Azure 负载均衡器 SKUAzure Load Balancer SKUs

Azure 负载均衡器有两种 SKU。Azure Load Balancer has two SKUs.

SKU 比较SKU comparison

负载均衡器支持标准和基本 SKU。Load balancer supports both Standard and Basic SKUs. 这些 SKU 在场景规模、功能和定价方面有差异。These SKUs differ in scenario scale, features, and pricing. 使用基本负载均衡器可以实现的任何方案都可以使用标准负载均衡器来创建。Any scenario that's possible with Basic load balancer can be created with Standard load balancer.

请参阅下表来比较和了解差别。To compare and understand the differences, see the following table. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure 标准负载均衡器概述For more information, see Azure Standard Load Balancer overview.


Azure 建议使用标准负载均衡器。Azure recommends Standard load balancer. 独立 VM、可用性集和虚拟机规模集只能连接到一个 SKU,永远无法同时连接到两个 SKU。Standalone VMs, availability sets, and virtual machine scale sets can be connected to only one SKU, never both. 将负载均衡器与公共 IP 地址配合使用时,负载均衡器与公共 IP 地址 SKU 必须匹配。Load balancer and the public IP address SKU must match when you use them with public IP addresses. 负载均衡器和公共 IP SKU 不可变。Load balancer and public IP SKUs aren't mutable.

标准负载均衡器Standard Load Balancer 基本负载均衡器Basic Load Balancer
后端池大小Backend pool size 最多支持 1000 个实例。Supports up to 1000 instances. 最多支持 300 个实例。Supports up to 300 instances.
后端池终结点Backend pool endpoints 单个虚拟网络中的任何虚拟机或虚拟机规模集。Any virtual machines or virtual machine scale sets in a single virtual network. 单个可用性集或虚拟机规模集中的虚拟机。Virtual machines in a single availability set or virtual machine scale set.
运行状况探测停止行为Health probe down behavior TCP 连接在实例探测停止时以及在所有探测停止时保持活动状态。TCP connections stay alive on an instance probe down and on all probes down. TCP 连接在实例探测停止时保持活动状态。TCP connections stay alive on an instance probe down. 所有探测都关闭时,所有 TCP 连接都会结束。All TCP connections end when all probes are down.
诊断Diagnostics Azure Monitor 多维指标Azure Monitor multi-dimensional metrics Azure Monitor 日志Azure Monitor logs
HA 端口HA Ports 可用于内部负载均衡器Available for Internal Load Balancer 不可用Not available
默认保护Secure by default 除非网络安全组允许,否则对入站流关闭。Closed to inbound flows unless allowed by a network security group. 允许从虚拟网络到内部负载均衡器的内部流量。Internal traffic from the virtual network to the internal load balancer is allowed. 默认处于打开状态。Open by default. 可选的网络安全组。Network security group optional.
出站规则Outbound Rules 声明性出站 NAT 配置Declarative outbound NAT configuration 不可用Not available
在空闲时重置 TCPTCP Reset on Idle 可用于任何规则Available on any rule 不可用Not available
多个前端Multiple front ends 入站和出站Inbound and outbound 仅限入站Inbound only
管理操作Management Operations 大多数操作都小于 30 秒Most operations < 30 seconds 通常为 60 - 90 多秒60-90+ seconds typical
SLASLA 99.99%99.99% 不可用Not available

有关详细信息,请参阅负载均衡器限制For more information, see Load balancer limits. 对于标准负载均衡器,请参阅概述定价SLAFor Standard Load Balancer details, see overview, pricing, and SLA.


  • SKU 是不可变的。SKUs aren't mutable. 无法更改现有资源的 SKU。You can't change the SKU of an existing resource.
  • 独立的虚拟机资源、可用性集资源或虚拟机规模集资源可以引用一个 SKU,绝不能同时引用两个。A standalone virtual machine resource, availability set resource, or virtual machine scale set resource can reference one SKU, never both.
  • 移动操作Move operations:
    • 标准负载均衡器和标准公共 IP 支持资源组移动操作(在同一订阅内)。Resource group move operations (within same subscription) are supported for Standard Load Balancer and Standard Public IP.
    • 标准负载均衡器和标准公共 IP 资源不支持订阅组移动操作Subscription group move operations are not supported for Standard Load Balancer and Standard Public IP resources.

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