SQL Analytics 发行说明SQL Analytics Release notes


此功能目前以公共预览版提供。This feature is in Public Preview. 请联系 Azure Databricks 代表,以申请访问权限。Contact your Azure Databricks representative to request access.

SQL Analytics(公共预览版)SQL Analytics (Public Preview)

2021 年 1 月 7 日January 07, 2021

  • SQL 终结点上的“自动停止”设置现在已“启用”,默认值为 120 分钟。The Auto Stop setting on SQL endpoints is now On with a default value of 120 minutes.
  • 除了 TEXT 类型的查询参数,将不再向查询参数添加引号。Except for TEXT type query parameters, quotation marks are no longer added to query parameters. 如果已使用 Dropdown ListQuery Based Dropdown List 或任意 Date 类型的查询参数,则必须添加引号才能运行查询。If you have used Dropdown List, Query Based Dropdown List, or any Date type query parameters, you must add quotation marks in order for the query to work. 例如,如果查询是 SELECT {{ d }},则现在此查询必须为 SELECT '{{ d }}'For example, if your query is SELECT {{ d }}, now this query must be SELECT '{{ d }}'.

2020 年 11 月 18 日November 18, 2020

Databricks 很高兴地推出 SQL Analytics 公共预览版(一个直观的环境,可用于运行临时查询和基于数据湖中存储的数据创建仪表板)。Databricks is pleased to introduce the Public Preview of SQL Analytics, an intuitive environment for running ad-hoc queries and creating dashboards on data stored in your data lake. SQL Analytics 可助力组织运行多云 lakehouse 体系结构,该体系结构可为数据仓库性能提供数据湖经济性,同时提供良好的 SQL Analytics 用户体验。SQL Analytics empowers your organization to operate a multi-cloud lakehouse architecture that provides data warehousing performance with data lake economics while providing a delightful SQL analytics user experience. SQL Analytics:SQL Analytics:

  • 与当前使用的 BI 工具(例如 Tableau 和 Microsoft Power BI)集成,查询数据湖中最完整和最新的数据。Integrates with the BI tools you use today, like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, to query the most complete and recent data in your data lake.
  • 使用 SQL 原生接口对现有 BI 工具进行补充,该接口支持数据分析师和数据科学家直接在 Azure Databricks 中查询数据湖数据。Complements existing BI tools with a SQL-native interface that allows data analysts and data scientists to query data lake data directly within Azure Databricks.
  • 支持通过丰富的可视化效果和拖放式仪表板共享查询见解,以及自动在重要数据发生更改时发出警报。Enables you to share query insights through rich visualizations and drag-and-drop dashboards with automatic alerting for important data changes.
  • 使用 SQL 终结点为数据湖引入可靠性、质量、缩放、安全性和性能,以便用户使用最新和最完整的数据来运行常规的分析工作负载。Uses SQL endpoints to bring reliability, quality, scale, security, and performance to your data lake, so you can run traditional analytics workloads using your most recent and complete data.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 指南See the Azure Databricks SQL Analytics guide for details. 请联系 Databricks 代表,以申请访问权限。Contact your Databricks representative to request access.

USAGE 特权USAGE privilege

2020 年 11 月 18 日November 18, 2020

SQL Analytics 引入了 USAGE 特权,以简化数据访问管理。SQL Analytics introduces the USAGE privilege to simplify data access administration. 为了使用数据库中的对象,除了执行该操作所需的所有特权以外,还必须获得该数据库的 USAGE 特权。In order to use an object in a database, you must be granted the USAGE privilege on that database in addition to any privileges you need to perform the action.

可以将 USAGE 特权授予数据库或目录。The USAGE privilege can be granted to databases or to the catalog.

对于已使用表访问控制的工作区,USAGE 特权会自动授予给根 CATALOG 上的用户组。For workspaces that already use table access control, the USAGE privilege is granted automatically to the users group on the root CATALOG.

有关详细信息,请参阅数据访问控制See Data access control for details.

已知问题Known issues

2020 年 12 月 1 日December 1, 2020

  • 类似于时间戳的表达式(如 now()current_date()current_timestamp())可能会导致返回过期的缓存结果。Timestamp-like expressions such as now(), current_date(), and current_timestamp() may result in out-of-date cached results being returned.
  • Tableau Online 用户无法连接到 SQL 端点。Tableau Online users cannot connect to SQL endpoints.

2020 年 11 月 18 日November 18, 2020

  • 从多群集负载均衡 SQL 终结点中的 Delta Lake 以外的数据源中读取的内容可能不一致。Reads from data sources other than Delta Lake in multi-cluster load balanced SQL endpoints can be inconsistent.
  • Photon 禁止用于写入(例如 CREATE TABLE AS SELECT)。Photon is disabled for writes (for example, CREATE TABLE AS SELECT).
  • 用户具有针对查询的“可运行”权限并运行该查询时,如果该查询是由另一个用户创建的,则查询历史记录会将该查询的创建者(而不是该查询的运行者)显示为用户。When a user has Can Run permission on a query and runs it, if the query was created by another user, the query history displays the creator of the query—not the runner of the query—as the user.
  • 在 SQL Analytics 中访问的 Delta 表将其架构和表属性上传到配置的元存储。Delta tables accessed in SQL Analytics upload their schema and table properties to the configured metastore. 如果使用的是外部元存储,则可以在元存储中查看 Delta Lake 信息。If you are using an external metastore, you will be able to see Delta Lake information in the metastore. Delta Lake 会尽最大努力使这些信息保持最新状态。Delta Lake tries to keep this information as up-to-date as possible on a best-effort basis. 也可使用 DESCRIBE <table> 命令来确保元存储中的信息已更新。You can also use the DESCRIBE <table> command to ensure that the information is updated in your metastore.