Azure 状态概述Azure status overview

Azure 状态可提供 Azure 服务和区域运行状况的全局视图。Azure status provides you with a global view of the health of Azure services and regions. 通过 Azure 状态可获取有关服务可用性的最新信息。With Azure status, you can get up-to-the-minute information on service availability. 每个人都可以使用 Azure 状态查看报告其服务运行状况的所有服务,以及具有广泛影响的事件。Azure status is available to everyone to view all services that report their service health, as well as incidents with wide-ranging impact. 但是,如果你现在是 Azure 用户,我们强烈建议你在 Azure 服务运行状况中使用个性化体验。If you're a current Azure user, however, we strongly encourage you to use the personalized experience in Azure Service Health. Azure 服务运行状况包括所有中断、即将计划的维护活动和服务建议。Azure Service Health includes all outages, upcoming planned maintenance activities, and service advisories.

Azure 状态页

Azure 状态更新Azure status updates

Azure 状态页会根据 Azure 服务运行状况的变化而实时更新。The Azure status page gets updated in real time as the health of Azure services change. 如果保持 Azure 状态页处于打开状态,则可控制页面上新数据的刷新频率。If you leave the Azure status page open, you can control the rate at which the page refreshes with new data. 在顶部,你可查看页面上次更新时间。At the top, you can see the last time the page was updated.

Azure 状态刷新

Azure 状态历史记录Azure status history

虽然 Azure 状态页始终显示最新运行状况信息,但是可使用 Azure 状态历史记录页查看先前事件。While the Azure status page always shows the latest health information, you can view older events using the Azure status history page.

在该页中可最多查看过去 90 天内的事件,包括有关 Azure 的初步根本原因、风险缓解和后续步骤。There you can see events up to 90 days in the past, including a preliminary root cause, mitigation, and next steps for Azure.

后续步骤Next Steps

  • 了解如何使用服务运行状况更个性化地查看 Azure 运行状况。Learn how you can get a more personalized view into Azure health with Service Health.
  • 了解如何使用资源运行状况更细化地查看特定 Azure 资源的运行状况。Learn how you can get a more granular view into the health of your specific Azure resources with Resource Health.