欢迎使用 Azure Cosmos DBWelcome to Azure Cosmos DB

如今的应用程序需要具备高响应能力并始终联机。Today's applications are required to be highly responsive and always online. 若要实现低延迟和高可用性,需要在靠近用户的数据中心部署这些应用程序的实例。To achieve low latency and high availability, instances of these applications need to be deployed in datacenters that are close to their users. 应用程序需要实时响应高峰期的重大用量变化,存储不断增长的数据,并在数毫秒内向用户提供此数据。Applications need to respond in real time to large changes in usage at peak hours, store ever increasing volumes of data, and make this data available to users in milliseconds.

Azure Cosmos DB 是世纪互联提供的多区域分布式多模型数据库服务。Azure Cosmos DB is 21Vianet's multiple-regionally distributed, multi-model database service. 只需单击一个按钮,即可通过 Cosmos DB 跨任意数量的中国 Azure 区域弹性且独立地缩放吞吐量和存储。With a click of a button, Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions around China. 可以弹性缩放吞吐量和存储,并使用你喜欢的 API 对 SQL、MongoDB、Cassandra、表或 Gremlin 中的数据实现低至个位数毫秒级的快速访问。You can elastically scale throughput and storage, and take advantage of fast, single-digit-millisecond data access using your favorite API including SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Tables, or Gremlin. Cosmos DB 为吞吐量、延迟、可用性和一致性保证提供综合服务级别协议 (SLA),这是其他数据库服务无法提供的。Cosmos DB provides comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) for throughput, latency, availability, and consistency guarantees, something no other database service offers.

Azure Cosmos DB 是世纪互联提供的多区域分布式数据库服务,可以弹性横向扩展,可保证低延迟,有五个一致性模型,并且保证满足综合 SLA

主要优势Key Benefits

统包式多区域分布Turnkey multiple-region distribution

利用 Cosmos DB,可在中国全境范围内生成具有高响应能力和可用性的应用程序。Cosmos DB enables you to build highly responsive and highly available applications around China. 无论用户身处何处,Cosmos DB 均可以透明方式复制数据,因此用户可以与离他们最近的数据副本进行交互。Cosmos DB transparently replicates your data wherever your users are, so your users can interact with a replica of the data that is closest to them.

Cosmos DB 允许随时在 Cosmos 帐户中添加或删除任何 Azure 区域,只需单击一个按钮即可。Cosmos DB allows you to add or remove any of the Azure regions to your Cosmos account at any time, with a click of a button. Cosmos DB 将无缝地将数据复制到与 Cosmos 帐户相关联的所有区域,同时,得益于该服务的多导功能,应用程序将继续保持高可用性 。Cosmos DB will seamlessly replicate your data to all the regions associated with your Cosmos account while your application continues to be highly available, thanks to the multi-homing capabilities of the service. 有关详细信息,请参阅多区域分布一文。For more information, see the multiple-region distribution article.

Always OnAlways On

凭借与 Azure 基础结构和透明多主数据库复制的深度集成,Cosmos DB 可为读写操作提供 99.999% 的高可用性By virtue of deep integration with Azure infrastructure and transparent multi-master replication, Cosmos DB provides 99.999% high availability for both reads and writes. Cosmos DB 还可让你以编程方式(或通过门户)调用 Cosmos 帐户的区域性故障转移。Cosmos DB also provides you with the ability to programmatically (or via Portal) invoke the regional failover of your Cosmos account. 此功能有助于确保应用程序能够在发生区域性灾难时进行故障转移。This capability helps ensure that your application is designed to failover in the case of regional disaster.

中国全境范围内的吞吐量和存储可弹性缩放Elastic scalability of throughput and storage, around China

Cosmos DB 采用透明水平分区和多主数据库复制设计,为中国全境范围内的读写操作提供前所未有的弹性缩放能力。Designed with transparent horizontal partitioning and multi-master replication, Cosmos DB offers unprecedented elastic scalability for your writes and reads, all around China. 在中国境内,只需发出一次 API 调用,即可将每秒数千个请求弹性扩展到数百万个请求,而你只需为实际使用的吞吐量(和存储)付费。You can elastically scale up from thousands to hundreds of millions of requests/sec around China, with a single API call and pay only for the throughput (and storage) you need. 此功能可帮助你处理工作负荷的意外激增,而无需针对峰值过度预配资源。This capability helps you to deal with unexpected spikes in your workloads without having to over-provision for the peak. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Cosmos DB 中的分区容器和数据库上的预配吞吐量以及多区域缩放预配的吞吐量For more information, see partitioning in Cosmos DB, provisioned throughput on containers and databases, and scaling provisioned throughput multiple-regionally.

在中国境内保证 99% 时间内的低延迟Guaranteed low latency at 99th percentile, around China

使用 Cosmos DB 可以生成具有高响应能力的多区域规模应用程序。Using Cosmos DB, you can build highly responsive, multiple-region scale applications. 凭借其新颖的多主数据库复制协议和免闩锁且优化了写入的数据库引擎,Cosmos DB 可保证全中国任意位置 99% 的情况下读取(已编入索引)和写入延迟均低于 10 毫秒。With its novel multi-master replication protocol and latch-free and write-optimized database engine, Cosmos DB guarantees less than 10-ms latencies for both, reads (indexed) and writes at the 99th percentile, all around China. 此功能使高响应度应用可以实现持续的数据引入和超快的查询。This capability enables sustained ingestion of data and blazing-fast queries for highly responsive apps.

精确定义的多个一致性选项Precisely defined, multiple consistency choices

在 Cosmos DB 中构建多区域分布式应用程序时,不再需要在一致性、可用性、延迟和吞吐量之间进行极端的权衡When building multiple-regionally distributed applications in Cosmos DB, you no longer have to make extreme tradeoffs between consistency, availability, latency, and throughput. Cosmos DB 的多主数据库复制协议经过精心设计,提供五个妥善定义的一致性选项 - 非常一致性、有限过期一致性、会话一致性、一致前缀一致性和最终一致性 - 可为多区域分布式应用程序提供直观的编程模型以及低延迟和高可用性。 Cosmos DB's multi-master replication protocol is carefully designed to offer five well-defined consistency choices - strong, bounded staleness, session, consistent prefix, and eventual — for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability for your multiple-regionally distributed application.

无需架构或索引管理No schema or index management

对于多区域分布式应用而言,使数据库架构和索引与应用程序的架构保持同步非常棘手。Keeping database schema and indexes in-sync with an application's schema is especially painful for multiple-regionally distributed apps. 借助 Cosmos DB,则无需处理架构或索引管理。With Cosmos DB, you do not need to deal with schema or index management. 数据库引擎完全与架构无关。The database engine is fully schema-agnostic. 由于不需要进行架构和索引管理,因此也就不需要担心迁移架构时应用程序会关闭。Since no schema and index management is required, you also don't have to worry about application downtime while migrating schemas. Cosmos DB 自动为所有数据编制索引,并可快速提供查询服务。Cosmos DB automatically indexes all data and serves queries fast.

久经考验的数据库服务Battle tested database service

Cosmos DB 是 Azure 中的一项基本服务。Cosmos DB is a foundational service in Azure. 近十年以来,世纪互联的大量多区域规模任务关键应用程序产品使用了 Cosmos DB,其中包括 Skype、Xbox、Office 365、Azure,等等。For nearly a decade, Cosmos DB has been used by many of 21Vianet's products for mission critical applications at multiple-region scale, including Skype, Xbox, Office 365, Azure, and many others. 如今,Cosmos DB 是 Azure 上发展最快的服务之一,许多需要弹性缩放、统包多区域分发、多主数据库复制的外部客户和任务关键型应用程序都在使用这项服务,以实现读写操作的低延迟和高可用性。Today, Cosmos DB is one of the fastest growing services on Azure, used by many external customers and mission-critical applications that require elastic scale, turnkey multiple-region distribution, multi-master replication for low latency and high availability of both reads and writes.

遍及各个区域Ubiquitous regional presence

Cosmos DB 在中国各地的所有 Azure 中国区域提供。Cosmos DB is available in all Azure China regions around China. 请参阅 Cosmos DB 的区域覆盖范围See Cosmos DB's regional presence.

默认安全且企业就绪Secure by default and enterprise ready

Cosmos DB 通过了广泛的合规标准认证。Cosmos DB is certified for a wide array of compliance standards. 此外,Cosmos DB 中的所有数据经过静态和动态加密。Additionally, all data in Cosmos DB is encrypted at rest and in motion. Cosmos DB 提供行级授权,并遵守严格的安全标准。Cosmos DB provides row level authorization and adheres to strict security standards.

明显的总拥有成本节省Significant TCO savings

由于 Cosmos DB 是一项完全托管服务,因此不再需要管理和操作复杂的多数据中心部署和数据库软件的升级,也不再需要为支持、许可或操作付费,也不必为峰值工作负载预配数据库。Since Cosmos DB is a fully managed service, you no longer need to manage and operate complex multi datacenter deployments and upgrades of your database software, pay for the support, licensing, or operations or have to provision your database for the peak workload. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Cosmos DB 优化成本For more information, see Optimize cost with Cosmos DB.

业界领先的复合型 SLAIndustry leading comprehensive SLAs

Cosmos DB 是第一款,也是唯一的一款提供行业领先的全面 SLA 的服务,该 SLA 涵盖 99.999% 的高可用性、99% 的时间内为读写操作提供低延迟,保证吞吐量和一致性。Cosmos DB is the first and only service to offer industry-leading comprehensive SLAs encompassing 99.999% high availability, read and write latency at the 99th percentile, guaranteed throughput, and consistency.

具有本机内置 Apache Spark 的多区域分布式运营分析和 AIMultiple-regionally distributed operational analytics and AI with natively built-in Apache Spark

可以在 Cosmos DB 中存储的数据上直接运行 SparkYou can run Spark directly on data stored in Cosmos DB. 凭借该功能,你可以在多区域范围内执行低延迟的运营分析,而不会影响直接针对 Cosmos DB 进行操作的事务工作负荷。This capability allows you to do low-latency, operational analytics at multiple-region scale without impacting transactional workloads operating directly against Cosmos DB. 有关详细信息,请参阅多区域分布式运营分析For more information, see Multiple-regionally distributed operational analytics.

Cosmos DB 提供多种 API 来处理存储在 Cosmos 数据库中的数据。Cosmos DB offers a choice of APIs to work with your data stored in your Cosmos database. 默认情况下,可以使用 SQL(核心 API)来查询 Cosmos 数据库。By default, you can use SQL (a core API) for querying your Cosmos database. Cosmos DB 还实现用于 CassandraMongoDBGremlinAzure 表存储的 API。Cosmos DB also implements APIs for Cassandra, MongoDB, Gremlin and Azure Table Storage. 可以将常用 NoSQL(例如,MongoDB、Cassandra、Gremlin)的客户端驱动程序(和工具)直接指向 Cosmos 数据库。You can point client drivers (and tools) for the commonly used NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra, Gremlin) directly to your Cosmos database. Cosmos DB 支持常用 NoSQL API 的网络协议,因此可用其实现以下目标:By supporting the wire protocols of commonly used NoSQL APIs, Cosmos DB allows you to:

  • 轻松将应用程序迁移到 Cosmos DB,同时保留应用程序逻辑的重要部分。Easily migrate your application to Cosmos DB while preserving significant portions of your application logic.
  • 使应用程序保持可移植性,并继续保持云供应商的不可知性。Keep your application portable and continue to remain cloud vendor-agnostic.
  • 为常用的 NoSQL API 获取行业领先的、有资金保障的 SLA 完全托管云服务。Get a fully-managed cloud service with industry leading, financially backed SLAs for the common NoSQL APIs.
  • 根据需求弹性缩放数据库的预配吞吐量和存储,并且只需为使用的吞吐量和存储付费。Elastically scale the provisioned throughput and storage for your databases based on your need and pay only for the throughput and storage you need. 这可以大幅节省成本。This leads to significant cost savings.

受益于 Azure Cosmos DB 的解决方案Solutions that benefit from Azure Cosmos DB

任何 Web、移动、游戏和 IoT 应用程序,只要其需要处理大量数据和多区域规模的读写操作,各种数据的响应时间接近实时,就可以充分利用 Cosmos DB 所保证的高可用性、高吞吐量、低延迟以及可调的一致性。Any web, mobile, gaming, and IoT application that needs to handle massive amounts of data, reads, and writes at a multiple-region scale with near-real response times for a variety of data will benefit from Cosmos DB's guaranteed high availability, high throughput, low latency, and tunable consistency. 了解如何将 Azure Cosmos DB 用于生成 IoT 和 远程信息处理零售和营销游戏以及 Web 和移动应用程序Learn about how Azure Cosmos DB can be used to build IoT and telematics, retail and marketing, gaming and web and mobile applications.

后续步骤Next steps

了解有关 Cosmos DB 的核心概念统包式多区域分布分区以及预配的吞吐量的信息。Read more about Cosmos DB's core concepts turnkey multiple-region distribution and partitioning and provisioned throughput.

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