Azure Service Fabric 支持选项Azure Service Fabric support options

我们创建了许多支持请求选项来满足管理 Service Fabric 群集和应用程序工作负载的需求。We have created a number of support request options to serve the needs of managing your Service Fabric clusters and application workloads. 可以根据所需支持的紧急性和问题的严重性,选择适合你的选项。Depending on the urgency of support needed and the severity of the issue, you may choose the option that is right for you.

报告生产问题,或者请求 Azure 付费支持Report production issues or request paid support for Azure

若要报告与 Azure 上运行的 Service Fabric 群集相关的问题,请 在 Azure 门户 上开具支持工单。To report issues related to your Service Fabric cluster running on Azure, open a support ticket on the Azure portal.

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在青铜级可靠性层级或单节点群集上运行的群集只能用来运行测试性工作负荷。Clusters running on a bronze reliability tier or Single Node Cluster will allow you to run test workloads only. 如果你遇到在青铜可靠性级别或单节点群集上运行的群集的问题,Azure 支持团队会协助你解决问题,但不会进行根本原因分析。If you experience issues with a cluster running on bronze reliability or Single Node Cluster, the Azure support team will assist you in mitigating the issue, but will not perform a Root Cause Analysis. 如需了解详细信息,请参阅群集的可靠性特征For more information, please refer to the reliability characteristics of the cluster.

有关生产就绪群集所需满足的要求的详细信息,请参阅生产就绪情况核对清单For more information about what is required for a production ready cluster, please refer to the production readiness checklist.

报告生产问题,或者请求独立 Service Fabric 群集的付费支持Report production issues or request paid support for standalone Service Fabric clusters

若要报告在本地或其他云上运行的 Service Fabric 群集的相关问题,请通过 Azure 支持门户开具专业支持工单。To report issues related to Service Fabric clusters running on-premises or on other clouds, you may open a ticket for professional support on the Azure support portal.

报告 Azure Service Fabric 问题Report Azure Service Fabric issues

我们已设置 GitHub 存储库,用于报告 Service Fabric 问题。We have set up a GitHub repo for reporting Service Fabric issues. 我们还积极监视以下论坛。We are also actively monitoring the following forums.

GitHub 存储库GitHub repo

Service Fabric GitHub 上报告 Azure Service Fabric 问题。Report Azure Service Fabric issues at the Service Fabric GitHub. 此存储库用于报告和跟踪与 Azure Service Fabric 相关的问题并提出与 Azure Service Fabric 相关的小型功能请求。This repo is intended for reporting and tracking issues as well as making small feature requests related to Azure Service Fabric. 请勿使用此方式报告实时站点问题Do not use this medium to report live-site issues.

StackOverflow 和 MSDN 论坛StackOverflow and MSDN forums

StackOverflow 上的 Service Fabric 标记MSDN 上的 Service Fabric 论坛最适合提问有关平台工作方式以及如何通过该平台完成某些任务的一般性问题。The Service Fabric tag on StackOverflow and the Service Fabric forum on MSDN are best used for asking general questions about how the platform works and how you may use it to accomplish certain tasks.

Service Fabric 预览版本 - 不支持在生产环境中使用Service Fabric Preview Versions - unsupported for production use

有时我们会推出特殊的预览版本,其中包含我们希望通过调查获得早期反馈的重要功能更改。Occasionally we make special preview releases containing significant feature changes for which we would like to survey early feedback. 应该只在不提供生产工作负载的隔离测试环境中使用预览版。You should only use preview versions in isolated test environments that do not serve production workloads. 生产群集应始终运行支持的稳定 Service Fabric 版本。Your production cluster should always be running a supported, stable, Service Fabric version. 我们不提供这些预览版本的付费支持选项。We don't offer a paid support option for these preview releases.

预览版本始终以主版本号和次版本号 255 开头。A preview version always begins with a major and minor version number of 255. 例如,如果你看到 Service Fabric 版本255.255.5703.949,则此版本处于预览阶段,并且仅用于测试群集。For example, if you see a Service Fabric version 255.255.5703.949, this version is in preview and is only intended to be used in test clusters. 这些预览版本也在 Service Fabric 团队博客上公布,并将提供有关包含的功能的详细信息。These preview releases are also announced on the Service Fabric team blog and will have details on the features included. 使用报告 Azure Service Fabric 问题下列出的选项之一提出问题或提供反馈。Use one of the options listed under Report Azure Service Fabric issues to ask questions or provide feedback.

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支持的 Service Fabric 版本Supported Service Fabric versions