Azure 容器注册表服务层级Azure Container Registry service tiers

Azure 容器注册表分为多个服务层级(也称为 SKU)。Azure Container Registry is available in multiple service tiers (also known as SKUs). 这些层级提供可预测的定价和多个选项,用来适应你在 Azure 中的专用 Docker 注册表的容量和使用模式。These tiers provide predictable pricing and several options for aligning to the capacity and usage patterns of your private Docker registry in Azure.

Tier 说明Description
基本Basic 供开发者了解 Azure 容器注册表的入口点(已优化过成本)。A cost-optimized entry point for developers learning about Azure Container Registry. 基本注册表的编程功能(如 Azure Active Directory 身份验证集成映像删除Webhook)与标准注册表和高级注册表相同。Basic registries have the same programmatic capabilities as Standard and Premium (such as Azure Active Directory authentication integration, image deletion, and webhooks). 但其附带的存储和映像吞吐量最适合使用较少的场景。However, the included storage and image throughput are most appropriate for lower usage scenarios.
StandardStandard 标准注册表的功能与基本注册表相同。不同之处在于,前者附带更多的存储和映像吞吐量。Standard registries offer the same capabilities as Basic, with increased included storage and image throughput. 标准注册表应能够满足大部分生产方案的需求。Standard registries should satisfy the needs of most production scenarios.
高级Premium 高级注册表附带的存储和并发操作数最多,支持大容量方案。Premium registries provide the highest amount of included storage and concurrent operations, enabling high-volume scenarios. 除增加了映像吞吐容量之外,高级注册表还增添了其他功能,例如用于跨多个区域管理一个注册表的异地复制、用于映像标记签名的内容信任、用于限制注册表访问的具有专用终结点的专用链接In addition to higher image throughput, Premium adds features such as geo-replication for managing a single registry across multiple regions, content trust for image tag signing, private link with private endpoints to restrict access to the registry.

“基本”、“标准”和“高级”层级全都提供相同的编程功能。The Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers all provide the same programmatic capabilities. 它们还全都受益于完全由 Azure 托管的映像存储They also all benefit from image storage managed entirely by Azure. 选择的层级等级越高,性能和可缩放性就越高。Choosing a higher-level tier provides more performance and scale. 使用多个服务层级,你可以从“基本”层级开始,然后随着注册表使用量增长转换到“标准”和“高级”层级。With multiple service tiers, you can get started with Basic, then convert to Standard and Premium as your registry usage increases.

服务层级功能和限制Service tier features and limits

下表详细介绍了“基本”、“标准”和“高级”服务层级的功能和限制。The following table details the features and limits of the Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers.

资源Resource 基本Basic StandardStandard PremiumPremium
包括的存储1 (GiB)Included storage1 (GiB) 1010 100100 500500
存储限制 (TiB)Storage limit (TiB) 2020 2020 2020
最大映像层大小 (GiB)Maximum image layer size (GiB) 200200 200200 200200
每分钟读取操作数2、3ReadOps per minute2, 3 1,0001,000 3,0003,000 10,00010,000
每分钟写入操作数2、4WriteOps per minute2, 4 100100 500500 2,0002,000
下载带宽 (MBps)2Download bandwidth MBps2 3030 6060 100100
上传带宽 (MBps)2Upload bandwidth MBps2 1010 2020 5050
WebhookWebhooks 22 1010 500500
异地复制Geo-replication 空值N/A 空值N/A 支持Supported
内容信任Content trust 空值N/A 空值N/A 支持Supported
服务终结点 VNet 访问Service endpoint VNet access 空值N/A 空值N/A 预览Preview
客户管理的密钥Customer-managed keys 空值N/A 空值N/A 支持Supported
存储库范围内的权限Repository-scoped permissions 空值N/A 空值N/A 预览Preview
• 令牌• Tokens 空值N/A 空值N/A 20,00020,000
• 范围映射• Scope maps 空值N/A 空值N/A 20,00020,000
• 每个范围映射的存储库• Repositories per scope map 空值N/A 空值N/A 500500

1 在每日费率中包括的每个层级的存储。1 Storage included in the daily rate for each tier. 对于附加存储,将按 GiB(存在存储限制)收取额外的每日费率费用。For additional storage, you're charged an additional daily rate per GiB, up to the storage limit. 有关费率的信息,请参阅 Azure 容器注册表定价For rate information, see Azure Container Registry pricing.

2读取操作数、写入操作数和带宽是最小估计值。2ReadOps, WriteOps, and Bandwidth are minimum estimates. Azure 容器注册表致力于根据使用情况来提高性能。Azure Container Registry strives to improve performance as usage requires.

3docker pull 将根据映像中的层数和清单检索行为转换为多个读取操作。3A docker pull translates to multiple read operations based on the number of layers in the image, plus the manifest retrieval.

4docker push 将根据必须推送的层数转换为多个写入操作。4A docker push translates to multiple write operations, based on the number of layers that must be pushed. docker push 包含 ReadOps,用于检索现有映像的清单。A docker push includes ReadOps to retrieve a manifest for an existing image.

更改层级Changing tiers

可以通过 Azure CLI 或在 Azure 门户中更改注册表的服务层级。You can change a registry's service tier with the Azure CLI or in the Azure portal. 你可以自由地在各种层级之间切换,只要你要切换到的层级具有所需的最大存储容量即可。You can move freely between tier as long as the tier you're switching to has the required maximum storage capacity.

Azure CLIAzure CLI

若要使用 Azure CLI 在各种服务层级之间切换,请使用 az acr update 命令。To move between service tiers in the Azure CLI, use the az acr update command. 例如,若要切换到高级 SKU,请使用以下命令:For example, to switch to Premium:

az acr update --name myregistry --sku Premium

Azure 门户Azure portal

在 Azure 门户中的容器注册表“概述”中,选择“更新”,然后从“SKU”下拉列表中选择一个新 SKU。In the container registry Overview in the Azure portal, select Update, then select a new SKU from the SKU drop-down.

在 Azure 门户中更新容器注册表 SKU


有关每个 Azure 容器注册表服务层级的定价信息,请参阅容器注册表定价For pricing information on each of the Azure Container Registry service tiers, see Container Registry pricing.

有关数据传输定价的详细信息,请参阅带宽定价详细信息For details about pricing for data transfers, see Bandwidth Pricing Details.

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