting process.

如果网关正在按预期方式运行,状态会在几分钟后更改为“可用”。If the gateway is running as expected, the status changes to Available after a few minutes.

如果你遇到问题,则请注意,“未知”运行状态可能表示平台中的事件正在影响网关。If you're experiencing problems, the Unknown health status might suggest that an event in the platform is affecting the gateway.



“已降级”运行状况状态指示网关检测到性能降低,虽然资源仍可供使用。The Degraded health status indicates your gateway has detected a loss in performance, although it's still available for usage.


后续步骤Next steps

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