GPU 优化虚拟机大小GPU optimized virtual machine sizes

GPU 优化 VM 大小是具有单个、多个或部分 GPU 的专用虚拟机。GPU optimized VM sizes are specialized virtual machines available with single, multiple, or fractional GPUs. 这些大小是针对计算密集型、图形密集型和可视化工作负荷设计的。These sizes are designed for compute-intensive, graphics-intensive, and visualization workloads. 本文介绍有关 GPU、vCPU、数据磁盘和 NIC 的数量和类型的信息。This article provides information about the number and type of GPUs, vCPUs, data disks, and NICs. 此分组中的每个大小还包括存储吞吐量及网络带宽。Storage throughput and network bandwidth are also included for each size in this grouping.

  • NCv3 系列大小已针对计算密集型 GPU 加速应用程序进行了优化。The NCv3-series sizes are optimized for compute-intensive GPU-accelerated applications. 一些示例包括基于 CUDA 和 OpenCL 的应用程序以及模拟、AI 和深度学习。Some examples are CUDA and OpenCL-based applications and simulations, AI, and Deep Learning. NC T4 v3 系列专用于采用 NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU 和 AMD EPYC2 Rome 处理器的推理工作负荷。The NC T4 v3-series is focused on inference workloads featuring NVIDIA's Tesla T4 GPU and AMD EPYC2 Rome processor. NCv3 系列专用于采用 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU 的高性能计算和 AI 工作负荷。The NCv3-series is focused on high-performance computing and AI workloads featuring NVIDIA's Tesla V100 GPU.

支持的操作系统和驱动程序Supported operating systems and drivers

若要利用 Azure NCv3 系列 VM 的 GPU 功能,必须安装 NVIDIA 驱动程序。To take advantage of the GPU capabilities of Azure NCv3-series VMs, NVIDIA drivers must be installed.

可以手动安装 NVIDIA GPU 驱动程序。You may install NVIDIA GPU drivers manually. 请参阅在运行 Windows 的 N 系列 VM 上安装 NVIDIA GPU 驱动程序在运行 Linux 的 N 系列 VM 上安装 NVIDIA GPU 驱动程序,以了解受支持的操作系统、驱动程序以及安装和验证步骤。See Install NVIDIA GPU drivers on N-series VMs running Windows or Install NVIDIA GPU drivers on N-series VMs running Linux for supported operating systems, drivers, installation, and verification steps.

部署注意事项Deployment considerations

  • 有关 N 系列 VM 的可用性,请查看可用产品(按区域)For availability of N-series VMs, see Products available by region.

  • N 系列 VM 只能按 Resource Manager 部署模型部署。N-series VMs can only be deployed in the Resource Manager deployment model.

  • N 系列的 VM 在对其磁盘支持的 Azure 存储类型方面有所不同。N-series VMs differ in the type of Azure Storage they support for their disks. NCv3 VM 仅支持高级磁盘存储 (SSD) 所支持的 VM 磁盘。NCv3 VMs only support VM disks that are backed by Premium Disk Storage (SSD).

  • 如果需要部署的 N 系列 VM 较多,请考虑使用标准预付费套餐订阅或其他购买选项。If you want to deploy more than a few N-series VMs, consider a Standard Pay-in-Advance Offer subscription or other purchase options. 如果使用的是 Azure 试用订阅,则仅可使用有限数量的 Azure 计算核心。If you're using an Azure trial subscription, you can use only a limited number of Azure compute cores.

  • 可能需要提高 Azure 订阅中的核心配额(按区域)以及单独针对 NCv3 核心的配额。You might need to increase the cores quota (per region) in your Azure subscription, and increase the separate quota for NCv3 cores. 若要请求增加配额,可免费 建立联机客户支持请求To request a quota increase, open an online customer support request at no charge. 默认限制可能因订阅类别而异。Default limits may vary depending on your subscription category.

其他大小Other sizes

后续步骤Next steps

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