Azure 数据资源管理器工具和集成概述Azure Data Explorer tools and integrations overview

Azure 数据资源管理器是一项快速、完全托管的数据分析服务,用于实时分析从应用程序、网站、IoT 设备及其他资源流式传输的大量数据。Azure Data Explorer is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis of large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices, and more. Azure 数据资源管理器收集、存储和分析多种不同数据,以改良产品、增强客户体验、监视设备和改进操作。Azure Data Explorer collects, stores, and analyzes diverse data to improve products, enhance customer experiences, monitor devices, and boost operations.

Azure 数据资源管理器提供不同的工具和集成,以实现数据引入、查询、可视化、编排及其他功能。Azure Data Explorer offers different tools and integrations to do data ingestion, queries, visualization, orchestration and more. 用户除了可以利用 Azure 数据资源管理器的本机服务以外,还可通过它与各种不同产品和平台轻松集成,启用各种不同的客户用例,以及简化工作流并降低成本来优化业务流程。In addition to its native services, Azure Data Explorer allows users to integrate easily with various products and platforms, enable various customer use cases, optimize the business process by streamlining workflows, and reducing costs.

本文提供了 Azure 数据资源管理器工具、连接器和集成的列表,其中包含相关文档的链接以便你获取更多信息。This article supplies you with a list of Azure Data Explorer tools, connectors, and integrations with links to relevant documents for additional information.

引入数据Ingest data

数据引入是用于从一个或多个源将数据记录加载到 Azure 数据资源管理器中的进程。Data ingestion is the process used to load data records from one or more sources into Azure Data Explorer. 引入后,数据即可用于查询。Once ingested, the data becomes available for query. Azure 数据资源管理器为数据引入提供了多种工具和连接器。Azure Data Explorer provides several tools and connectors for data ingestion.

Azure 数据资源管理器引入工具Azure Data Explorer ingestion tools

  • LightIngest - 一种帮助实用程序,可以将数据临时引入 Azure 数据资源管理器LightIngest - Help utility for ad-hoc data ingesting into Azure Data Explorer

引入集成Ingestion integrations

查询数据Query data

Azure 数据资源管理器查询工具Azure Data Explorer query tools

Azure 数据资源管理器中有几种工具可用于运行查询。There are several tools available for running queries in Azure Data Explorer.

查询集成Query integrations

可视化、仪表板和报告Visualizations, dashboards, and reporting

可视化概述详细介绍了数据可视化、仪表板和报告选项。The visualization overview details data visualization, dashboards, and reporting options.

Notebook 连接Notebook connectivity