Are there quota restrictions for caching and prefetching?

Yes, there are. The details are as follows:

  • Each subscription's daily file refresh quota is 2,000. The directory refresh quota is 500. If you need to adjust this, please contact the development team.
  • Each subscription's daily file prefetch quota is 2,000. If you need to adjust this, please contact the development team.

How can the newly submitted URL be enabled to provide the effect of advance caching?

Content Delivery Network does not cache files actively, unless you so request. Some nodes without requests from users will always have no cache. To let the newly submitted URL provide the effect of advanced caching, we suggest that you use the "Content Prefetch" feature on the Azure CDN management interface.

Are cache refresh operations supported if the custom domain name is a wildcard domain name?

If the custom domain name is a wildcard domain name, the refresh URL must specify the subdomain when the cache refresh is submitted. For example, if the custom domain name is * and the customer wants to refresh content under, the subdomain should be specified to perform the cache refresh operation.

Can wildcard domain names be used with preloading?

Preloading requires a subdomain, and it must be possible to access the URL normally. The status code is 200.

How do I set up cache refresh?

  • Setting cache rules: You can set different cache refresh rules for different content on the Content Delivery Network management platform. You should set shorter cache times for frequently updated content and longer cache times for content that is not regularly updated, to reduce pressure on the source station.

  • Manual refresh: If the cache refresh period you set does not expire, but new content is published or some of the content is deleted, you can use the cache refresh features provided by the Content Delivery Network management platform to set a file refresh and directory refresh as required, to perform a manual refresh.


If you want to update only one particular file, we recommend that you use File Refresh to refresh the updated file. Directory Refresh will refresh all the files in the directory. This refresh can take some time to take effect.