Azure Content Delivery Network API: Overview


You can use this interface to manage Azure China CDN resources. You can obtain the corresponding results by sending an HTTPS request to the CDN API server and adding the corresponding parameters to the request in accordance with the interface instructions. Azure Content Delivery Network authenticates each access request. Submit your request by using the HTTPS protocol, and include the signature information in the request. Refer to the document-signing mechanism for the specific operation process. Character encoding is UTF-8.

Implement operations
You can use the API to implement the following operations:

    • Node management: Create, delete, enable, and disable CDN nodes for the specified Azure subscription; query and update CDN node information (for example by editing the CDN source station); and set cache rules.
  • Traffic query: View traffic information by month, day, hour, or minute for the subscription or individual domain names.
  • Content management: Cache refresh and preloading.