Batch 服务配额和限制Batch service quotas and limits

与其他 Azure 服务一样,与 Batch 服务关联的某些资源存在限制。As with other Azure services, there are limits on certain resources associated with the Batch service. 其中的许多限制是 Azure 在订阅或帐户级别应用的默认配额。Many of these limits are default quotas applied by Azure at the subscription or account level.

设计和增加 Batch 工作负荷时,请记住这些配额。Keep these quotas in mind as you design and scale up your Batch workloads. 例如,如果池没有达到指定的计算节点目标数量,那么可能是已达到 Batch 帐户的核心配额限制。For example, if your pool doesn't reach the target number of compute nodes you specified, you might have reached the core quota limit for your Batch account.

可以在单个 Batch 帐户中运行多个 Batch 工作负荷,或者在相同订阅的不同 Azure 区域的 Batch 帐户之间分散工作负荷。You can run multiple Batch workloads in a single Batch account, or distribute your workloads among Batch accounts that are in the same subscription but in different Azure regions.

如果打算在 Batch 中运行生产工作负荷,可能需要将一个或多个配额提高到默认值以上。If you plan to run production workloads in Batch, you may need to increase one or more of the quotas above the default. 如果需要提高配额,可以免费提出在线客户支持请求If you want to raise a quota, you can open an online customer support request at no charge.

资源配额Resource quotas

配额是一种限制,不是容量保证。A quota is a limit, not a capacity guarantee. 如果有大规模的容量需求,请联系 Azure 支持。If you have large-scale capacity needs, please contact Azure support.

另请注意,配额不是受保证值。Also note that quotas are not guaranteed values. 配额可能因来自 Batch 服务的更改或是用于更改配额值的用户请求而异。Quotas can vary based on changes from the Batch service or a user request to change a quota value.

资源Resource 默认限制Default limit 最大限制Maximum limit
每订阅每区域的 Azure Batch 帐户数Azure Batch accounts per region per subscription 1-31-3 5050
每个批处理帐户的专用核心数Dedicated cores per Batch account 90-90090-900 联系支持人员Contact support
每个批处理帐户的活动作业和作业计划(已完成作业无限制)Active jobs and job schedules per Batch account (completed jobs have no limit) 100-300100-300 1,00011,0001
每个批处理帐户的池数Pools per Batch account 20-10020-100 50015001

1若要请求超过此限制的增加,请与 Azure 支持联系。1To request an increase beyond this limit, contact Azure Support.


默认限制因用于创建 Batch 帐户的订阅类型而异。Default limits vary depending on the type of subscription you use to create a Batch account. 显示的核心配额适用于 Batch 服务模式下的 Batch 帐户。Cores quotas shown are for Batch accounts in Batch service mode. 查看 Batch 帐户中的配额View the quotas in your Batch account.


为了帮助我们在全球疫情期间更好地管理产能,某些区域的新批处理帐户和某些订阅类型的默认核心配额值已从上述值范围减少,在某些情况下为零核心。To help us better manage capacity during the global health pandemic, the default core quotas for new Batch accounts in some regions and for some types of subscription have been reduced from the above range of values, in some cases to zero cores. 创建新的批处理帐户时,请查看核心配额,并在需要时申请增加核心配额When you create a new Batch account, check your core quota and request a core quota increase, if required. 或者,考虑重复使用已有足够配额的批处理帐户。Alternatively, consider reusing Batch accounts that already have sufficient quota.

核心配额Core quotas

Batch 服务模式下的核心配额Cores quotas in batch service mode

专用核心配额的实施正在改进,变更正在分阶段进行,将在 2021 年 1 月底前完成对所有 Batch 帐户的变更。The enforcement of dedicated core quotas is being improved, with the changes being made available in stages and completed for all Batch accounts by the end of January 2021.

Batch 支持的每个 VM 系列都存在核心配额,它们显示在门户中的“配额”页面上。Core quotas exist for each VM series supported by Batch and are displayed on the Quotas page in the portal. 可以通过提交支持请求来更新 VM 系列的配额限制,详见下面的描述。VM series quota limits can be updated with a support request, as detailed below.

随着现有机制的逐步淘汰,不会再检查 VM 系列的配额限制,只会强制实施帐户的总配额限制。With the existing mechanism being phased out, quota limits for VM series are not checked, only the total quota limit for the account is enforced. 这意味着,为某个 VM 系列分配的核心数可能会多于该 VM 系列的配额所指示的核心数,但不能超出总的帐户配额限制。This means that it may be possible to allocate more cores for a VM series than is indicated by the VM series quota, up to the total account quota limit.

除了总的帐户配额外,更新的机制还会强制实施 VM 系列的配额。The updated mechanism will enforce the VM series quotas, in addition to the total account quota. 在转换到新机制的过程中,可能会更新 VM 系列的配额值以避免分配失败 - 最近几个月内使用的任何 VM 系列都会更新其 VM 系列配额,使之与总的帐户配额匹配。As part of the transition to the new mechanism, the VM series quota values may be updated to avoid allocation failures - any VM series used in recent months will have its VM series quota updated to match the total account quota. 进行此更改后,将不允许使用比之前已提供的容量更多的容量。This change will not enable the use of any more capacity than was already available.

可以通过检查以下项来确定是否为某个 Batch 帐户启用了 VM 系列配额强制实施功能:It is possible to determine if VM series quota enforcement has been enabled for a Batch account by checking:

用户订阅模式中的核心配额Cores quotas in user subscription mode

如果你创建了一个池分配模式设置为“用户订阅”的 Batch 帐户,则在创建池或重设池大小时,会直接在订阅中创建 Batch VM 和其他资源。If you created a Batch account with pool allocation mode set to user subscription, Batch VMs and other resources are created directly in your subscription when a pool is created or resized. 不会应用 Azure Batch 核心配额,将使用并强制实施你的订阅中为区域性计算核心、每系列计算核心和其他资源设定的配额。The Azure Batch core quotas do not apply and the quotas in your subscription for regional compute cores, per-series compute cores, and other resources are used and enforced.

若要详细了解这些配额,请参阅 Azure 订阅和服务的限制、配额和约束To learn more about these quotas, see Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.

池大小限制Pool size limits

池大小限制由 Batch 服务设置。Pool size limits are set by the Batch service. 资源配额不同,这些值无法更改。Unlike resource quotas, these values can't be changed. 只有具有节点间通信和自定义映像的池才具有与标准配额不同的限制。Only pools with inter-node communication and custom images have restrictions different from the standard quota.

资源Resource 最大限制Maximum Limit
启用了节点间通信的池中的计算节点Compute nodes in inter-node communication enabled pool
Batch 服务池分配模式Batch service pool allocation mode 100100
Batch 订阅池分配模式Batch subscription pool allocation mode 8080
使用托管映像资源创建的池中的计算节点1Compute nodes in pool created with a managed image resource1
专用节点Dedicated nodes 20002000

1 适用于未启用节点间通信的池。1 For pools that are not inter-node communication enabled.

其他限制Other limits

这些额外的限制是由 Batch 服务设置的。These additional limits are set by the Batch service. 资源配额不同,这些值无法更改。Unlike resource quotas, these values cannot be changed.

资源Resource 最大限制Maximum Limit
每个计算节点的并发任务Concurrent tasks per compute node 4 x 节点核心数4 x number of node cores
每个 Batch 帐户的应用程序Applications per Batch account 2020
每个应用程序的应用程序包数Application packages per application 4040
每个池的应用程序包数Application packages per pool 1010
最长任务生存期Maximum task lifetime 180 天1180 days1
每个计算节点的装载Mounts per compute node 1010
每个池的证书Certificates per pool 1212

1 最长任务生存期(从添加到作业时算起到任务完成时结束)为 180 天。1 The maximum lifetime of a task, from when it is added to the job to when it completes, is 180 days. 已完成的任务保存七天;最长生存期内未完成的任务的数据不可访问。Completed tasks persist for seven days; data for tasks not completed within the maximum lifetime is not accessible.

查看 Batch 配额View Batch quotas

Azure 门户中查看 Batch 帐户配额:To view your Batch account quotas in the Azure portal:

  1. 选择“Batch 帐户”,然后选择所需的 Batch 帐户。Select Batch accounts, then select the Batch account you're interested in.
  2. 在 Batch 帐户的菜单上选择“配额”。Select Quotas on the Batch account's menu.
  3. 查看当前应用于 Batch 帐户的配额。View the quotas currently applied to the Batch account.

屏幕截图显示了 Azure 门户中的 Batch 帐户配额。

提高配额Increase a quota

可以使用 Azure 门户请求提高 Batch 帐户或订阅的配额。You can request a quota increase for your Batch account or your subscription using the Azure portal. 可以提高哪种配额取决于批处理帐户的池分配模式。The type of quota increase depends on the pool allocation mode of your Batch account. 若要请求增加配额,必须包含要增加其配额的 VM 系列。To request a quota increase, you must include the VM series you would like to increase the quota for. 当应用了配额增加时,它会应用于所有 VM 系列。When the quota increase is applied, it is applied to all series of VMs.

  1. 在门户仪表板上选择“帮助 + 支持”磁贴,或单击门户右上角的问号 ( ? )。Select the Help + support tile on your portal dashboard, or the question mark (?) in the upper-right corner of the portal.

  2. 选择“新建支持请求” > “基本”。Select New support request > Basics.

  3. 在“基本信息”中:In Basics:

    1. “问题类型” > “服务和订阅限制(配额)”Issue Type > Service and subscription limits (quotas)

    2. 选择订阅。Select your subscription.

    3. “配额类型” > “Batch”Quota type > Batch

      选择“下一页”。Select Next.

  4. 在“详细信息”中:In Details:

    1. 在“提供详细信息”中,指定位置、配额类型和 Batch 帐户。In Provide details, specify the location, quota type, and Batch account.


      配额类型包括:Quota types include:

      • 每个 Batch 帐户Per Batch account
        特定于单个 Batch 帐户的值,包括专用核心数以及作业和池的数目。Values specific to a single Batch account, including dedicated cores, and number of jobs and pools.

      • 每个区域Per region
        应用于区域中所有 Batch 帐户的值,包括每个订阅的每个区域的 Batch 帐户数。Values that apply to all Batch accounts in a region and includes the number of Batch accounts per region per subscription.

    2. 根据业务影响情况选择“严重性”。Select a Severity according to your business impact.

      选择“下一页”。Select Next.

  5. 在“联系人信息”中:In Contact information:

    1. 选择“首选联系方法”。Select a Preferred contact method.

    2. 输入并确认所需的联系人详细信息。Verify and enter the required contact details.

      选择“创建”以提交支持请求。Select Create to submit the support request.

提交支持请求后,Azure 支持人员将与你取得联系。Once you've submitted your support request, Azure support will contact you. 配额请求可以在几分钟内完成,或在最多两个工作日内完成。Quota requests may be completed within a few minutes or up to two business days.

部署在 Azure 虚拟网络中的虚拟机配置中的 Batch 池可自动分配其他 Azure 网络资源。Batch pools in the Virtual Machine Configuration deployed in an Azure virtual network automatically allocate additional Azure networking resources. 在虚拟网络中,每 50 个池节点需要以下资源:The following resources are needed for each 50 pool nodes in a virtual network:

在包含创建 Batch 池时提供的虚拟网络的订阅中分配这些资源。These resources are allocated in the subscription that contains the virtual network supplied when creating the Batch pool. 这些资源受订阅的资源配额限制。These resources are limited by the subscription's resource quotas. 如果计划在虚拟网络中部署大型池,请检查订阅的这些资源配额。If you plan large pool deployments in a virtual network, check the subscription's quotas for these resources. 如果需要,请在 Azure 门户中选择“帮助和支持”,请求增大配额。If needed, request an increase in the Azure portal by selecting Help + support.

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