使用 MABS 将 SharePoint 场备份到 AzureBack up a SharePoint farm to Azure with MABS

使用 Azure 备份服务器 (MABS) 将 SharePoint 场备份到 Azure,其方法与备份其他数据源极为类似。You back up a SharePoint farm to Azure by using Azure Backup Server (MABS) in much the same way that you back up other data sources. Azure 备份提供灵活的备份计划来创建每日、每周、每月或每年备份点,并提供适用于各种备份点的保留策略选项。Azure Backup provides flexibility in the backup schedule to create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly backup points and gives you retention policy options for various backup points. 利用该技术,不仅可以存储本地磁盘副本以实现快速的恢复时间目标 (RTO),还可以将副本存储到 Azure 以进行经济高效的长期保留。It also provides the capability to store local disk copies for quick recovery-time objectives (RTO) and to store copies to Azure for economical, long-term retention.

DPM 的 Microsoft Azure 备份支持以下方案:Azure Backup for DPM supports the following scenarios:

工作负载Workload 版本Version Sharepoint 部署SharePoint deployment 保护和恢复Protection and recovery
SharePointSharePoint SharePoint 2016、SharePoint 2013、SharePoint 2010、SharePoint 2007、SharePoint 3.0SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 3.0 作为物理服务器或 Hyper-V/VMware 虚拟机部署的 SharePointSharePoint deployed as a physical server or Hyper-V/VMware virtual machine
SQL AlwaysOnSQL AlwaysOn
保护 SharePoint 场恢复选项:从磁盘恢复点恢复场、数据库、文件或列表项。Protect SharePoint Farm recovery options: Recovery farm, database, and file or list item from disk recovery points. 从 Azure 恢复点恢复场和数据库。Farm and database recovery from Azure recovery points.

开始之前Before you start

在将 SharePoint 场备份到 Azure 之前,需要确保满足几个条件。There are a few things you need to confirm before you back up a SharePoint farm to Azure.


在继续之前,请确保已安装并准备好 Azure 备份服务器来保护工作负荷。Before you proceed, make sure that you have installed and prepared the Azure Backup Server to protect workloads.

保护代理Protection agent

必须在运行 SharePoint 或 SQL Server 的服务器以及属于 SharePoint 场的所有其他服务器上安装 Azure 备份代理。The Azure Backup agent must be installed on the server that's running SharePoint, the servers that are running SQL Server, and all other servers that are part of the SharePoint farm. 有关如何设置保护代理的详细信息,请参阅设置保护代理For more information about how to set up the protection agent, see Setup Protection Agent. 唯一的例外是,只能在单个 Web 前端 (WFE) 服务器上安装代理。The one exception is that you install the agent only on a single web front end (WFE) server. Azure 备份服务器只需将一个 WFE 服务器上的代理作为保护的入口点。Azure Backup Server needs the agent on one WFE server only to serve as the entry point for protection.

SharePoint 场SharePoint farm

针对场中的每 1000 万个项,必须有至少 2 GB 的卷空间用于放置 MABS 文件夹。For every 10 million items in the farm, there must be at least 2 GB of space on the volume where the MABS folder is located. 此空间对目录生成是必要的。This space is required for catalog generation. 为了使 MABS 恢复特定项(网站集合、站点、列表、文档库、文件夹、单个文档与列表项),目录生成将创建一个包含在每个内容数据库中的 URL 列表。For MABS to recover specific items (site collections, sites, lists, document libraries, folders, individual documents, and list items), catalog generation creates a list of the URLs that are contained within each content database. 可以在 MABS 管理员控制台的“恢复”任务区域中,查看“可恢复项”窗格中的 URL 列表。 You can view the list of URLs in the recoverable item pane in the Recovery task area of MABS Administrator Console.

SQL ServerSQL Server

Azure 备份服务器以 LocalSystem 帐户的身份运行。Azure Backup Server runs as a LocalSystem account. 若要备份 SQL Server 数据库,MABS 需要对运行 SQL Server 的服务器的帐户具有 sysadmin 特权。To back up SQL Server databases, MABS needs sysadmin privileges on that account for the server that's running SQL Server. 备份之前,先在运行 SQL Server 的服务器上将 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 设置为 sysadmin 。Set NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM to sysadmin on the server that's running SQL Server before you back it up.

如果 SharePoint 场有使用 SQL Server 别名配置的 SQL Server 数据库,请在 MABS 将要保护的前端 Web 服务器上安装 SQL Server 客户端组件。If the SharePoint farm has SQL Server databases that are configured with SQL Server aliases, install the SQL Server client components on the front-end Web server that MABS will protect.

SharePoint ServerSharePoint Server

尽管性能取决于许多因素(例如 SharePoint 场的大小),但一般指导原则是一个 MABS 可以保护一个 25 TB 的 SharePoint 场。While performance depends on many factors such as size of SharePoint farm, as general guidance one MABS can protect a 25-TB SharePoint farm.

不支持的功能What's not supported

  • 保护 SharePoint 场的 MABS 不会保护搜索索引或应用程序服务数据库。MABS that protects a SharePoint farm does not protect search indexes or application service databases. 需要单独为这些数据库配置保护。You will need to configure the protection of these databases separately.
  • MABS 不提供横向扩展文件服务器 (SOFS) 共享托管的 SharePoint SQL Server 数据库备份。MABS does not provide backup of SharePoint SQL Server databases that are hosted on scale-out file server (SOFS) shares.

配置 SharePoint 保护Configure SharePoint protection

必须使用 ConfigureSharePoint.exe 配置 SharePoint VSS 写入器服务(WSS 写入器服务),才能使用 MABS 保护 SharePoint。Before you can use MABS to protect SharePoint, you must configure the SharePoint VSS Writer service (WSS Writer service) by using ConfigureSharePoint.exe.

可以在前端 Web 服务器的 [MABS 安装路径]\bin 文件夹中找到 ConfigureSharePoint.exeYou can find ConfigureSharePoint.exe in the [MABS Installation Path]\bin folder on the front-end web server. 此工具可将 SharePoint 场的凭据提供给保护代理。This tool provides the protection agent with the credentials for the SharePoint farm. 应在单个 WFE 服务器上运行该工具。You run it on a single WFE server. 如果有多个 WFE 服务器,在配置保护组时,请只选择其中一个。If you have multiple WFE servers, select just one when you configure a protection group.

配置 SharePoint VSS 写入器服务To configure the SharePoint VSS Writer service

  1. 在 WFE 服务器上的命令提示符下,切换到 [MABS 安装位置]\bin\On the WFE server, at a command prompt, go to [MABS installation location]\bin\
  2. 输入 ConfigureSharePoint-EnableSharePointProtection。Enter ConfigureSharePoint -EnableSharePointProtection.
  3. 输入场管理员凭据。Enter the farm administrator credentials. 此帐户应是 WFE 服务器上本地管理员组的成员。This account should be a member of the local Administrator group on the WFE server. 如果场管理员不是本地管理员,请在 WFE 服务器上授予以下权限:If the farm administrator isn’t a local admin grant the following permissions on the WFE server:
    • 授予 WSS_Admin_WPG 组对 DPM 文件夹 (%Program Files%\Azure Backup\DPM) 的完全控制权。Grant the WSS_Admin_WPG group full control to the DPM folder (%Program Files%\Azure Backup\DPM).
    • 授予 WSS_Admin_WPG 组对 DPM 注册表项 (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager) 的读取访问权限。Grant the WSS_Admin_WPG group read access to the DPM Registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager).


每当 SharePoint 场管理员凭据发生更改时,都要重新运行 ConfigureSharePoint.exe。You’ll need to rerun ConfigureSharePoint.exe whenever there’s a change in the SharePoint farm administrator credentials.

使用 MABS 备份 SharePoint 场Back up a SharePoint farm by using MABS

如前所述配置 MABS 和 SharePoint 场之后,可以使用 MABS 保护 SharePoint。After you have configured MABS and the SharePoint farm as explained previously, SharePoint can be protected by MABS.

保护 SharePoint 场To protect a SharePoint farm

  1. 在 MABS 管理员控制台的“保护”选项卡中,单击“新建”。From the Protection tab of the MABS Administrator Console, click New. 新建保护选项卡New Protection Tab

  2. 在“创建新保护组”向导的“选择保护组类型”页上,选择“服务器”,并单击“下一步”。On the Select Protection Group Type page of the Create New Protection Group wizard, select Servers, and then click Next.


  3. 在“选择组成员”屏幕上,选中要保护的 SharePoint 服务器对应的复选框,并单击“下一步”。On the Select Group Members screen, select the check box for the SharePoint server you want to protect and click Next.



    在已安装保护代理的情况下,可以在向导中看到该服务器。With the protection agent installed, you can see the server in the wizard. MABS 还会显示其结构。MABS also shows its structure. 由于已运行 ConfigureSharePoint.exe,MABS 将与 SharePoint VSS 写入器服务及其对应的 SQL Server 数据库通信,并识别 SharePoint 场结构、关联的内容数据库和任何对应项。Because you ran ConfigureSharePoint.exe, MABS communicates with the SharePoint VSS Writer service and its corresponding SQL Server databases and recognizes the SharePoint farm structure, the associated content databases, and any corresponding items.

  4. 在“选择数据保护方法”页上,输入“保护组”的名称,并选择偏好的“保护方法”。On the Select Data Protection Method page, enter the name of the Protection Group, and select your preferred protection methods. 单击“下一步”。Click Next.



    磁盘保护方法有助于实现短暂的恢复时间目标。The disk protection method helps to meet short recovery-time objectives.

  5. 在“指定短期目标”页上,选择偏好的“保留范围”,并指定备份时间。On the Specify Short-Term Goals page, select your preferred Retention range and identify when you want backups to occur.



    由于恢复大多数针对少于五天的数据进行,因此我们在此示例中选择了在磁盘上保留五天,并确保在非生产时段进行备份。Because recovery is most often required for data that's less than five days old, we selected a retention range of five days on disk and ensured that the backup happens during non-production hours, for this example.

  6. 复查为保护组分配的存储池磁盘空间,并单击“下一步”。Review the storage pool disk space allocated for the protection group, and click then Next.

  7. 对于每个保护组,MABS 将分配磁盘空间用于存储和管理副本。For every protection group, MABS allocates disk space to store and manage replicas. 此时,MABS 必须创建选定数据的副本。At this point, MABS must create a copy of the selected data. 选择创建副本的方法和时间,并单击“下一步”。Select how and when you want the replica created, and then click Next.



    若要确保不会影响网络流量,请选择生产时段之外的时间。To make sure that network traffic is not effected, select a time outside production hours.

  8. MABS 可对副本执行一致性检查,以确保数据完整性。MABS ensures data integrity by performing consistency checks on the replica. 有两个可用的选项。There are two available options. 可以定义运行一致性检查的计划,或在副本变得不一致时,让 DPM 自动运行一致性检查。You can define a schedule to run consistency checks, or DPM can run consistency checks automatically on the replica whenever it becomes inconsistent. 选择用户偏好的选项,并单击“下一步” 。Select your preferred option, and then click Next.


  9. 在“指定联机保护数据”页上,选择要保护的 SharePoint 场,然后单击“下一步”。On the Specify Online Protection Data page, select the SharePoint farm that you want to protect, and then click Next.

    DPM SharePoint 保护 1

  10. 在“指定联机备份计划”页上,选择偏好的计划,并单击“下一步”。On the Specify Online Backup Schedule page, select your preferred schedule, and then click Next.



    MABS 从当时可用的最新磁盘备份点为 Azure 最多提供两个每日备份。MABS provides a maximum of two daily backups to Azure from the then available latest disk backup point. Azure 备份还可以使用 Azure 备份网络限制,来控制高峰期和非高峰期用于备份的 WAN 带宽量。Azure Backup can also control the amount of WAN bandwidth that can be used for backups in peak and off-peak hours by using Azure Backup Network Throttling.

  11. 根据选择的备份计划,在“指定联机保留策略”页上,选择每日、每周、每月和每年备份点的保留策略。Depending on the backup schedule that you selected, on the Specify Online Retention Policy page, select the retention policy for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backup points.



    MABS 使用 grandfather-father-son 保留方案,可让你为不同的备份点选择不同的保留策略。MABS uses a grandfather-father-son retention scheme in which a different retention policy can be chosen for different backup points.

  12. 类似于磁盘,需要在 Azure 中创建初始引用点副本。Similar to disk, an initial reference point replica needs to be created in Azure. 选择在 Azure 中创建初始备份副本的偏好选项,并单击“下一步”。Select your preferred option to create an initial backup copy to Azure, and then click Next.


  13. 在“摘要”页上复查选择的设置,并单击“创建组”。Review your selected settings on the Summary page, and then click Create Group. 创建保护组之后,会看到成功消息。You will see a success message after the protection group has been created.


使用 MABS 从磁盘还原 SharePoint 项Restore a SharePoint item from disk by using MABS

在以下示例中,“恢复 SharePoint 项”被意外删除,需要恢复。In the following example, the Recovering SharePoint item has been accidentally deleted and needs to be recovered. MABS SharePoint 保护 4MABS SharePoint Protection4

  1. 打开“DPM 管理员控制台”。Open the DPM Administrator Console. DPM 保护的所有 SharePoint 场都在“保护”选项卡中显示。All SharePoint farms that are protected by DPM are shown in the Protection tab.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 3

  2. 若要开始恢复该项,请选择“恢复”选项卡。To begin to recover the item, select the Recovery tab.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 5

  3. 可以通过在恢复点范围内执行基于通配符的搜索,在 SharePoint 中搜索“恢复 SharePoint 项”。You can search SharePoint for Recovering SharePoint item by using a wildcard-based search within a recovery point range.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 6

  4. 从搜索结果中选择相应的恢复点,右键单击该项,并选择“恢复”。Select the appropriate recovery point from the search results, right-click the item, and then select Recover.

  5. 还可以浏览各个恢复点,并选择要恢复的数据库或项。You can also browse through various recovery points and select a database or item to recover. 选择“日期 > 恢复时间”,并选择正确的“数据库 > SharePoint 场 > 恢复点 > 项”。Select Date > Recovery time, and then select the correct Database > SharePoint farm > Recovery point > Item.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 7

  6. 右键单击该项,并选择“恢复”打开“恢复向导”。Right-click the item, and then select Recover to open the Recovery Wizard. 单击“下一步”。Click Next.


  7. 选择用户要执行的恢复类型,并单击“下一步” 。Select the type of recovery that you want to perform, and then click Next.



    示例中所选的“恢复到原始”会将该项恢复到原始 SharePoint 站点 。The selection of Recover to original in the example recovers the item to the original SharePoint site.

  8. 选择要使用的“恢复过程” 。Select the Recovery Process that you want to use.

    • 如果 SharePoint 场未更改,并且与正在还原的恢复点相同,请选择“不使用恢复场进行恢复” 。Select Recover without using a recovery farm if the SharePoint farm has not changed and is the same as the recovery point that is being restored.

    • 如果 SharePoint 场自创建恢复点后已更改,请选择“使用恢复场进行恢复” 。Select Recover using a recovery farm if the SharePoint farm has changed since the recovery point was created.


  9. 提供暂时恢复数据库的暂存 SQL Server 实例位置,并在要恢复该项的 MABS 和运行 SharePoint 的服务器上提供暂存文件共享。Provide a staging SQL Server instance location to recover the database temporarily, and provide a staging file share on MABS and the server that's running SharePoint to recover the item.

    暂存位置 1

    MABS 将托管 SharePoint 项的内容数据库附加到临时 SQL Server 实例。MABS attaches the content database that is hosting the SharePoint item to the temporary SQL Server instance. MABS 将从内容数据库恢复该项,并将它放在 MABS 上的暂存文件位置。From the content database, it recovers the item and puts it on the staging file location on MABS. 现在,需要将暂存位置中的已恢复项导出到 SharePoint 场上的暂存位置。The recovered item that's on the staging location now needs to be exported to the staging location on the SharePoint farm.

    暂存位置 2

  10. 选择“指定恢复选项”,并将安全设置应用到 SharePoint 场,或应用恢复点的安全设置。Select Specify recovery options, and apply security settings to the SharePoint farm or apply the security settings of the recovery point. 单击“下一步”。Click Next.



    可以选择限制网络带宽使用率。You can choose to throttle the network bandwidth usage. 这可以在生产时段最大程度地降低对生产服务器的影响。This minimizes impact to the production server during production hours.

  11. 复查摘要信息,并单击“恢复”开始恢复文件 。Review the summary information, and then click Recover to begin recovery of the file.


  12. 现在,在“MABS 管理员控制台”中选择“监视”选项卡以查看恢复的“状态”。Now select the Monitoring tab in the MABS Administrator Console to view the Status of the recovery.



    文件现已还原。The file is now restored. 可以刷新 SharePoint 站点来检查已还原的文件。You can refresh the SharePoint site to check the restored file.

使用 DPM 从 Azure 还原 SharePoint 数据库Restore a SharePoint database from Azure by using DPM

  1. 若要恢复 SharePoint 内容数据库,请浏览各个恢复点(如上所示),并选择要还原的恢复点。To recover a SharePoint content database, browse through various recovery points (as shown previously), and select the recovery point that you want to restore.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 8

  2. 双击 SharePoint 恢复点以显示可用的 SharePoint 目录信息。Double-click the SharePoint recovery point to show the available SharePoint catalog information.


    由于 SharePoint 场在 Azure 中受长期保留保护,因此 MABS 上没有可用的目录信息(元数据)。Because the SharePoint farm is protected for long-term retention in Azure, no catalog information (metadata) is available on MABS. 因此,每当需要恢复时间点 SharePoint 内容数据库时,都需要重新编录 SharePoint 场。As a result, whenever a point-in-time SharePoint content database needs to be recovered, you need to catalog the SharePoint farm again.

  3. 单击“重新编目”。Click Re-catalog.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 10

    此时会显示“云重新编录”状态窗口。The Cloud Recatalog status window opens.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 11

    完成编录后,状态将更改为“成功”。After cataloging is finished, the status changes to Success. 单击“关闭”。Click Close.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 12

  4. 单击 MABS“恢复”选项卡中显示的 SharePoint 对象,以获取内容数据库结构。Click the SharePoint object shown in the MABS Recovery tab to get the content database structure. 右键单击相应的项,并单击“恢复”。Right-click the item, and then click Recover.

    MABS SharePoint 保护 13

  5. 此时,请按照本文前面介绍的恢复步骤,从磁盘恢复 Sharepoint 内容数据库。At this point, follow the recovery steps earlier in this article to recover a SharePoint content database from disk.

后续步骤Next Steps

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