NCv3 系列NCv3-series

NCv3 系列 VM 采用 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU。NCv3-series VMs are powered by NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. 客户可将这些更新的 GPU 用于传统的 HPC 工作负荷,例如油藏模拟、DNA 测序、蛋白质分析、Monte Carlo 模拟和其他工作负荷。Customers can take advantage of these updated GPUs for traditional HPC workloads such as reservoir modeling, DNA sequencing, protein analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, and others. NC24rs v3 配置提供了针对紧密耦合的并行计算工作负荷优化的低延迟、高吞吐量网络接口。The NC24rs v3 configuration provides a low latency, high-throughput network interface optimized for tightly coupled parallel computing workloads. 除了 GPU 之外,NCv3 系列 VM 还采用 Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 (Broadwell) CPU。In addition to the GPUs, the NCv3-series VMs are also powered by Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 (Broadwell) CPUs.

高级存储:支持Premium Storage: Supported
高级存储缓存:支持Premium Storage caching: Supported
实时迁移:不支持Live Migration: Not Supported
内存保留更新:不支持Memory Preserving Updates: Not Supported
VM 代系支持:第 1 代和第 2 代VM Generation Support: Generation 1 and 2
Nvidia NVLink 互连:不支持Nvidia NVLink Interconnect: Not Supported


对于此 VM 系列,订阅中的 vCPU(核心)配额最初在每个区域中设置为 0。For this VM series, the vCPU (core) quota in your subscription is initially set to 0 in each region. 可用区域中为此系列请求 vCPU 配额增加Request a vCPU quota increase for this series in an available region. 这些 SKU 不可用于试用版或 Visual Studio 订阅服务器 Azure 订阅。These SKUs aren't available to trial or Visual Studio Subscriber Azure subscriptions. 你的订阅级别可能不支持选择或部署这些 SKU。Your subscription level might not support selecting or deploying these SKUs.

大小Size vCPUvCPU 内存:GiBMemory: GiB 临时存储 (SSD) GiBTemp storage (SSD) GiB GPUGPU GPU 内存:GiBGPU memory: GiB 最大数据磁盘数Max data disks 最大非缓存磁盘吞吐量:IOPS/MBpsMax uncached disk throughput: IOPS/MBps 最大 NIC 数Max NICs
Standard_NC6s_v3Standard_NC6s_v3 66 112112 736736 11 1616 1212 20000/20020000/200 44
Standard_NC12s_v3Standard_NC12s_v3 1212 224224 14741474 22 3232 2424 40000/40040000/400 88
Standard_NC24s_v3Standard_NC24s_v3 2424 448448 29482948 44 6464 3232 80000/80080000/800 88
Standard_NC24rs_v3*Standard_NC24rs_v3* 2424 448448 29482948 44 6464 3232 80000/80080000/800 88

1 GPU = 一个 V100 卡。1 GPU = one V100 card.

*支持 RDMA*RDMA capable

大小表定义Size table definitions

  • 存储容量的单位为 GiB 或 1024^3 字节。Storage capacity is shown in units of GiB or 1024^3 bytes. 比较以 GB(1000^3 字节)为单位的磁盘与以 GiB(1024^3 字节)为单位的磁盘时,请记住以 GiB 为单位的容量数显得更小。When you compare disks measured in GB (1000^3 bytes) to disks measured in GiB (1024^3) remember that capacity numbers given in GiB may appear smaller. 例如,1023 GiB = 1098.4 GB。For example, 1023 GiB = 1098.4 GB.

  • 磁盘吞吐量的单位为每秒输入/输出操作数 (IOPS) 和 MBps,其中 MBps = 10^6 字节/秒。Disk throughput is measured in input/output operations per second (IOPS) and MBps where MBps = 10^6 bytes/sec.

  • 数据磁盘可以在缓存或非缓存模式下运行。Data disks can operate in cached or uncached modes. 对于缓存数据磁盘操作,主机缓存模式设置为 ReadOnlyReadWriteFor cached data disk operation, the host cache mode is set to ReadOnly or ReadWrite. 对于非缓存数据磁盘操作,主机缓存模式设置为 NoneFor uncached data disk operation, the host cache mode is set to None.

  • 若要获得 VM 的最佳性能,应将数据磁盘数限制为每 vCPU 2 个磁盘。If you want to get the best performance for your VMs, you should limit the number of data disks to two disks per vCPU.

  • 预期的网络带宽是指跨所有 NIC 为每个 VM 类型分配的最大聚合带宽,适用于所有目标。Expected network bandwidth is the maximum aggregated bandwidth allocated per VM type across all NICs, for all destinations. 有关详细信息,请参阅虚拟机网络带宽For more information, see Virtual machine network bandwidth.

    无法保证上限。Upper limits aren't guaranteed. 限值用于在为目标应用程序选择适当的 VM 类型时提供指导。Limits offer guidance for selecting the right VM type for the intended application. 实际的网络性能将取决于多种因素,包括网络拥塞、应用程序负载和网络设置。Actual network performance will depend on several factors including network congestion, application loads, and network settings. 有关如何优化网络吞吐量的信息,请参阅为 Azure 虚拟机优化网络吞吐量For information on optimizing network throughput, see Optimize network throughput for Azure virtual machines. 若要在 Linux 或 Windows 中达到预期的网络性能,可能需要选择特定版本,或者需要优化 VM。To achieve the expected network performance on Linux or Windows, you may need to select a specific version or optimize your VM. 有关详细信息,请参阅带宽/吞吐量测试 (NTTTCP)For more information, see Bandwidth/Throughput testing (NTTTCP).

支持的操作系统和驱动程序Supported operating systems and drivers

若要利用 Azure N 系列 VM 的 GPU 功能,必须安装 NVIDIA GPU 驱动程序。To take advantage of the GPU capabilities of Azure N-series VMs, NVIDIA GPU drivers must be installed.

选择手动安装 NVIDIA GPU 驱动程序时,请参阅适用于 Windows 的 N 系列 GPU 驱动程序安装适用于 Linux 的 N 系列 GPU 驱动程序安装,了解受支持的操作系统、驱动程序以及安装和验证步骤。When you choose to install NVIDIA GPU drivers manually, see N-series GPU driver setup for Windows or N-series GPU driver setup for Linux for supported operating systems, drivers, installation, and verification steps.

其他大小Other sizes

后续步骤Next steps

了解有关 Azure 计算单元 (ACU) 如何帮助跨 Azure SKU 比较计算性能的详细信息。Learn more about how Azure compute units (ACU) can help you compare compute performance across Azure SKUs.