Azure Service Fabric PowerShell 示例Azure Service Fabric PowerShell samples

下表包含用于创建和管理 Service Fabric 群集、应用程序和服务的 PowerShell 脚本示例的链接。The following table includes links to PowerShell scripts samples that create and manage Service Fabric clusters, applications, and services.


可以使用两个 PowerShell 模块来与 Service Fabric 交互。There are two PowerShell modules used to interact with Service Fabric. Azure PowerShell 用于管理 Azure 资源,例如 Azure 托管的 Service Fabric 群集。Azure PowerShell is used to manage Azure resources, such as an Azure-hosted Service Fabric cluster. Azure Service Fabric SDK 用于直接连接到 Service Fabric 群集(不管托管在哪个位置)和管理群集、应用程序与服务。Azure Service Fabric SDK is used to directly connect to the Service Fabric cluster (regardless of where it's hosted) and manage the cluster, applications, and services.

ScriptScript 说明Description
创建群集Create cluster
创建群集 (Azure)Create a cluster (Azure) 创建 Azure Service Fabric 群集。Creates an Azure Service Fabric cluster.
管理群集、节点和基础结构Manage cluster, nodes, and infrastructure
添加应用程序证书Add an application certificate 创建密钥保管库的 X509 证书,并将其部署到群集中的虚拟机规模集。Creates an X509 certificate to Key Vault and deploys it to a virtual machine scale set in your cluster.
更新群集 VM 上的 RDP 端口范围Update the RDP port range on cluster VMs 更改已部署群集中群集节点 VM 上的 RDP 端口范围。Changes the RDP port range on cluster node VMs in a deployed cluster.
更新群集节点 VM 的管理员用户和密码Update the admin user and password for cluster node VMs 更新群集节点 VM 的管理员用户名和密码。Updates the admin username and password for cluster node VMs.
打开负载均衡器的端口Open a port in the load balancer 在 Azure 负载均衡器中打开应用程序端口,以允许特定端口上的入站流量。Open an application port in the Azure load balancer to allow inbound traffic on a specific port.
创建入站网络安全组规则Create an inbound network security group rule 创建入站网络安全组规则,以允许入站流量发往特定端口上的群集。Create an inbound network security group rule to allow inbound traffic to the cluster on a specific port.
管理应用程序Manage applications
部署应用程序Deploy an application 将应用程序部署到群集。Deploy an application to a cluster.
升级应用程序Upgrade an application 升级应用程序。Upgrade an application.
删除应用程序Remove an application 从群集中删除应用程序。Remove an application from a cluster.