Azure 备份服务器和 DPM - 常见问题解答Azure Backup Server and DPM - FAQ

一般问题General questions

本文解答有关 Azure 备份服务器和 DPM 的常见问题。This article answers frequently asked questions about the Azure Backup Server and DPM.

是否可以使用 Azure 备份服务器为物理服务器创建裸机恢复 (BMR) 备份?Can I use Azure Backup Server to create a Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) backup for a physical server?


是否可以向多个保管库注册服务器?Can I register the server to multiple vaults?

不是。No. 一个 DPM 或 Azure 备份服务器只能注册到一个保管库。A DPM or Azure Backup server can be registered to only one vault.

可以使用 DPM 来备份 Azure Stack 中的应用吗?Can I use DPM to back up apps in Azure Stack?

不是。No. 可以使用 Azure 备份来保护 Azure Stack,但 Azure 备份不支持使用 DPM 来备份 Azure Stack 中的应用。You can use Azure Backup to protect Azure Stack, Azure Backup doesn't support using DPM to back up apps in Azure Stack.

如果已经安装 Azure 备份代理来保护我的文件和文件夹,是否可以安装 System Center DPM 将本地工作负载备份到 Azure?If I've installed Azure Backup agent to protect my files and folders, can I install System Center DPM to back up on-premises workloads to Azure?

是的。Yes. 但应首先设置 DPM,然后再安装 Azure 备份代理。But you should set up DPM first, and then install the Azure Backup agent. 按此顺序安装组件可以确保 Azure 备份代理能够与 DPM 一起工作。Installing components in this order ensures that the Azure Backup agent works with DPM. 不建议也不支持在安装 DPM 之前安装代理。Installing the agent before installing DPM isn't advised or supported.

在安装 UR7 以及最新 Azure 备份代理之后,为何无法添加外部 DPM 服务器?Why can’t I add an external DPM server after installing UR7 and latest Azure Backup agent?

对于通过云对数据源进行保护的 DPM 服务器(使用 Update Rollup 7 之前的更新汇总),必须在安装 UR7 及最新 Azure 备份代理之后等待至少一天,然后才能开始“添加外部 DPM 服务器” 。For the DPM servers with data sources that are protected to the cloud (by using an update rollup earlier than Update Rollup 7), you must wait at least one day after installing the UR7 and latest Azure Backup agent, to start Add External DPM server. 需要一天的时间才能将 DPM 保护组的元数据上传到 Azure。The one-day time period is needed to upload the metadata of the DPM protection groups to Azure. 首次上传保护组元数据时通过一个每晚执行的作业实现。Protection group metadata is uploaded the first time through a nightly job.

是否有针对防病毒软件配置排除项的建议?Are there recommendations for configuring exclusions for antivirus software?

是,建议配置防病毒排除项。Yes, it's recommended to configure antivirus exclusion. 如需了解 DPM 排除项,请参阅在 DPM 服务器上运行防病毒软件For exclusions for DPM, see Run antivirus software on the DPM server. 如需了解 MABS 的排除项,请参阅为 MABS 服务器配置防病毒软件For exclusions for MABS, see Configure antivirus for MABS server.

VMware 和 Hyper-V 备份VMware and Hyper-V backup

是否可以将 VMware vCenter 服务器备份到 Azure?Can I back up VMware vCenter servers to Azure?

能。Yes. 可以使用 Azure 备份服务器将 VMware vCenter Server 和 ESXi 主机备份到 Azure。You can use Azure Backup Server to back up VMware vCenter Server and ESXi hosts to Azure.

是否需要单独的许可证才能恢复完整的本地 VMware/Hyper-V 群集?Do I need a separate license to recover a full on-premises VMware/Hyper-V cluster?

不需要单独的 VMware/Hyper-V 保护许可。You don't need separate licensing for VMware/Hyper-V protection.

  • 如果你是 System Center 客户,使用 System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 来保护 VMware VM。If you're a System Center customer, use System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) to protect VMware VMs.
  • 如果不是 System Center 客户,可以使用 Azure 备份服务器(即用即付)来保护 VMware VM。If you aren't a System Center customer, you can use Azure Backup Server (pay-as-you-go) to protect VMware VMs.

是否可以将 Azure 中存储的 Hyper-V 或 VMware VM 的备份作为 Azure VM 还原到 Azure?Can I restore a backup of a Hyper-V or VMware VM, stored in Azure, to Azure as an Azure VM?

否,目前不可能。No, this is not currently possible. 只能还原到本地主机。You can only restore to an on-premises host.


如果使用 SQL AlwaysOn(使用磁盘上保护)配置了 SharePoint,我能否将 SharePoint 项恢复到原始位置?Can I recover a SharePoint item to the original location if SharePoint is configured by using SQL AlwaysOn (with protection on disk)?

可以,该项可以恢复到原始 SharePoint 站点。Yes, the item can be recovered to the original SharePoint site.

如果使用 SQL AlwaysOn 配置了 SharePoint,我能否将 SharePoint 数据库恢复到原始位置?Can I recover a SharePoint database to the original location if SharePoint is configured by using SQL AlwaysOn?

由于 SharePoint 数据库是在 SQL AlwaysOn 中配置的,因此除非删除可用性组,否则无法修改它们。Because SharePoint databases are configured in SQL AlwaysOn, they can't be modified unless the availability group is removed. 因此,DPM 无法将数据库还原到原始位置。As a result, DPM can't restore a database to the original location. 可以将 SQL Server 数据库恢复到另一个 SQL Server 实例。You can recover a SQL Server database to another SQL Server instance.

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