解决将 VMware VM 或物理计算机故障转移到 Azure 时出现的错误Troubleshoot errors when failing over VMware VM or physical machine to Azure

在执行从虚拟机到 Azure 的故障转移时,可能会收到以下错误之一。You may receive one of the following errors while doing failover of a virtual machine to Azure. 若要解决错误,请为每个错误条件使用所述步骤。To troubleshoot, use the described steps for each error condition.

故障转移失败,错误 ID 为 28031Failover failed with Error ID 28031

Site Recovery 无法在 Azure 中创建故障转移的虚拟机。Site Recovery was not able to create a failed over virtual machine in Azure. 以下其中一个原因也可能导致此情况的发生:It could happen because of one of the following reasons:

  • 没有足够的配额可用于创建虚拟机:可以通过转到“订阅” -> “使用情况 + 配额”来检查可用配额。There isn't sufficient quota available to create the virtual machine: You can check the available quota by going to Subscription -> Usage + quotas. 可以打开 新的支持请求 来增加此配额。You can open a new support request to increase the quota.

  • 尝试在同一个可用性集中故障转移不同大小系列的虚拟机。You are trying to failover virtual machines of different size families in same availability set. 确保在同一个可用性集中选择相同大小系列的所有虚拟机。Ensure that you choose same size family for all virtual machines in the same availability set. 可以转到虚拟机的“计算和网络”设置来更改大小,然后重试故障转移。Change size by going to Compute and Network settings of the virtual machine and then retry failover.

  • 订阅上有一个阻止创建虚拟机的策略。There is a policy on the subscription that prevents creation of a virtual machine. 请更改此策略以允许创建虚拟机,然后重试故障转移。Change the policy to allow creation of a virtual machine and then retry failover.

故障转移失败,错误 ID 为 28092Failover failed with Error ID 28092

Site Recovery 无法为故障转移的虚拟机创建网络接口。Site Recovery was not able to create a network interface for the failed over virtual machine. 请确保订阅中有足够的配额来创建网络接口。Make sure you have sufficient quota available to create network interfaces in the subscription. 可以通过转到“订阅” -> “使用情况 + 配额”来检查可用配额。You can check the available quota by going to Subscription -> Usage + quotas. 可以打开 新的支持请求 来增加此配额。You can open a new support request to increase the quota. 如果你拥有足够的配额,则这可能是一个间歇性的问题,请重试该操作。If you have sufficient quota, then this might be an intermittent issue, try the operation again. 如果即使在重试后问题仍然存在,请在本文档结尾处留下注释。If the issue persists even after retries, then leave a comment at the end of this document.

故障转移失败,错误 ID 为 70038Failover failed with Error ID 70038

Site Recovery 无法在 Azure 中创建故障转移的经典虚拟机。Site Recovery was not able to create a failed over Classic virtual machine in Azure. 这可能是因为:It could happen because:

  • 创建虚拟机所需的其中一个资源(如虚拟网络)不存在。One of the resources such as a virtual network that is required for the virtual machine to be created doesn't exist. 在虚拟机的“计算和网络”设置下创建虚拟网络,或者将设置修改为已经存在的虚拟网络,然后重试故障转移。Create the virtual network as provided under Compute and Network settings of the virtual machine or modify the setting to a virtual network that already exists and then retry failover.

故障转移失败,错误 ID 为 170010Failover failed with Error ID 170010

Site Recovery 无法在 Azure 中创建故障转移的虚拟机。Site Recovery was not able to create a failed over virtual machine in Azure. 发生此情况可能是因为本地虚拟机上执行的混合的一个内部活动失败。It could happen because an internal activity of hydration failed for the on-premises virtual machine.

若要启动 Azure 中的任何计算机,Azure 环境需要某些驱动程序处于引导启动状态,并要求 DHCP 之类的服务处于自动启动状态。To bring up any machine in Azure, the Azure environment requires some of the drivers to be in boot start state and services like DHCP to be in autostart state. 因此,在进行故障转移时,混合活动会将 atapi、intelide、storflt、vmbus 和 storvsc 驱动程序的启动类型转换为引导启动。Thus, hydration activity, at the time of failover, converts the startup type of atapi, intelide, storflt, vmbus, and storvsc drivers to boot start. 它还会将 DHCP 之类的一些服务的启动类型转换为自动启动。It also converts the startup type of a few services like DHCP to autostart. 此活动可能会由于环境特定问题而失败。This activity can fail due to environment specific issues.

若要手动更改 Windows 来宾 OS 的驱动程序的启动类型,请执行以下步骤:To manually change the startup type of drivers for Windows Guest OS, follow the below steps:

  1. 下载“非混合”脚本并如下所述运行脚本。Download the no-hydration script and run it as follows. 此脚本检查 VM 是否需要混合。This script checks if VM requires hydration.


    如果需要混合,则它提供以下结果:It gives the following result if hydration is required:

     REGISTRY::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\storvsc           start =  3 expected value =  0
     This system doesn't meet no-hydration requirement.

    如果 VM 满足“非混合”要求,则脚本将提供结果“此系统满足‘非混合’要求”。In case the VM meets no-hydration requirement, the script will give the result "This system meets no-hydration requirement". 在此情况下,所有驱动程序和服务都处于 Azure 所需的状态并且不需要在 VM 上进行混合。In this case, all drivers and services are in the state as required by Azure and hydration on the VM is not required.

  2. 如果 VM 不满足“非混合”要求,请如下所述运行“非混合”脚本。Run the no-hydration-set script as follows if the VM does not meet no-hydration requirement.

    .\Script-no-hydration.ps1 -set

    这将转换驱动程序的启动类型并提供如下所示的结果:This will convert the startup type of drivers and will give the result like below:

     REGISTRY::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\storvsc           start =  3 expected value =  0 
     Updating registry:  REGISTRY::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\storvsc   start =  0 
     This system is now no-hydration compatible. 

由于虚拟机上的“连接”按钮已灰显,无法连接/通过 RDP/SSH 连接到已故障转移的虚拟机Unable to connect/RDP/SSH to the failed over virtual machine due to grayed out Connect button on the virtual machine

在 Azure 中,如果故障转移后的 VM 上的“连接”按钮灰显,并且你未通过快速路由或站点到站点 VPN 连接来连接到 Azure,则执行以下操作:If the Connect button on the failed over VM in Azure is grayed out and you are not connected to Azure via an Express Route or Site-to-Site VPN connection, then,

  1. 转到“虚拟机” > “网络”,单击所需网络接口的名称。Go to Virtual machine > Networking, click on the name of required network interface. network-interfacenetwork-interface
  2. 导航到“IP 配置”,然后单击所需 IP 配置的名称字段。Navigate to Ip Configurations, then click on the name field of required IP configuration. IPConfigurationsIPConfigurations
  3. 若要启用公共 IP 地址,请单击“启用”。To enable Public IP address, click on Enable. 启用 IPEnable IP
  4. 单击“配置所需设置” > “新建”。Click on Configure required settings > Create new. 新建Create new
  5. 输入公共地址的名称,选择“SKU”和“分配”的默认选项,然后单击“确定”。Enter the name of public address, choose the default options for SKU and assignment, then click OK.
  6. 现在,单击“保存”以保存所做的更改。Now, to save the changes made, click Save.
  7. 关闭面板并导航到虚拟机的“概述”部分以进行连接/通过 RDP 连接。Close the panels and navigate to Overview section of virtual machine to connect/RDP.

无法连接/RDP/SSH - VM“连接”按钮不可用Unable to connect/RDP/SSH - VM Connect button available

在 Azure 中,如果故障转移后的 VM 上的“连接”按钮可用(未灰显),则在虚拟机上检查启动诊断并检查是否存在此文章中列出的错误。If the Connect button on the failed over VM in Azure is available (not grayed out), then check Boot diagnostics on your Virtual Machine and check for errors as listed in this article.

  1. 如果虚拟机尚未启动,请尝试故障转移到以前的恢复点。If the virtual machine has not started, try failing over to an older recovery point.

  2. 如果虚拟机中的应用程序未启动,请尝试故障转移到应用一致的恢复点。If the application inside the virtual machine is not up, try failing over to an app-consistent recovery point.

  3. 如果虚拟机已加入域,请确保域控制器正确运行。If the virtual machine is domain joined, then ensure that domain controller is functioning accurately. 可以按照下面给出的步骤执行此操作:This can be done by following the below given steps:

    a.a. 在同一网络中创建一台新虚拟机。Create a new virtual machine in the same network.

    b.b. 确保它能够加入到预期要在其中应启动故障转移的虚拟机的同一域。Ensure that it is able to join to the same domain on which the failed over virtual machine is expected to come up.

    c.c. 如果域控制器未正常工作,请尝试使用本地管理员帐户登录到故障转移的虚拟机。If the domain controller is not functioning accurately, then try logging into the failed over virtual machine using a local administrator account.

  4. 如果使用自定义 DNS 服务器,请确保可以访问该服务器。If you are using a custom DNS server, then ensure that it is reachable. 可以按照下面给出的步骤执行此操作:This can be done by following the below given steps:

    a.a. 在同一网络中创建一台新虚拟机并且Create a new virtual machine in the same network and

    b.b. 检查虚拟机是否能够使用自定义 DNS 服务器执行名称解析Check if the virtual machine is able to do name resolution using the custom DNS Server


启用除“启动诊断”以外的任何设置,都需要在故障转移之前在虚拟机中安装 Azure VM 代理Enabling any setting other than Boot Diagnostics would require Azure VM Agent to be installed in the virtual machine before the failover

意外的关闭消息(事件 ID 6008)Unexpected shutdown message (Event ID 6008)

在故障转移后启动 Windows VM 时,如果在恢复后的 VM 上收到意外的关闭消息,则表明在用于故障转移的恢复点中未捕获 VM 关闭状态。When booting up a Windows VM post failover, if you receive an unexpected shutdown message on the recovered VM, it indicates that a VM shutdown state was not captured in the recovery point used for failover. 当恢复到 VM 未完全关闭的时间点时会发生此情况。This happens when you recover to a point when the VM had not been fully shut down.

通常情况下不需要担心此消息,对于计划外故障转移,通常可以忽略此消息。This is normally not a cause for concern and can usually be ignored for unplanned failovers. 如果故障转移是计划内的,请确保 VM 在故障转移前正确关闭,并留出足够的时间供用来将挂起的本地复制数据发送到 Azure。If the failover is planned, ensure that the VM is properly shut down prior to failover and provide sufficient time for pending replication data on-premises to be sent to Azure. 然后,使用故障转移屏幕上的最新选项,以便将 Azure 上挂起的任何数据都处理到恢复点中,然后将该恢复点用于 VM 故障转移。Then use the Latest option on the Failover screen so that any pending data on Azure is processed into a recovery point, which is then used for VM failover.

无法选择数据存储Unable to select the Datastore

如果在尝试重新保护已经历故障转移的虚拟机时在 Azure 门户中看不到数据存储,则表明存在此问题。This issue is indicated when you are unable to see the datastore in Azure the portal when trying to reprotect the virtual machine that has experienced a failover. 这是因为主目标在添加到 Azure Site Recovery 的 vCenter 下未被视为虚拟机。This is because the Master target is not recognized as a virtual machine under vCenters added to Azure Site Recovery.

若要详细了解如何重新保护虚拟机,请参阅故障转移到 Azure 后,重新保护计算机并将其故障回复到本地站点For more information about reprotecting a virtual machine, see Reprotect and fail back machines to an on-premises site after failover to Azure.

若要解决问题,请执行以下操作:To resolve the issue:

在用于管理源计算机的 vCenter 中手动创建主目标。Manually create the Master target in the vCenter that manages your source machine. 在完成下一个 vCenter 发现和刷新结构操作后,数据存储会变得可用。The datastore will be available after the next vCenter discovery and refresh fabric operations.


这些发现和刷新结构操作可能需要长达 30 分钟的时间才能完成。The discovery and refresh fabric operations can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Linux 主目标注册到 CS 失败,出现 TLS 错误 35Linux Master Target registration with CS fails with a TLS error 35

由于在主目标上启用了代理身份验证,将 Azure Site Recovery 主目标注册到配置服务器的操作失败。The Azure Site Recovery Master Target registration with the configuration server fails due to the Authenticated Proxy being enabled on the Master Target.

在安装日志中出现以下字符串表明存在该错误:This error is indicated by the following strings in the installation log:

RegisterHostStaticInfo encountered exception config/talwrapper.cpp(107)[post] CurlWrapper Post failed : server :, port : 443, phpUrl : request_handler.php, secure : true, ignoreCurlPartialError : false with error: [at curlwrapperlib/curlwrapper.cpp:processCurlResponse:231]   failed to post request: (35) - SSL connect error. 

若要解决问题,请执行以下操作:To resolve the issue:

  1. 在配置服务器 VM 上打开命令提示符,使用以下命令验证代理设置:On the configuration server VM, open a command prompt and verify the proxy settings using the following commands:

     cat /etc/environment 
     echo $http_proxy 
     echo $https_proxy 
  2. 如果上述命令的输出表明 http_proxy 或 https_proxy 设置已定义,请使用下述方法之一来取消阻止主目标与配置服务器的通信:If the output of the previous commands shows that either the http_proxy or https_proxy settings are defined, use one of the following methods to unblock the Master Target communications with configuration server:

    • 下载 PsExec 工具Download the PsExec tool.

    • 使用此工具访问系统用户上下文,确定是否已配置代理地址。Use the tool to access the System user context and determine whether the proxy address is configured.

    • 如果代理已配置,请使用 PsExec 工具在系统用户上下文中打开 IE。If the proxy is configured, open IE in a system user context using the PsExec tool.

      psexec -s -i "%programfiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"psexec -s -i "%programfiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

    • 若要确保主目标服务器能够与配置服务器通信,请执行以下操作:To ensure that the master target server can communicate with the configuration server:

      • 在 Internet Explorer 中修改代理设置,通过代理绕过主目标服务器 IP 地址。Modify the proxy settings in Internet Explorer to bypass the Master Target server IP address through the proxy.
      • 在主目标服务器上禁用代理。Disable the proxy on Master Target server.

后续步骤Next steps

如需更多帮助,请在 Site Recovery 论坛提出疑问。If you need more help, then post your query on Site Recovery forum . 我们的活动社区应能够为你提供帮助。We have an active community that should be able to assist you.