Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 概念 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics concepts


此功能目前以公共预览版提供。This feature is in Public Preview. 请联系 Azure Databricks 代表,以申请访问权限。Contact your Azure Databricks representative to request access.

本文介绍有效使用 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 需要了解的一组基本概念。This article introduces the set of fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to use Azure Databricks SQL Analytics effectively.


本节介绍 Azure Databricks 支持的用于访问 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 资产的接口:UI 和 API。This section describes the interfaces that Azure Databricks supports for accessing your Azure Databricks SQL Analytics assets: UI and API.

UI:仪表板和查询、SQL 端点、查询历史记录和警报的图形界面。UI: A graphical interface to dashboards and queries, SQL endpoints, query history, and alerts.

登陆页面Landing page

REST API 使你能够在 SQL 终结点和查询历史记录上自动执行任务的界面。REST API An interface that allows you to automate tasks on SQL endpoints and query history.

数据管理Data management

SQL 终结点 :与在其上运行 SQL 查询的一组内部数据对象的连接。SQL endpoint: A connection to a set of internal data objects on which you run SQL queries.

外部数据源 :与在其上运行 SQL 查询的一组外部数据对象的连接。External data source: A connection to a set of external data objects on which you run SQL queries.

可视化效果 :运行查询的结果的图形表示形式。Visualization: A graphical presentation of the result of running a query.

仪表板 :查询可视化效果和注释的表示形式。Dashboard: A presentation of query visualizations and commentary.

警报 :关于查询所返回的字段已达到阈值的通知。Alert: A notification that a field returned by a query has reached a threshold.

计算管理Computation management

本节介绍在 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 中运行 SQL 查询时需要了解的概念。This section describes concepts that you need to know to run SQL queries in Azure Databricks SQL Analytics.

查询 :可在连接上运行的有效 SQL 语句。Query: A valid SQL statement that can be run on a connection.

查询历史记录 :已执行的查询及其性能特征的列表。Query history: A list of executed queries and their performance characteristics.

身份验证和授权Authentication and authorization

本节介绍管理 Azure Databricks 用户和组及其对资产的访问时需要了解的概念。This section describes concepts that you need to know when you manage Azure Databricks users and groups and their access to assets.

用户和组 :用户是有权访问系统的唯一个体。User and group: A user is a unique individual who has access to the system. 组是用户的集合。A group is a collection of users.

个人访问令牌 :不透明字符串用于对 REST API 进行身份验证,并由商业智能工具连接到 SQL 终结点。Personal access token: An opaque string is used to authenticate to the REST API and by Business intelligence tools to connect to SQL endpoints.

访问控制列表 :附加到需要访问对象的主体的一组权限。Access control list: A set of permissions attached to a principal that requires access to an object. ACL 条目指定对象以及允许对该对象执行的操作。An ACL entry specifies the object and the actions allowed on the object. ACL 中的每个条目指定一个主体、操作类型和对象。Each entry in an ACL specifies a principal, action type, and object.