Azure VM 备份的支持矩阵Support matrix for Azure VM backup

可以使用 Azure 备份服务备份本地计算机和工作负荷以及 Azure 虚拟机 (VM)。You can use the Azure Backup service to back up on-premises machines and workloads, and Azure virtual machines (VMs). 本文汇总了使用 Azure 备份服务备份 Azure VM 时的支持设置和限制。This article summarizes support settings and limitations when you back up Azure VMs with Azure Backup.

其他支持矩阵:Other support matrices:

支持的方案Supported scenarios

下面描述了使用 Azure 备份服务备份和还原 Azure VM 的方式。Here's how you can back up and restore Azure VMs with the Azure Backup service.

方案Scenario 备份Backup 代理Agent 还原Restore
直接备份 Azure VMDirect backup of Azure VMs 备份整个 VM。Back up the entire VM. 无需在 Azure VM 上安装其他代理。No additional agent is needed on the Azure VM. Azure 备份将为 VM 上运行的 Azure VM 代理安装一个扩展并使用该扩展。Azure Backup installs and uses an extension to the Azure VM agent that's running on the VM. 按如下所述进行还原:Restore as follows:

- 创建基本的 VM- Create a basic VM. 如果 VM 不使用特殊配置(例如多个 IP 地址),则此操作非常有用。This is useful if the VM has no special configuration such as multiple IP addresses.

- 还原 VM 磁盘- Restore the VM disk. 还原磁盘。Restore the disk. 然后将磁盘附加到现有 VM,或使用 PowerShell 从磁盘创建新的 VM。Then attach it to an existing VM, or create a new VM from the disk by using PowerShell.

- 替换 VM 磁盘- Replace VM disk. 如果 VM 存在并使用托管磁盘(未加密),则你可以还原磁盘并使用它来替换 VM 上的现有磁盘。If a VM exists and it uses managed disks (unencrypted), you can restore a disk and use it to replace an existing disk on the VM.

- 还原特定的文件/文件夹- Restore specific files/folders. 可以从 VM 还原文件/文件夹,而不是从整个 VM 还原。You can restore files/folders from a VM instead of from the entire VM.
直接备份 Azure VM(仅适用于 Windows)Direct backup of Azure VMs (Windows only) 备份特定的文件/文件夹/卷。Back up specific files/folders/volume. 安装 Azure 恢复服务代理Install the Azure Recovery Services agent.

可将 MARS 代理与适用于 Azure VM 代理的备份扩展一同运行,以便在文件/文件夹级别备份 VM。You can run the MARS agent alongside the backup extension for the Azure VM agent to back up the VM at file/folder level.
还原特定的文件夹/文件。Restore specific folders/files.
将 Azure VM 备份到备份服务器Back up Azure VM to backup server 将文件/文件夹/卷、系统状态/裸机文件和应用数据备份到 System Center DPM 或 Microsoft Azure 备份服务器 (MABS)。Back up files/folders/volumes; system state/bare metal files; app data to System Center DPM or to Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS).

然后,DPM/MABS 将备份到备份保管库。DPM/MABS then backs up to the backup vault.
在 VM 上安装 DPM/MABS 保护代理。Install the DPM/MABS protection agent on the VM. 在 DPM/MABS 上安装 MARS 代理。The MARS agent is installed on DPM/MABS. 还原文件/文件夹/卷;系统状态/裸机文件;应用数据。Restore files/folders/volumes; system state/bare metal files; app data.

详细了解如何使用备份服务器进行备份和支持要求Learn more about backup using a backup server and about support requirements.

支持的备份操作Supported backup actions

操作Action 支持Support
备份已关闭/脱机的 VMBack up a VM that's shutdown/offline VM 支持。Supported.

仅创建崩溃一致性快照,不会创建应用一致性快照。Snapshot is crash-consistent only, not app-consistent.
迁移到托管磁盘后备份磁盘Back up disks after migrating to managed disks 支持。Supported.

备份将继续工作。Backup will continue to work. 因此不需要执行任何操作。No action is required.
启用资源组锁定后备份托管磁盘Back up managed disks after enabling resource group lock 不支持。Not supported.

Azure 备份无法删除旧的还原点;如果达到了还原点数目的上限,备份将开始失败。Azure Backup can't delete the older restore points, and backups will start to fail when the maximum limit of restore points is reached.
修改 VM 的备份策略Modify backup policy for a VM 支持。Supported.

将使用新策略中的计划和保留期设置备份 VM。The VM will be backed up by using the schedule and retention settings in new policy. 如果保留期设置已延长,则会标记并保留现有的恢复点。If retention settings are extended, existing recovery points are marked and kept. 如果保留期设置已缩短,则会在下一个清理作业中清理现有的恢复点,并最终将其删除。If they're reduced, existing recovery points will be pruned in the next cleanup job and eventually deleted.
取消备份作业Cancel a backup job 在快照过程中受支持。Supported during snapshot process.

快照正在传输到保管库时不受支持。Not supported when the snapshot is being transferred to the vault.
将 VM 备份到其他区域或订阅Back up the VM to a different region or subscription 不支持。Not supported.

若要成功备份,虚拟机必须与用于备份的保管库位于同一订阅中。To successfully back up, virtual machines must be in the same subscription as the vault for backup.
每日备份(通过 Azure VM 扩展)Backups per day (via the Azure VM extension) 每日进行一次计划的备份。One scheduled backup per day.

Azure 备份服务支持每天最多创建三个按需备份,另外还支持一个计划的备份。The Azure Backup service supports up to three on-demand backups per day, and one additional scheduled backup.
每日备份(通过 MARS 代理)Backups per day (via the MARS agent) 每日进行三次计划的备份。Three scheduled backups per day.
每日备份(通过 DPM/MABS)Backups per day (via DPM/MABS) 每日进行两次计划的备份。Two scheduled backups per day.
每月/每年备份Monthly/yearly backup 使用 Azure VM 扩展备份时不受支持。Not supported when backing up with Azure VM extension. 仅支持每日和每周备份。Only daily and weekly is supported.

可将策略设置为按每月/每年保留期保留每日/每周备份。You can set up the policy to retain daily/weekly backups for monthly/yearly retention period.
自动时钟调整Automatic clock adjustment 不支持。Not supported.

备份 VM 时,Azure 备份不会根据夏令时自动调整。Azure Backup doesn't automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes when backing up a VM.

请根据需要手动修改策略。Modify the policy manually as needed.
混合备份的安全功能Security features for hybrid backup 不支持禁用安全功能。Disabling security features isn't supported.
备份其计算机时间已发生更改的 VMBack up the VM whose machine time is changed 不支持。Not supported.

如果为该 VM 启用备份后,计算机时间变为将来的日期时间,那么即使还原时间更改,也无法保证成功备份。If the machine time is changed to a future date-time after enabling backup for that VM, however even if the time change is reverted, successful backup isn't guaranteed.

操作系统支持 (Windows)Operating system support (Windows)

下表汇总了备份 Azure VM 时支持的操作系统。The following table summarizes the supported operating systems when backing up Azure VMs.

方案Scenario OS 支持OS support
使用 Azure VM 代理扩展进行备份Back up with Azure VM agent extension - Windows 10 客户端(仅 64 位)- Windows 10 Client (64 bit only)

- Windows Server 2019 (Datacenter/Datacenter Core/Standard)- Windows Server 2019 (Datacenter/Datacenter Core/Standard)

- Windows Server 2016 (Datacenter/Datacenter Core/Standard)- Windows Server 2016 (Datacenter/Datacenter Core/Standard)

- Windows Server 2012 R2 (Datacenter/Standard)- Windows Server 2012 R2 (Datacenter/Standard)

- Windows Server 2012 (Datacenter/Standard)- Windows Server 2012 (Datacenter/Standard)

- Windows Server 2008 R2(RTM 和 SP1 Standard)- Windows Server 2008 R2 (RTM and SP1 Standard)

- Windows Server 2008(仅限 64 位)- Windows Server 2008 (64 bit only)
使用 MARS 代理进行备份Back up with MARS agent 支持的操作系统。Supported operating systems.
使用 DPM/MABS 备份Back up with DPM/MABS 使用 MABSDPM 备份时支持的操作系统。Supported operating systems for backup with MABS and DPM.

Azure 备份不支持 32 位操作系统。Azure Backup doesn't support 32-bit operating systems.

Linux 备份支持Support for Linux backup

下面是在需要备份 Linux 计算机的情况下的支持项目。Here's what's supported if you want to back up Linux machines.

操作Action 支持Support
使用 Linux Azure VM 代理备份 Linux Azure VMBack up Linux Azure VMs with the Linux Azure VM agent 文件一致性备份。File consistent backup.

使用自定义脚本的应用一致性备份。App-consistent backup using custom scripts.

在还原过程中,可以创建新的 VM、还原某个磁盘并使用它来创建 VM,或者还原某个磁盘并使用它来替换现有 VM 上的磁盘。During restore, you can create a new VM, restore a disk and use it to create a VM, or restore a disk and use it to replace a disk on an existing VM. 还可以还原单个文件和文件夹。You can also restore individual files and folders.
使用 MARS 代理备份 Linux Azure VMBack up Linux Azure VMs with MARS agent 不支持。Not supported.

MARS 代理只能安装在 Windows 计算机上。The MARS agent can only be installed on Windows machines.
使用 DPM/MABS 备份 Linux Azure VMBack up Linux Azure VMs with DPM/MABS 不支持。Not supported.
利用 docker 装入点备份 Linux Azure VMBackup Linux Azure VMs with docker mount points 目前,Azure 备份不支持排除 docker 装入点,因为它们每次都装载在不同路径上。Currently, Azure Backup doesn't support exclusion of docker mount points as these are mounted at different paths every time.

操作系统支持 (Linux)Operating system support (Linux)

对于 Azure VM Linux 备份,Azure 备份支持 Azure 认可的 Linux 分发版列表。For Azure VM Linux backups, Azure Backup supports the list of Linux distributions endorsed by Azure. 注意以下事项:Note the following:

  • Azure 备份不支持 Core OS Linux。Azure Backup doesn't support Core OS Linux.
  • Azure 备份不支持 32 位操作系统。Azure Backup doesn't support 32-bit operating systems.
  • 只要 VM 上装有适用于 Linux 的 Azure VM 代理且支持 Python,其他自带 Linux 分发版也能正常运行。Other bring-your-own Linux distributions might work as long as the Azure VM agent for Linux is available on the VM, and as long as Python is supported.
  • Azure 备份不支持未安装 Python 版本 2.7 且配置了代理的 Linux VM。Azure Backup doesn't support a proxy-configured Linux VM if it doesn't have Python version 2.7 installed.
  • Azure 备份不支持将从存储或任何其他 NFS 服务器装载的 NFS 文件备份到 Linux 或 Windows 计算机。Azure Backup doesn't support backing up NFS files that are mounted from storage, or from any other NFS server, to Linux or Windows machines. 它只能备份本地附加到 VM 的磁盘。It only backs up disks that are locally attached to the VM.

备份频率和保留期Backup frequency and retention

设置Setting 限制Limits
每个受保护实例(计算机/工作负荷)的恢复点数上限Maximum recovery points per protected instance (machine/workload) 9999。9999.
恢复点的最长过期时间Maximum expiry time for a recovery point 无限制(99 年)。No limit (99 years).
备份到保管库时的最高备份频率(Azure VM 扩展)Maximum backup frequency to vault (Azure VM extension) 每天一次。Once a day.
备份到保管库时的最高备份频率(MARS 代理)Maximum backup frequency to vault (MARS agent) 每日三次备份。Three backups per day.
备份到 DPM/MABS 时的最高备份频率Maximum backup frequency to DPM/MABS SQL Server 每隔 15 分钟。Every 15 minutes for SQL Server.

其他工作负荷每小时一次。Once an hour for other workloads.
恢复点保留期Recovery point retention 每日、每周、每月和每年。Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
最大保留期Maximum retention period 取决于备份频率。Depends on backup frequency.
DPM/MABS 磁盘上的恢复点数Recovery points on DPM/MABS disk 文件服务器为 64 个,应用服务器为 448 个。64 for file servers, and 448 for app servers.

对于本地 DPM 来说,磁带恢复点没有限制。Tape recovery points are unlimited for on-premises DPM.

支持的还原方法Supported restore methods

还原选项Restore option 详细信息Details
创建新 VMCreate a new VM 从还原点快速创建并正常运行一个基本的 VM。Quickly creates and gets a basic VM up and running from a restore point.

可以指定 VM 的名称,选择要将此 VM 放入到的资源组和虚拟网络 (VNet),以及为已还原的 VM 指定存储帐户。You can specify a name for the VM, select the resource group and virtual network (VNet) in which it will be placed, and specify a storage account for the restored VM. 新 VM 必须在源 VM 所在的区域创建。The new VM must be created in the same region as the source VM.
还原磁盘Restore disk 还原某个 VM 磁盘,然后使用它来创建新的 VM。Restores a VM disk, which can then be used to create a new VM.

Azure 备份提供一个模板来帮助你自定义和创建 VM。Azure Backup provides a template to help you customize and create a VM.

还原作业会生成一个模板,可以下载该模板,并使用它来指定自定义的 VM 设置和创建 VM。The restore job generates a template that you can download and use to specify custom VM settings, and create a VM.

磁盘将复制到指定的资源组。The disks are copied to the Resource Group you specify.

或者,可将磁盘附加到现有 VM,或使用 PowerShell 创建新的 VM。Alternatively, you can attach the disk to an existing VM, or create a new VM using PowerShell.

若要自定义 VM、添加在备份时不存在的配置设置,或添加必须使用模板或 PowerShell 配置的设置,则此选项非常有用。This option is useful if you want to customize the VM, add configuration settings that weren't there at the time of backup, or add settings that must be configured using the template or PowerShell.
替换现有项Replace existing 可以还原某个磁盘,并使用它来替换现有 VM 上的磁盘。You can restore a disk, and use it to replace a disk on the existing VM.

当前 VM 必须存在。The current VM must exist. 如果已将其删除,则无法使用此选项。If it's been deleted, this option can't be used.

Azure 备份会在替换磁盘之前获取现有 VM 的快照,并将其存储在指定的暂存位置。Azure Backup takes a snapshot of the existing VM before replacing the disk, and stores it in the staging location you specify. 连接到该 VM 的现有磁盘将替换为所选的还原点。Existing disks connected to the VM are replaced with the selected restore point.

快照将复制到保管库,并根据保留策略进行保留。The snapshot is copied to the vault, and retained in accordance with the retention policy.

替换磁盘操作完成后,原始磁盘会保留在资源组中。After the replace disk operation, the original disk is retained in the resource group. 如果不需要原始磁盘,可选择手动删除它们。You can choose to manually delete the original disks if they aren't needed.

对于未加密的托管 VM 和使用自定义映像创建的 VM,支持替换现有磁盘。Replace existing is supported for unencrypted managed VMs and for VMs created using custom images. 非托管磁盘和 VM、经典 VM 以及通用化 VM 不支持此操作。It's not supported for unmanaged disks and VMs, classic VMs, and generalized VMs.

如果还原点中的磁盘数多于或少于当前 VM 中的磁盘数,则还原点中的磁盘数只反映 VM 配置。If the restore point has more or less disks than the current VM, then the number of disks in the restore point will only reflect the VM configuration.

对于包含链接资源的 VM(例如用户分配的托管标识Key Vault),还支持替换现有磁盘。Replace existing is also supported for VMs with linked resources, like user-assigned managed-identity and Key Vault.
跨区域(次要区域)Cross Region (secondary region) 跨区域还原可用于还原次要区域(Azure 配对区域)中的 Azure VM。Cross Region restore can be used to restore Azure VMs in the secondary region, which is an Azure paired region.

如果备份在次要区域中完成,则可针对所选恢复点还原所有 Azure VM。You can restore all the Azure VMs for the selected recovery point if the backup is done in the secondary region.

此功能适用于以下选项:This feature is available for the options below:
  • 创建 VMCreate a VM
  • 还原磁盘Restore Disks

    当前不支持替换现有磁盘选项。We don't currently support the Replace existing disks option.

    次要区域中的还原操作可由备份管理员和应用管理员执行。The restore operation on secondary region can be performed by Backup Admins and App admins.
  • 文件级还原支持Support for file-level restore

    还原Restore 支持Supported
    跨操作系统还原文件Restoring files across operating systems 可以在与备份的 VM 使用相同(或兼容)OS 的任何计算机上还原文件。You can restore files on any machine that has the same (or compatible) OS as the backed-up VM. 请参阅兼容 OS 表See the Compatible OS table.
    还原已加密 VM 中的文件Restoring files from encrypted VMs 不支持。Not supported.
    还原网络受限的存储帐户中的文件Restoring files from network-restricted storage accounts 不支持。Not supported.
    使用 Windows 存储空间还原 VM 上的文件Restoring files on VMs using Windows Storage Spaces 不支持在同一 VM 上还原。Restore not supported on same VM.

    应在兼容的 VM 上还原文件。Instead, restore the files on a compatible VM.
    使用 LVM/RAID 阵列还原 Linux VM 上的文件Restore files on Linux VM using LVM/raid arrays 不支持在同一 VM 上还原。Restore not supported on same VM.

    在兼容的 VM 上还原。Restore on a compatible VM.
    使用特殊网络设置还原文件Restore files with special network settings 不支持在同一 VM 上还原。Restore not supported on same VM.

    在兼容的 VM 上还原。Restore on a compatible VM.
    从共享磁盘、临时驱动器、删除了重复数据的磁盘、超级磁盘和启用了写入加速器的磁盘还原文件Restore files from Shared disk, Temp drive, Deduplicated Disk, Ultra disk and disk with write Accelerator enabled 不支持还原。Restore not supported,

    请参阅 Azure VM 存储支持see Azure VM storage support.

    VM 管理支持Support for VM management

    下表汇总了在执行 VM 管理任务(例如添加或替换 VM 磁盘)期间的备份支持。The following table summarizes support for backup during VM management tasks, such as adding or replacing VM disks.

    还原Restore 支持Supported
    跨订阅/区域/局部区域还原。Restore across subscription/region/zone. 不支持。Not supported.
    还原到现有 VMRestore to an existing VM 使用“替换磁盘”选项。Use replace disk option.
    在为存储帐户启用了 Azure 存储服务加密 (SSE) 的情况下还原磁盘Restore disk with storage account enabled for Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) 不支持。Not supported.

    还原到未启用 SSE 的帐户。Restore to an account that doesn't have SSE enabled.
    还原到混合存储帐户Restore to mixed storage accounts 不支持。Not supported.

    根据存储帐户类型,所有已还原的磁盘将是高级或标准类型,而不是混合类型。Based on the storage account type, all restored disks will be either premium or standard, and not mixed.
    将 VM 直接还原到可用性集Restore VM directly to an availability set 对于托管磁盘,可以还原磁盘,并在模板中使用可用性集选项。For managed disks, you can restore the disk and use the availability set option in the template.

    不支持非托管磁盘。Not supported for unmanaged disks. 对于非托管磁盘,可以还原磁盘,然后在可用性集中创建 VM。For unmanaged disks, restore the disk, and then create a VM in the availability set.
    升级到托管 VM 后还原非托管 VM 的备份Restore backup of unmanaged VMs after upgrading to managed VM 支持。Supported.

    可以还原磁盘,然后创建托管 VM。You can restore disks, and then create a managed VM.
    在将 VM 迁移到托管磁盘之前将 VM 还原到还原点Restore VM to restore point before the VM was migrated to managed disks 支持。Supported.

    还原到非托管磁盘(默认设置),将已还原的磁盘转换为托管磁盘,然后使用托管磁盘创建 VM。You restore to unmanaged disks (default), convert the restored disks to managed disk, and create a VM with the managed disks.
    还原已删除的 VM。Restore a VM that's been deleted. 支持。Supported.

    可以从恢复点还原 VM。You can restore the VM from a recovery point.
    还原域控制器 VMRestore a domain controller VM Supported. 有关详细信息,请参阅还原域控制器 VMFor details, see Restore domain controller VMs.
    还原不同虚拟网络中的 VMRestore VM in different virtual network 支持。Supported.

    虚拟网络必须位于同一订阅和区域中。The virtual network must be in the same subscription and region.

    VM 计算支持VM compute support

    计算Compute 支持Support
    VM 大小VM size 至少有 2 个 CPU 核心和 1-GB RAM 的任意 Azure VM 大小。Any Azure VM size with at least 2 CPU cores and 1-GB RAM.

    了解详细信息。Learn more.
    备份可用性集中的 VMBack up VMs in availability sets 支持。Supported.

    无法使用快速创建 VM 的选项来还原可用性集中的 VM。You can't restore a VM in an available set by using the option to quickly create a VM. 还原 VM 时,请还原磁盘并用它来部署 VM,或者还原磁盘并用它来替换现有磁盘。Instead, when you restore the VM, restore the disk and use it to deploy a VM, or restore a disk and use it to replace an existing disk.
    备份使用混合使用权益 (HUB) 部署的 VMBack up VMs that are deployed with Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) Supported.
    备份从 Azure 市场部署的 VMBack up VMs that are deployed from Azure Marketplace

    (由 Microsoft 或第三方发布)(Published by Microsoft, third party)

    VM 必须运行受支持的操作系统。The VM must be running a supported operating system.

    恢复 VM 上的文件时,可以仅还原到兼容的 OS(不是早期版本或更高版本的 OS)。When recovering files on the VM, you can restore only to a compatible OS (not an earlier or later OS). 我们不会还原作为 VM 备份的 Azure 市场 VM,因为这需要购买信息。We don't restore Azure Marketplace VMs backed as VMs, as these need purchase information. 它们仅作为磁盘还原。They're only restored as disks.
    备份从自定义映像部署的 VM(第三方)Back up VMs that are deployed from a custom image (third-party) 支持。Supported.

    VM 必须运行受支持的操作系统。The VM must be running a supported operating system.

    恢复 VM 上的文件时,可以仅还原到兼容的 OS(不是早期版本或更高版本的 OS)。When recovering files on the VM, you can restore only to a compatible OS (not an earlier or later OS).
    备份已迁移到 Azure 的 VMBack up VMs that are migrated to Azure 支持。Supported.

    若要备份 VM,必须在迁移的计算机上安装 VM 代理。To back up the VM, the VM agent must be installed on the migrated machine.
    备份多 VM 一致性Back up Multi-VM consistency Azure 备份不提供跨多个 VM 的数据和应用程序一致性。Azure Backup doesn't provide data and application consistency across multiple VMs.
    备份包含诊断设置的 VMBackup with Diagnostic Settings 不支持。Unsupported.

    如果使用新建选项触发包含诊断设置的 Azure VM 的还原,还原将会失败。If the restore of the Azure VM with diagnostic settings is triggered using Create New option, then the restore fails.
    Gen2 VMGen2 VMs 支持Supported
    Azure 备份支持备份和还原 Gen2 VMAzure Backup supports backup and restore of Gen2 VMs. 从恢复点还原这些 VM 时,它们作为 Gen2 VM 还原。When these VMs are restored from Recovery point, they're restored as Gen2 VMs.
    带锁的 Azure VM 的备份Backup of Azure VMs with locks 非托管 VM 不支持。Unsupported for unmanaged VMs.

    托管 VM 支持。Supported for managed VMs.
    Azure 专用主机Azure Dedicated Host 支持Supported
    独立 Azure VM 的 Windows 存储空间配置Windows Storage Spaces configuration of standalone Azure VMs 支持Supported

    VM 存储支持VM storage support

    组件Component 支持Support
    Azure VM 数据磁盘Azure VM data disks 支持备份最多包含 32 个磁盘的 Azure VM。Support for backup of Azure VMs with up to 32 disks.

    备份包含非托管磁盘的 Azure VM 或经典 VM 时,最多支持 16 个磁盘。Support for backup of Azure VMs with unmanaged disks or classic VMs is up to 16 disks only.
    数据磁盘大小Data disk size 对于 VM 中的所有磁盘,单个磁盘大小最大为 32 TB,组合磁盘大小最大为 256 TB。Individual disk size can be up to 32 TB and a maximum of 256 TB combined for all disks in a VM.
    存储类型Storage type 标准 HDD、标准 SSD、高级 SSD。Standard HDD, Standard SSD, Premium SSD.
    托管磁盘Managed disks 支持。Supported.
    加密的磁盘Encrypted disks 支持。Supported.

    可以备份已启用 Azure 磁盘加密的 Azure VM(包含或不包含 Azure AD 应用)。Azure VMs enabled with Azure Disk Encryption can be backed up (with or without the Azure AD app).

    无法在文件/文件夹级别恢复已加密的 VM。Encrypted VMs can't be recovered at the file/folder level. 必须恢复整个 VM。You must recover the entire VM.

    可以在已受 Azure 备份保护的 VM 上启用加密。You can enable encryption on VMs that are already protected by Azure Backup.
    已启用写入加速器的磁盘Disks with Write Accelerator enabled 不支持。Not supported.

    Azure 备份服务将会备份其中磁盘在备份期间启用了加速写入 (WA) 的虚拟机。Azure Backup will backup the virtual machines having disks that are Write Accelerated (WA) enabled during backup.

    对于不支持的区域,需在 VM 上建立 Internet 连接才能创建启用了 WA 的虚拟机的快照。For the unsupported regions, internet connectivity is required on the VM to take snapshots of Virtual Machines with WA enabled.

    重要说明:在这些不支持的区域中,包含 WA 磁盘的虚拟机需要建立 Internet 连接才能成功进行备份(即使已从备份中排除这些磁盘)。Important note: In those unsupported regions, virtual machines with WA disks need internet connectivity for a successful backup (even though those disks are excluded from the backup).
    备份和还原已删除重复数据的 VM/磁盘Back up & Restore deduplicated VMs/disks Azure 备份不支持删除重复数据。Azure Backup doesn't support deduplication. 有关详细信息,请参阅此文For more information, see this article

    - Azure 备份不会跨恢复服务保管库中的 VM 删除重复数据- Azure Backup doesn't deduplicate across VMs in the Recovery Services vault

    - 如果在还原期间有处于重复数据删除状态的 VM,则无法还原文件,因为保管库不能识别该格式。- If there are VMs in deduplication state during restore, the files can't be restored because the vault doesn't understand the format. 但是,你能够成功执行完整的 VM 还原。However, you can successfully perform the full VM restore.
    将磁盘添加到受保护的 VMAdd disk to protected VM 支持。Supported.
    调整受保护 VM 上的磁盘大小Resize disk on protected VM 支持。Supported.
    共享存储Shared storage 不支持使用群集共享卷 (CSV) 或横向扩展文件服务器备份 VM。Backing up VMs using Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) or Scale-Out File Server isn't supported. 在备份过程中,CSV 写入器可能会失败。CSV writers are likely to fail during backup. 还原时,包含 CSV 卷的磁盘可能不会启动。On restore, disks containing CSV volumes might not come-up.
    共享磁盘Shared disks 不支持。Not supported.
    超级 SSD 磁盘Ultra SSD disks 不支持。Not supported. 有关详细信息,请参阅这些限制For more information, see these limitations.
    临时磁盘Temporary disks Azure 备份服务不会备份临时磁盘。Temporary disks aren't backed up by Azure Backup.
    NVMe/临时磁盘NVMe/ephemeral disks 不支持。Not supported.

    VM 网络支持VM network support

    组件Component 支持Support
    网络接口 (NIC) 数Number of network interfaces (NICs) 特定 Azure VM 大小支持最大数量的 NIC。Up to maximum number of NICs supported for a specific Azure VM size.

    NIC 是在还原过程中创建 VM 时创建的。NICs are created when the VM is created during the restore process.

    已还原 VM 上的 NIC 数目与启用保护时 VM 上的 NIC 数目相同。The number of NICs on the restored VM mirrors the number of NICs on the VM when you enabled protection. 启用保护后移除 NIC 不影响计数。Removing NICs after you enable protection doesn't affect the count.
    内部/外部负载均衡器External/internal load balancer 支持。Supported.

    详细了解如何还原使用特殊网络设置的 VM。Learn more about restoring VMs with special network settings.
    多个保留的 IP 地址Multiple reserved IP addresses 支持。Supported.

    详细了解如何还原使用特殊网络设置的 VM。Learn more about restoring VMs with special network settings.
    具有多个网络适配器的 VMVMs with multiple network adapters 支持。Supported.

    详细了解如何还原使用特殊网络设置的 VM。Learn more about restoring VMs with special network settings.
    具有公共 IP 地址的 VMVMs with public IP addresses 支持。Supported.

    将现有的公共 IP 地址与 NIC 相关联,或者在完成还原后创建一个地址,并将其与 NIC 相关联。Associate an existing public IP address with the NIC, or create an address and associate it with the NIC after restore is done.
    NIC/子网上的网络安全组 (NSG)。Network security group (NSG) on NIC/subnet. 支持。Supported.
    静态 IP 地址Static IP address 不支持。Not supported.

    将为从还原点创建的新 VM 分配动态 IP 地址。A new VM that's created from a restore point is assigned a dynamic IP address.

    对于经典 VM,无法备份具有保留 IP 地址且未定义终结点的 VM。For classic VMs, you can't back up a VM with a reserved IP address and no defined endpoint.
    动态 IP 地址Dynamic IP address 支持。Supported.

    如果源 VM 上的 NIC 使用动态 IP 地址,则默认情况下,已还原 VM 上的 NIC 也使用动态 IP 地址。If the NIC on the source VM uses dynamic IP addressing, by default the NIC on the restored VM will use it too.
    Azure 流量管理器Azure Traffic Manager 支持。Supported.

    如果备份的 VM 位于流量管理器中,请手动将已还原的 VM 添加到同一个流量管理器实例。If the backed-up VM is in Traffic Manager, manually add the restored VM to the same Traffic Manager instance.
    Azure DNSAzure DNS 支持。Supported.
    自定义 DNSCustom DNS 支持。Supported.
    通过 HTTP 代理建立出站连接Outbound connectivity via HTTP proxy 支持。Supported.

    不支持经过身份验证的代理。An authenticated proxy isn't supported.
    虚拟网络服务终结点Virtual network service endpoints 支持。Supported.

    防火墙和虚拟网络存储帐户设置应允许从所有网络进行访问。Firewall and virtual network storage account settings should allow access from all networks.

    VM 安全与加密支持VM security and encryption support

    Azure 备份支持针对传输中数据和静态数据的加密:Azure Backup supports encryption for in-transit and at-rest data:

    发往 Azure 的网络流量:Network traffic to Azure:

    • 从服务器到恢复服务保管库的备份流量通过高级加密标准 256 进行加密。Backup traffic from servers to the Recovery Services vault is encrypted by using Advanced Encryption Standard 256.

    • 备份数据通过安全 HTTPS 链接进行发送。Backup data is sent over a secure HTTPS link.

    • 备份数据以加密格式存储在恢复服务保管库中。The backup data is stored in the Recovery Services vault in encrypted form.

    • 只有你有解锁此数据的加密密钥。Only you have the encryption key to unlock this data. Microsoft 无法解密任何恢复点的备份数据。Microsoft can't decrypt the backup data at any point.


      设置保管库后,只有你才能访问加密密钥。After you set up the vault, only you have access to the encryption key. Microsoft 不保留副本,且没有访问该密钥的权限。Microsoft never maintains a copy and doesn't have access to the key. 如果客户丢失了密钥,Microsoft 无法恢复备份数据。If the key is misplaced, Microsoft can't recover the backup data.

    数据安全:Data security:

    • 备份 Azure VM 时,需要在虚拟机内部设置加密。When backing up Azure VMs, you need to set up encryption within the virtual machine.
    • Azure 备份支持 Azure 磁盘加密,后者在 Windows 虚拟机上使用 BitLocker,在 Linux 虚拟机上使用 dm-cryptAzure Backup supports Azure Disk Encryption, which uses BitLocker on Windows virtual machines and us dm-crypt on Linux virtual machines.
    • 在后端,Azure 备份使用 Azure 存储服务加密来保护静态数据。On the back end, Azure Backup uses Azure Storage Service encryption, which protects data at rest.
    计算机Machine 传输中In transit 静态At rest
    没有 DPM/MABS 的本地 Windows 计算机On-premises Windows machines without DPM/MABS 是 是
    Azure VMAzure VMs 是 是
    本地计算机/装有 DPM 的 Azure VMOn-premises/Azure VMs with DPM 是 是
    本地计算机/装有 MABS 的 Azure VMOn-premises/Azure VMs with MABS 是 是

    VM 压缩支持VM compression support

    Azure 备份支持对备份流量进行压缩,详细情况汇总在下表中。Backup supports the compression of backup traffic, as summarized in the following table. 注意以下事项:Note the following:

    • 就 Azure VM 来说,VM 扩展会通过存储网络直接读取 Azure 存储帐户中的数据。For Azure VMs, the VM extension reads the data directly from the Azure storage account over the storage network. 无需压缩此流量。It isn't necessary to compress this traffic.
    • 如果使用 DPM 或 MABS,则可先压缩数据,然后再将其备份到 DPM/MABS,以节省带宽。If you're using DPM or MABS, you can save bandwidth by compressing the data before it's backed up to DPM/MABS.
    计算机Machine 压缩到 MABS/DPM (TCP)Compress to MABS/DPM (TCP) 压缩到保管库 (HTTPS)Compress to vault (HTTPS)
    没有 DPM/MABS 的本地 Windows 计算机On-premises Windows machines without DPM/MABS NANA 是
    Azure VMAzure VMs NANA NANA
    本地计算机/装有 DPM 的 Azure VMOn-premises/Azure VMs with DPM 是 是
    本地计算机/装有 MABS 的 Azure VMOn-premises/Azure VMs with MABS 是 是

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