用于 Core (SQL) API 的 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4:发行说明和资源Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 for Core (SQL) API: release notes and resources

适用于: SQL API

用于 Core (SQL) 的 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 将异步 API 和同步 API 合并到一个 Maven 项目中。The Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 for Core (SQL) combines an Async API and a Sync API into one Maven artifact. v4 SDK 基于 Project Reactor 和 Netty 库提供了增强的性能、新 API 功能和 Async 支持。The v4 SDK brings enhanced performance, new API features, and Async support based on Project Reactor and the Netty library. 通过 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 与 Azure Cosmos DB Async Java SDK v2Azure Cosmos DB Sync Java SDK v2,用户可以提高性能。Users can expect improved performance with Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 versus the Azure Cosmos DB Async Java SDK v2 and the Azure Cosmos DB Sync Java SDK v2.


这些发行说明仅适用于 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4。These Release Notes are for Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 only. 如果你当前使用的是早于 v4 的版本,请参阅迁移到 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 指南,获取升级到 v4 的相关帮助。If you are currently using an older version than v4, see the Migrate to Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 guide for help upgrading to v4.

以下是快速操作的三个步骤!Here are three steps to get going fast!

  1. 安装最低支持的 Java 运行时版本,JDK 8,以便可以使用 SDK。Install the minimum supported Java runtime, JDK 8 so you can use the SDK.
  2. 通过 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 快速入门指南,可以访问 Maven 项目并完成基本的 Azure Cosmos DB 请求。Work through the Quickstart Guide for Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 which gets you access to the Maven artifact and walks through basic Azure Cosmos DB requests.
  3. 阅读 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 性能提示疑难解答指南,以优化应用程序的 SDK。Read the Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 performance tips and troubleshooting guides to optimize the SDK for your application.

此外,Azure Cosmos DB 研讨会和实验室也是了解如何使用 Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4 的绝佳资源!The Azure Cosmos DB workshops and labs are another great resource for learning how to use Azure Cosmos DB Java SDK v4!

帮助性内容Helpful content

ContentContent 链接Link
SDK 下载SDK download MavenMaven
API 文档API documentation Java API 参考文档Java API reference documentation
参与 SDKContribute to SDK GitHub 上用于 Java 的 Azure SDK 中央存储库Azure SDK for Java Central Repo on GitHub
入门Get started 快速入门:生成 Java 应用以管理 Azure Cosmos DB SQL API 数据Quickstart: Build a Java app to manage Azure Cosmos DB SQL API data
具有快速入门代码的 GitHub 存储库GitHub repo with quickstart code
基本代码示例Basic code samples Azure Cosmos DB:SQL API 的 Java 示例Azure Cosmos DB: Java examples for the SQL API
具有示例代码的 GitHub 存储库GitHub repo with sample code
包含更改源的控制台应用Console app with Change Feed 更改源 - Java SDK v4 示例Change feed - Java SDK v4 sample
具有示例代码的 GitHub 存储库GitHub repo with sample code
Web 应用示例Web app sample 使用 Java SDK v4 构建 Web 应用Build a web app with Java SDK v4
具有示例代码的 GitHub 存储库GitHub repo with sample code
性能提示Performance tips 适用于 Java SDK v4 的性能提示Performance tips for Java SDK v4
故障排除Troubleshooting 排查 Java SDK v4 问题Troubleshoot Java SDK v4
从旧 SDK 迁移到 v4Migrate to v4 from an older SDK 迁移到 Java V4 SDKMigrate to Java V4 SDK
受支持的最小运行时Minimum supported runtime JDK 8JDK 8
Azure Cosmos DB 研讨会和实验室Azure Cosmos DB workshops and labs Cosmos DB 研讨会主页Cosmos DB workshops home page

发布历史记录Release History

4.9.0-beta.1(未发布)4.9.0-beta.1 (Unreleased)

4.8.0 (2020-10-27)4.8.0 (2020-10-27)

新功能New Features

  • CosmosItemRequestOptions 添加了 contentResponseOnWriteEnabled 功能。Added contentResponseOnWriteEnabled feature to CosmosItemRequestOptions.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了从延续令牌恢复时可能会影响查询行为的问题。Fixed an issue which may affect query behaviour when resuming from a continuation token.

4.7.1 (2020-10-21)4.7.1 (2020-10-21)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 改进了 449 重试策略,以在初始重试时强制退避,并从较短的退避开始。Improved the 449 retry policy to force back-off on initial retry and start with shorter back-offs.

4.7.0 (2020-10-17) 注释:强烈建议客户使用 4.7.0 及更高版本4.7.0 (2020-10-17) NOTE: WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND OUR CUSTOMERS TO USE VERSION 4.7.0 AND ABOVE

新功能New Features

  • 添加了针对事务性批处理的 Beta 版本。Added Beta for transactional batches.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了在以“,”作为浮点分隔符的区域设置中分析查询指标时出现的错误。Fixed an error parsing query metrics on locales with ',' as floating-point delimiter.
  • 从网关检索包含无效 json 的响应时,停止了过度的区域故障转移。Stopped excessive regional fail-overs when retrieving responses with invalid json from Gateway.
  • 修复了一个错误,该错误导致网关中不必要地预期某些查询,即使使用直接传输也是如此。Fixed an error resulting in certain queries unnecessarily being expected in the Gateway even when using Direct transport.
  • 通过处理通道关闭时引发的 SSLException 来降低日志记录噪声级别。Reduced logging noise level by handling SSLException on channel closure.
  • 提高了“404 - ReadSession 不可用”错误的重试逻辑效率。Improved efficiency of retry logic for "404 - ReadSession not available" errors.

4.6.0 (2020-09-30)4.6.0 (2020-09-30)

新功能New Features

  • 添加了新的 API,用于在 Cosmos 中支持 AAD 基于角色的访问控制。Added new API to support AAD role-based access control in Cosmos. 这是一项预览功能,需要在帐户设置中启用它。This is a preview feature which needs to be enabled at the account settings.
  • CosmosPagedFlux/CosmosPagedIterable 添加了处理程序 API (beta),以便对每个响应调用。Added handler API(beta) to CosmosPagedFlux/CosmosPagedIterable to be invoked on every response.

4.5.2 (2020-09-29)4.5.2 (2020-09-29)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 增强了在出现间歇性连接问题时执行查询和获取元数据缓存的可靠性。Increased robustness of query execution and fetching metadata cache in case of intermittent connectivity issues.

4.5.1 (2020-09-25)4.5.1 (2020-09-25)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 为 ChangeFeedProcessor 添加了预览实现,可让你更详细地查看当前状态。Added preview implementation for ChangeFeedProcessor which allows for a more detailed view of the current state.
  • 解决了同时运行的多分区监督器任务在 leaseAcquireInterval 小于 leaseRenewInterval 时出现的问题。Fixed Multiple partition supervisor tasks running simultaneously if leaseAcquireInterval is smaller than leaseRenewInterval.
  • 改进了 Rntbd 连接诊断。Improved Diagnostics for Rntbd connectivity.
  • 已阻止将 onError Dropped 事件泄露到默认反应器挂钩的情况。Stopped onError Dropped events from leaking into default reactor hook.

4.5.0 (2020-09-16)4.5.0 (2020-09-16)

新功能New Features

  • 增强了 Rntbd 堆栈在出现间歇性连接问题时的可靠性。Increased robustness of the Rntbd stack in case of intermittent connectivity issues.
  • 缩短了在多区域帐户的单个后端副本出现间歇性连接问题时出现的延迟,避免启动不必要的区域故障转移。Improved latency in case of intermittent connectivity issues to individual backend replicas for multi-region accounts avoiding initiation of unnecessary regional fail-overs.

4.4.0 (2020-09-12)4.4.0 (2020-09-12)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了启用 netty-tcnative-boringssl 依赖项时引发的 RequestTimeoutException。Fixed RequestTimeoutException when enabling netty-tcnative-boringssl dependency.
  • 解决了 GATEWAY 模式中 Delete 操作的内存泄漏问题。Fixed memory leak issue on Delete operations in GATEWAY mode.
  • 修复了终结点 URI 无效时 CosmosClient 实例化中的泄漏情况。Fixed a leak in CosmosClient instantiation when endpoint uri is invalid.
  • 改进了 CPU History 诊断。Improved CPU History diagnostics.

4.4.0-beta.1 (2020-08-27)4.4.0-beta.1 (2020-08-27)

新功能New Features

  • 添加了新的 API,用于高效地通过 pk/id 对列表来加载多个文档,或加载与一组 pk 值对应的所有文档。Added new API to efficiently load many documents (via list of pk/id pairs or all documents for a set of pk values).
  • 添加了新的 deleteItem API。Added new deleteItem API.
  • 默认情况下启用了查询指标。Enabled query metrics by default.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了 GatewayAddressCache 中的 NPE。Fixed NPE in GatewayAddressCache.
  • 修复了零项响应的查询指标问题。Fixing query metric issue for zero item response.
  • 提高了地址分析和主密钥身份验证的性能(降低了 CPU 使用率)。Improved performance (reduced CPU usage) for address parsing and Master-Key authentication.

4.3.2-beta.2 (2020-08-17)4.3.2-beta.2 (2020-08-17)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 与以前版本相比没有变化,因为与 spring 数据模块的兼容性问题而发布。No changes from previous version, releasing for compatibility issues with spring data modules.

4.3.2-beta.1 (2020-08-14)4.3.2-beta.1 (2020-08-14)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了 RntbdServiceEndpoint 中的问题,以避免未使用的 TCP 连接提前关闭。Fixed issue in RntbdServiceEndpoint to avoid early closure of an unused TCP connection.

4.3.1 (2020-08-13)4.3.1 (2020-08-13)

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了 GROUP BY 查询的问题。在该查询中,它仅返回一页。Fixed issue with GROUP BY query, where it was returning only one page.
  • 根据中央 SDK 准则修复了用户代理字符串格式。Fixed user agent string format to comply with central SDK guidelines.
  • 增强了诊断信息,使之包括查询计划诊断。Enhanced diagnostics information to include query plan diagnostics.

4.3.0 (2020-07-29)4.3.0 (2020-07-29)

新功能New Features

  • 已将 reactor-core 库版本更新为 3.3.8.RELEASEUpdated reactor-core library version to 3.3.8.RELEASE.
  • 已将 reactor-netty 库版本更新为 0.9.10.RELEASEUpdated reactor-netty library version to 0.9.10.RELEASE.
  • 已将 netty 库版本更新为 4.1.51.FinalUpdated netty library version to 4.1.51.Final.
  • 为具有 partitionKeyupsertItem 添加了新的重载 API。Added new overload APIs for upsertItem with partitionKey.
  • 添加了开放式遥测跟踪支持。Added open telemetry tracing support.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了在网关模式下取消请求时引发 SSLException 的问题。Fixed issue where SSLException gets thrown in case of cancellation of requests in GATEWAY mode.
  • 修复了存储过程执行中的资源限制重试策略问题。Fixed resource throttle retry policy on stored procedures execution.
  • 修复了 SDK 在日志级别调试模式下挂起的问题。Fixed issue where SDK hangs in log level DEBUG mode.
  • 修复了直接模式下延迟定期出现峰值的问题。Fixed periodic spikes in latency in Direct mode.
  • 修复了客户端初始化时间过长的问题。Fixed high client initialization time issue.
  • 修复了使用直接模式和网关模式自定义客户端时的 http 代理 bug。Fixed http proxy bug when customizing client with direct mode and gateway mode.
  • 修复了用户中的潜在 NPE 传递 null 选项的问题。Fixed potential NPE in users passes null options.
  • 将 timeUnit 添加到诊断字符串中的 requestLatencyAdded timeUnit to requestLatency in diagnostics string.
  • 从诊断字符串中删除了重复的 uri 字符串。Removed duplicate uri string from diagnostics string.
  • 将诊断字符串修复为正确的 JSON 格式以用于点操作。Fixed diagnostics string in proper JSON format for point operations.
  • 修复了导致 reactor 链在出现“未找到”异常时爆发的 .single() 运算符问题。Fixed issue with .single() operator causing the reactor chain to blow up in case of Not Found exception.

4.2.0 (2020-07-14)4.2.0 (2020-07-14)

新功能New Features

  • CosmosStoredProcedureRequestOptions 添加了启用脚本日志记录的 API。Added script logging enabled API to CosmosStoredProcedureRequestOptions.
  • DirectConnectionConfig 的默认 idleEndpointTimeout 更新为 1 小时,并将默认 connectTimeout 更新为 5 秒。Updated DirectConnectionConfig default idleEndpointTimeout to 1h and default connectTimeout to 5s.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了 GatewayConnectionConfig idleConnectionTimeout 替代 DirectConnectionConfig idleConnectionTimeout 的问题。Fixed issue where GatewayConnectionConfig idleConnectionTimeout was overriding DirectConnectionConfig idleConnectionTimeout.
  • 修复了 CosmosQueryRequestOptions 中的 responseContinuationTokenLimitInKb get 和 set API。Fixed responseContinuationTokenLimitInKb get and set APIs in CosmosQueryRequestOptions.
  • 修复了使用相同名称重新创建集合时查询和更改源中的问题。Fixed issue in query and change feed when recreating the collection with same name.
  • 修复了引发 ClassCastException 的顶层查询的问题。Fixed issue with top query throwing ClassCastException.
  • 修复了 order by 查询引发 NullPointerException 的问题。Fixed issue with order by query throwing NullPointerException.
  • 修复了在直接模式下处理已取消的请求导致调用 reactor onErrorDropped 的问题。Fixed issue in handling of cancelled requests in direct mode causing reactor onErrorDropped being called.

4.1.0 (2020-06-25)4.1.0 (2020-06-25)

新功能New Features

  • 添加了对 GROUP BY 查询的支持。Added support for GROUP BY query.
  • 在 DirectConnectionConfig 中将 maxConnectionsPerEndpoint 的默认值增加到 130。Increased the default value of maxConnectionsPerEndpoint to 130 in DirectConnectionConfig.
  • 在 DirectConnectionConfig 中将 maxRequestsPerConnection 的默认值增加到 30。Increased the default value of maxRequestsPerConnection to 30 in DirectConnectionConfig.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了使用继续标记恢复时 order by 查询返回重复结果的问题。Fixed issues with order by query returning duplicate results when resuming by using continuation token.
  • 修复了 value 查询为嵌套对象返回 null 值的问题。Fixed issues with value query returning null values for nested object.
  • 修复了 RntbdClientChannelPool 中请求管理器上的空指针异常问题。Fixed null pointer exception on request manager in RntbdClientChannelPool.

4.0.1 (2020-06-10)4.0.1 (2020-06-10)

新功能New Features

  • 已将 QueryRequestOptions 重命名为 CosmosQueryRequestOptionsRenamed QueryRequestOptions to CosmosQueryRequestOptions.
  • 已将 ChangeFeedProcessorBuilder 更新为生成器模式。Updated ChangeFeedProcessorBuilder to builder pattern.
  • 使用新的容器名称和子资源 API 更新了 CosmosPermissionPropertiesUpdated CosmosPermissionProperties with new container name and child resources APIs.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了 ConnectionPolicy toString() 空指针异常。Fixed ConnectionPolicy toString() Null Pointer Exception.

4.0.1-beta.4 (2020-06-03)4.0.1-beta.4 (2020-06-03)

新功能New Features

  • CosmosClientBuilder 添加了更多示例和丰富的文档。Added more samples & enriched docs to CosmosClientBuilder.
  • 更新了带有吞吐量属性的 CosmosDatabaseCosmosContainer API,以支持自动缩放/Autopilot。Updated CosmosDatabase & CosmosContainer APIs with throughputProperties for autoscale/autopilot support.
  • 已将 CosmosClientException 重命名为 CosmosExceptionRenamed CosmosClientException to CosmosException.
  • 已将 AccessConditionAccessConditionType API 替换为 ifMatchETag()ifNoneMatchETag() API。Replaced AccessCondition & AccessConditionType by ifMatchETag() & ifNoneMatchETag() APIs.
  • 已将所有 Cosmos*AsyncResponseCosmosResponse 类型合并为单个 CosmosResponse 类型。Merged all Cosmos*AsyncResponse & CosmosResponse types to a single CosmosResponse type.
  • 已将 CosmosResponseDiagnostics 重命名为 CosmosDiagnosticsRenamed CosmosResponseDiagnostics to CosmosDiagnostics.
  • 已将 FeedResponseDiagnostics 包装到 CosmosDiagnostics 中。Wrapped FeedResponseDiagnostics in CosmosDiagnostics.
  • 从 azure-cosmos 中删除了 jackson 依赖项并依赖于 azure-core。Removed jackson dependency from azure-cosmos & relying on azure-core.
  • 已将 CosmosKeyCredential 替换为 AzureKeyCredential 类型。Replaced CosmosKeyCredential with AzureKeyCredential type.
  • GatewayConnectionConfig 添加了 ProxyOptions API。Added ProxyOptions APIs to GatewayConnectionConfig.
  • 更新了 SDK 以使用 Instant 类型,而不是使用 OffsetDateTimeUpdated SDK to use Instant type instead of OffsetDateTime.
  • 添加了新的枚举类型 OperationKindAdded new enum type OperationKind.
  • 已将 FeedOptions 重命名为 QueryRequestOptionsRenamed FeedOptions to QueryRequestOptions.
  • Cosmos*Properties 类型添加了 getETag()getTimestamp() API。Added getETag() & getTimestamp() APIs to Cosmos*Properties types.
  • CosmosExceptionCosmosDiagnostics中添加了 userAgent 信息。Added userAgent information in CosmosException & CosmosDiagnostics.
  • 已将 Diagnostics 中的新换行符更新为系统的新换行符。Updated new line character in Diagnostics to System new line character.
  • 删除了 readAll* API,请改用查询选择所有 API。Removed readAll* APIs, use query select all APIs instead.
  • 添加了 ChangeFeedProcessor 估算滞后时间 API。Added ChangeFeedProcessor estimate lag API.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了在按查询的值顺序分析查询结果时的问题。Fixed issue with parsing of query results in case of Value order by queries.

4.0.1-beta.3 (2020-05-15)4.0.1-beta.3 (2020-05-15)

新功能New Features

  • 为 SDK 添加了自动缩放/autopilot 吞吐量预配支持。Added autoscale/autopilot throughput provisioning support to SDK.
  • 已将 ConnectionPolicy 替换为新的连接配置。Replaced ConnectionPolicy with new connection configs. 通过 CosmosClientBuilder 为直接模式和网关模式连接配置公开 DirectConnectionConfigGatewayConnectionConfig API。Exposed DirectConnectionConfig & GatewayConnectionConfig APIs through CosmosClientBuilder for Direct & Gateway mode connection configurations.
  • 已将 JsonSerializableResource 移到实现包。Moved JsonSerializable & Resource to implementation package.
  • 向 CosmsClientBuilder 添加了 contentResponseOnWriteEnabled API,该 API 禁用写操作时的完整响应内容。Added contentResponseOnWriteEnabled API to CosmosClientBuilder which disables full response content on write operations.
  • 对响应类型公开了 getETag() API。Exposed getETag() APIs on response types.
  • 已将 CosmosAuthorizationTokenResolver 移至实现。Moved CosmosAuthorizationTokenResolver to implementation.
  • 已将 preferredLocationsmultipleWriteLocations API 重命名为 preferredRegionsmultipleWriteRegionsRenamed preferredLocations & multipleWriteLocations API to preferredRegions & multipleWriteRegions.
  • 已将 reactor-core 更新为 3.3.5.RELEASE,将 reactor-netty 更新为 0.9.7.RELEASE,并将 netty 更新为 4.1.49.Final 版本。Updated reactor-core to 3.3.5.RELEASE, reactor-netty to 0.9.7.RELEASE & netty to 4.1.49.Final versions.
  • 在 SDK 中添加了对 analyticalStoreTimeToLive 的支持。Added support for analyticalStoreTimeToLive in SDK.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了直接 TCP 客户端的套接字泄漏问题。Fixed socket leak issues with Direct TCP client.
  • 修复了 orderByQuery 的继续标记 bug。Fixed orderByQuery with continuation token bug.

4.0.1-beta.2 (2020-04-21)4.0.1-beta.2 (2020-04-21)

新功能New Features

  • CosmosClientException 扩展了 AzureExceptionCosmosClientException extends AzureException.
  • FeedOptions 中删除了 maxItemCountrequestContinuationToken API,改用 CosmosPagedFluxCosmosPagedIterable 中的 byPage() API。Removed maxItemCount & requestContinuationToken APIs from FeedOptions instead using byPage() APIs from CosmosPagedFlux & CosmosPagedIterable.
  • Permission API 的公共图面上引入了 CosmosPermissionPropertiesIntroduced CosmosPermissionProperties on public surface for Permission APIs.
  • 删除了 SqlParameterList 类型并将其替换为 ListRemoved SqlParameterList type & replaced with List
  • 修复了直接 TCP 客户端中的多个内存泄漏。Fixed multiple memory leaks in Direct TCP client.
  • 添加了对 DISTINCT 查询的支持。Added support for DISTINCT queries.
  • 删除了 fasterxml.uuid, guava, commons-io, commons-collection4, commons-text 的外部依赖项。Removed external dependencies on fasterxml.uuid, guava, commons-io, commons-collection4, commons-text.
  • 已将 CosmosPagedFluxCosmosPagedIterable 移到 utils 包。Moved CosmosPagedFlux & CosmosPagedIterable to utils package.
  • 已将 netty 更新为“4.1.45.Final”,并已将 project reactor 更新为 3.3.3 版本。Updated netty to 4.1.45.Final & project reactor to 3.3.3 version.
  • 已将公共 REST 协定更新为 Final 类。Updated public rest contracts to Final classes.
  • 添加了对点操作高级诊断的支持。Added support for advanced Diagnostics for point operations.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了处理分区拆分但未找到分区时的 ChangeFeedProcessor bug。ChangeFeedProcessor bug fix for handling partition splits & when partition not found.
  • 修复了跨不同线程同步租约更新时的 ChangeFeedProcessor bug。ChangeFeedProcessor bug fix when synchronizing lease updates across different threads.

4.0.1-beta.1 (2020-03-10)4.0.1-beta.1 (2020-03-10)

新功能New Features

  • 已将包更新为 com.azure.cosmosUpdated package to com.azure.cosmos
  • 为模型/REST 协定添加了 modelsAdded models package for model / rest contracts
  • CosmosPagedFluxCosmosPagedIterable 类型添加了 utils 包。Added utils package for CosmosPagedFlux & CosmosPagedIterable types.
  • 更新了公共 API 以跨 SDK 使用 DurationUpdated public APIs to use Duration across the SDK.
  • 已将所有 REST 协定添加到 models 包。Added all rest contracts to models package.
  • RetryOptions 已重命名为 ThrottlingRetryOptionsRetryOptions renamed to ThrottlingRetryOptions.
  • 为查询 API 添加了CosmosPagedFluxCosmosPagedIterable 分页类型。Added CosmosPagedFlux & CosmosPagedIterable pagination types for query APIs.
  • 添加了对在 CosmosClientBuilder#connectionSharingAcrossClientsEnabled(true) 中使用新 API 跨多个 CosmosClients 实例共享 TransportClient 的支持Added support for sharing TransportClient across multiple instances of CosmosClients using a new API in the CosmosClientBuilder#connectionSharingAcrossClientsEnabled(true)
  • 通过删除双序列化/反序列化来进行查询优化。Query Optimizations by removing double serialization / deserialization.
  • 通过删除不必要的来回复制来优化响应标头。Response Headers optimizations by removing unnecessary copying back and forth.
  • 通过删除中间字符串实例化优化了 ByteBuffer 序列化/反序列化。Optimized ByteBuffer serialization / deserialization by removing intermediate String instantiations.

关键 Bug 修复Key Bug Fixes

  • 修复了在 StoreReader 中导致 ArrayIndexOutOfBound 异常的争用情况Fixed race condition causing ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception in StoreReader


1.如何向客户通知即将停用的 SDK?1. How will customers be notified of the retiring SDK?

Azure 会在即将停用的 SDK 的支持结束之前提前 12 个月进行通知,以便协助平稳地转换到支持的 SDK。Azure will provide 12 month advance notification to the end of support of the retiring SDK in order to facilitate a smooth transition to a supported SDK. 此外,会通过各种通信渠道(Azure 管理门户、开发人员中心、博客文章以及与分配的服务管理员的直接通信)来通知客户。Further, customers will be notified through various communication channels - Azure Management Portal, Developer Center, blog post, and direct communication to assigned service administrators.

2.在这 12 个月期间,客户是否可以使用“即将”停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 来创作应用程序?2. Can customers author applications using a "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month period?

可以,客户在 12 个月宽限期内具有完全访问权限,可以使用“即将”停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 创作、部署和修改应用程序。Yes, customers will have full access to author, deploy and modify applications using the "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month grace period. 在 12 个月宽限期内,建议客户根据相应情况迁移到支持的较新版本 Azure Cosmos DB SDK。During the 12 month grace period, customers are advised to migrate to a newer supported version of Azure Cosmos DB SDK as appropriate.

3.在 12 个月通知期之后,客户是否可以使用已停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 创建和修改应用程序?3. Can customers author and modify applications using a retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK after the 12 month notification period?

在 12 个月通知期之后,SDK 会停用。After the 12 month notification period, the SDK will be retired. Azure Cosmos DB 平台不允许使用已停用 SDK 的应用程序对 Azure Cosmos DB 进行任何访问。Any access to Azure Cosmos DB by an applications using a retired SDK will not be permitted by the Azure Cosmos DB platform. 此外,Azure 不会对已停用的 SDK 提供客户支持。Further, Azure will not provide customer support on the retired SDK.

4.如果客户运行使用不支持的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 版本的应用程序,会发生什么情况?4. What happens to Customer's running applications that are using unsupported Azure Cosmos DB SDK version?

任何使用已停用 SDK 版本连接 Azure Cosmos DB 服务的尝试都会被拒绝。Any attempts made to connect to the Azure Cosmos DB service with a retired SDK version will be rejected.

5.新特性和功能是否会适用于所有未停用的 SDK?5. Will new features and functionality be applied to all non-retired SDKs?

新特性和功能只添加到新版本。New features and functionality will only be added to new versions. 如果使用的是未停用的旧版本 SDK,则对 Azure Cosmos DB 进行的请求仍会与以前一样正常工作,但是你无法访问任何新功能。If you are using an old, non-retired, version of the SDK your requests to Azure Cosmos DB will still function as previous but you will not have access to any new capabilities.

6.如果无法在截止日期之前更新应用程序,该怎么办?6. What should I do if I cannot update my application before a cut-off date?

我们建议尽早升级到最新 SDK。We recommend that you upgrade to the latest SDK as early as possible. SDK 标记为要停用之后,会有 12 个月来更新应用程序。Once an SDK has been tagged for retirement you will have 12 months to update your application. 如果由于任何原因而无法在此时间范围内完成应用程序更新,请在截止日期之前与 Cosmos DB 团队联系并请求其帮助。If, for whatever reason, you cannot complete your application update within this timeframe then please contact the Cosmos DB Team and request their assistance before the cutoff date.

后续步骤Next steps

若要了解有关 Cosmos DB 的详细信息,请参阅 Azure Cosmos DB 服务页。To learn more about Cosmos DB, see Azure Cosmos DB service page.