将 Azure ExpressRoute 与 Azure Site Recovery 结合使用Azure ExpressRoute with Azure Site Recovery

使用 Azure ExpressRoute 可通过连接服务提供商所提供的专用连接,将本地网络扩展到 Azure 云。Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Azure cloud over a private connection facilitated by a connectivity provider. 使用 ExpressRoute 可与 Azure 云服务建立连接。With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Azure cloud services.

本文介绍如何结合使用 Azure ExpressRoute 与 Azure Site Recovery 来实现灾难恢复和迁移。This article describes how you can use Azure ExpressRoute with Azure Site Recovery for disaster recovery and migration.

ExpressRoute 线路ExpressRoute circuits

ExpressRoute 线路表示通过连接提供商在本地基础结构与 Azure 云服务之间建立的逻辑连接。An ExpressRoute circuit represents a logical connection between your on-premises infrastructure and Azure cloud services through a connectivity provider. 可以订购多条 ExpressRoute 线路。You can order multiple ExpressRoute circuits. 每条线路可以位于相同或不同的区域,且可以通过不同的连接提供程序连接到本地。Each circuit can be in the same or different regions, and can be connected to your premises through different connectivity providers. 此处详细了解 ExpressRoute 线路。Learn more about ExpressRoute circuits here.

一条 ExpressRoute 线路有多个关联的路由域。An ExpressRoute circuit has multiple routing domains associated with it. 此处详细了解并比较 ExpressRoute 路由域。Learn more about and compare ExpressRoute routing domains here.

使用 ExpressRoute 进行本地到 Azure 的复制On-premises to Azure replication with ExpressRoute

Azure Site Recovery 支持从本地 Hyper-V 虚拟机VMware 虚拟机物理服务器向 Azure 进行灾难恢复和迁移。Azure Site Recovery enables disaster recovery and migration to Azure for on-premises Hyper-V virtual machines, VMware virtual machines, and physical servers. 对于所有本地到 Azure 的方案,复制数据都发送到 Azure 存储帐户并存储在其中。For all on-premises to Azure scenarios, replication data is sent to and stored in an Azure Storage account. 在复制期间,无需支付任何虚拟机费用。During replication, you don't pay any virtual machine charges. 故障转移到 Azure 时,Site Recovery 会自动创建 Azure IaaS 虚拟机。When you run a failover to Azure, Site Recovery automatically creates Azure IaaS virtual machines.

Site Recovery 通过公共终结点将数据复制到目标 Azure 区域上的 Azure 存储帐户或副本托管磁盘。Site Recovery replicates data to an Azure Storage account or replica Managed Disk on the target Azure region over a public endpoint. 若要将 ExpressRoute 用于 Site Recovery 复制流量,可以利用 Azure 对等互连或现有的公共对等互连(不再支持新创建的对等互连)。To use ExpressRoute for Site Recovery replication traffic, you can utilize Azure peering or an existing public peering (deprecated for new creations). 在复制时,建议使用 Azure 对等互连作为路由域。Azure peering is the recommended routing domain for replication. 请注意,不支持通过专用对等互连进行复制。Note that replication is not supported over private peering.

确保还满足配置服务器的网络要求Ensure that the Networking Requirements for Configuration Server are also met. 配置服务器需要连接到特定 URL,以便编排 Site Recovery 复制。Connectivity to specific URLs is required by Configuration Server for orchestration of Site Recovery replication. ExpressRoute 不能用于此连接。ExpressRoute cannot be used for this connectivity.

如果你在本地使用代理并希望将 ExpressRoute 用于复制流量,则需要在配置服务器和进程服务器上配置代理绕过列表。In case you use proxy at on-premises and wish to use ExpressRoute for replication traffic, you need to configure the Proxy bypass list on the Configuration Server and Process Servers. 请遵循以下步骤进行配置:Follow the steps below:

  • 此处下载 PsExec 工具来访问系统用户上下文。Download PsExec tool from here to access System user context.

  • 运行以下命令行,在系统用户上下文中打开 Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer in system user context by running the following command line

    psexec -s -i "%programfiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

  • 在 IE 中添加代理设置Add proxy settings in IE

  • 在绕过列表中,添加 Azure 存储 URL *.blob.core.chinacloudapi.cnIn the bypass list, add the Azure storage URL *.blob.core.chinacloudapi.cn

这将确保只有复制流量流经 ExpressRoute,而通信可以通过代理。This will ensure that only replication traffic flows through ExpressRoute while the communication can go through proxy.

在将虚拟机或服务器故障转移到 Azure 虚拟网络后,可以使用专用对等互连访问它们。After virtual machines or servers fail over to an Azure virtual network, you can access them using private peering.

下图描绘了这种组合方案: 使用 ExpressRoute 进行本地到 Azure 的复制

使用 ExpressRoute 进行 Azure 到 Azure 的复制Azure to Azure replication with ExpressRoute

Azure Site Recovery 支持对 Azure 虚拟机进行灾难恢复。Azure Site Recovery enables disaster recovery of Azure virtual machines. 根据 Azure 虚拟机是否使用 Azure 托管磁盘,复制数据将被发送到目标 Azure 区域中的 Azure 存储帐户或副本托管磁盘。Depending on whether your Azure virtual machines use Azure Managed Disks, replication data is sent to an Azure Storage account or replica Managed Disk on the target Azure region. 尽管复制终结点是公共终结点,但在默认情况下,无论源虚拟网络位于哪个 Azure 区域,Azure VM 复制的复制流量都不会遍历 Internet。Although the replication endpoints are public, replication traffic for Azure VM replication, by default, does not traverse the Internet, regardless of which Azure region the source virtual network exists in. 对 地址前缀,可将 Azure 默认系统路由重写为自定义路由,并将 VM 流量转换为本地网络虚拟设备 (NVA),但不建议对 Site Recovery 复制使用此配置。You can override Azure's default system route for the address prefix with a custom route and divert VM traffic to an on-premises network virtual appliance (NVA), but this configuration is not recommended for Site Recovery replication. 如果使用自定义路由,则应在虚拟网络中为“存储”创建一个虚拟网络服务终结点,这样复制流量就不会离开 Azure 边界。If you're using custom routes, you should create a virtual network service endpoint in your virtual network for "Storage" so that the replication traffic does not leave the Azure boundary.

对于 Azure VM 灾难恢复,默认情况下,复制时不需要 ExpressRoute。For Azure VM disaster recovery, by default, ExpressRoute is not required for replication. 在将虚拟机故障转移到目标 Azure 区域后,可以使用专用对等互连访问它们。After virtual machines fail over to the target Azure region, you can access them using private peering. 请注意,无论 Azure 区域之间的数据复制模式如何,数据传输价格都适用。Note that data transfer prices apply irrespective of the mode of data replication across Azure regions.

如果已经使用 ExpressRoute 从本地数据中心连接到源区域中的 Azure VM,则可以计划在故障转移目标区域重新建立 ExpressRoute 连接。If you are already using ExpressRoute to connect from your on-premises datacenter to the Azure VMs on the source region, you can plan for re-establishing ExpressRoute connectivity at the failover target region. 进行灾难恢复时,可以使用相同的 ExpressRoute 线路通过新的虚拟网络连接连接到目标区域,也可以使用不同的 ExpressRoute 线路和连接。You can use the same ExpressRoute circuit to connect to the target region through a new virtual network connection or utilize a separate ExpressRoute circuit and connection for disaster recovery. 此处介绍了各种可能的方案。The different possible scenarios are described here.

可根据此处的详述,将 Azure 虚拟机复制到同一地理群集中的任何 Azure 区域。You can replicate Azure virtual machines to any Azure region within the same geographic cluster as detailed here. 如果所选目标 Azure 区域与源区域不在同一地缘政治区域内,则可能需要启用 ExpressRoute Premium。If the chosen target Azure region is not within the same geopolitical region as the source, you might need to enable ExpressRoute Premium. 有关更多详细信息,请查看 ExpressRoute 位置ExpressRoute 定价For more details, check ExpressRoute locations and ExpressRoute pricing.

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