Global acceleration

Azure operated by 21Vianet CDN supports global acceleration for customers. This includes acceleration for Mainland China and regions outside Mainland China. See Node Distribution for information about global node distribution and Price Information for information on prices.

You can enable Mainland China acceleration, overseas acceleration or global acceleration for domain names. This document describes how to enable overseas acceleration and global acceleration.


  1. See Using the Azure Content Delivery Network for how to create a CDN domain name.

    • Created CDN domain names have domestic acceleration enabled by default. To enable overseas acceleration or global acceleration, use the CDN Management Portal.
    • If you only need to enable overseas acceleration, please set the CNAME to Azure after enabling overseas acceleration to avoid incurring domestic acceleration costs.
  2. To enable the overseas acceleration function, you need to enter the CDN Management Portal to perform domain name management. Click Domain Name Management, select the corresponding domain name, then click "Acceleration Region" in the menu bar displayed on the right-hand side to select the enable type. You can enable overseas or global acceleration (global acceleration includes acceleration for both Mainland China and overseas).


    Overseas acceleration will need approximately 1 hour to take effect after it is enabled.

  3. Check if overseas acceleration has taken effect: Check the list in Domain Name Management to see whether the acceleration types include overseas acceleration

  4. Check overseas billing types: On the Overview page, check whether overseas acceleration is included in the Billing Method