Azure 数据工厂连接器概述Azure Data Factory connector overview

适用于: Azure 数据工厂 Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure 数据工厂通过复制、数据流、查找、获取元数据和删除活动支持以下数据存储和格式。Azure Data Factory supports the following data stores and formats via Copy, Data Flow, Look up, Get Metadata, and Delete activities. 单击每个数据存储以了解详细信息中支持的功能和相应的配置。Click each data store to learn the supported capabilities and the corresponding configurations in details.

支持的数据存储Supported data stores

类别Category 数据存储Data store 复制活动(源/接收器)Copy activity (source/sink) 映射数据流源(源/接收器)Mapping Data Flow (source/sink) Lookup 活动Lookup Activity 获取元数据活动/验证活动Get Metadata Activity/Validation Activity 删除活动Delete Activity
AzureAzure Azure Blob 存储Azure Blob Storage ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure 认知搜索索引Azure Cognitive Search Index −/✓−/✓
  Azure Cosmos DB (SQL API)Azure Cosmos DB (SQL API) ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Cosmos DB 的 API for MongoDBAzure Cosmos DB's API for MongoDB ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure 数据资源管理器Azure Data Explorer ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Database for MariaDBAzure Database for MariaDB ✓/−✓/−
  Azure Database for MySQLAzure Database for MySQL ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Database for PostgreSQLAzure Database for PostgreSQL ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Databricks Delta LakeAzure Databricks Delta Lake ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓ 使用增量格式✓/✓ Use delta format
  Azure 文件存储Azure File Storage ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure SQL 数据库Azure SQL Database ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure SQL 托管实例Azure SQL Managed Instance ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure Synapse AnalyticsAzure Synapse Analytics ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  Azure 表存储Azure Table Storage ✓/✓✓/✓
DatabaseDatabase Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift ✓/−✓/−
  DB2DB2 ✓/−✓/−
  DrillDrill ✓/−✓/−
  Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery ✓/−✓/−
  GreenplumGreenplum ✓/−✓/−
  HBaseHBase ✓/−✓/−
  HiveHive ✓/−✓/− ✓/−✓/−
  Apache ImpalaApache Impala ✓/−✓/−
  InformixInformix ✓/✓✓/✓
  MariaDBMariaDB ✓/−✓/−
  Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access ✓/✓✓/✓
  MySQLMySQL ✓/−✓/−
  NetezzaNetezza ✓/−✓/−
  OracleOracle ✓/✓✓/✓
  PhoenixPhoenix ✓/−✓/−
  PostgreSQLPostgreSQL ✓/−✓/−
  Presto(预览)Presto (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  SAP Business Warehouse Open HubSAP Business Warehouse Open Hub ✓/−✓/−
  通过 MDX 实现的 SAP Business WarehouseSAP Business Warehouse via MDX ✓/−✓/−
  SAP 表SAP Table ✓/−✓/−
  SnowflakeSnowflake ✓/✓✓/✓ ✓/✓✓/✓
  SparkSpark ✓/−✓/−
  SQL ServerSQL Server ✓/✓✓/✓
  SybaseSybase ✓/−✓/−
  TeradataTeradata ✓/−✓/−
  VerticaVertica ✓/−✓/−
NoSQLNoSQL CassandraCassandra ✓/−✓/−
  Couchbase(预览)Couchbase (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  MongoDBMongoDB ✓/−✓/−
  MongoDB AtlasMongoDB Atlas ✓/−✓/−
FileFile Amazon S3Amazon S3 ✓/−✓/−
  文件系统File System ✓/✓✓/✓
  FTPFTP ✓/−✓/−
  Google Cloud StorageGoogle Cloud Storage ✓/−✓/−
  HDFSHDFS ✓/−✓/−
  SFTPSFTP ✓/✓✓/✓
通用协议Generic protocol 泛型 HTTPGeneric HTTP ✓/−✓/−
  泛型 ODataGeneric OData ✓/−✓/−
  泛型 ODBCGeneric ODBC ✓/✓✓/✓
  泛型 RESTGeneric REST ✓/✓✓/✓
服务和应用Services and apps Amazon Marketplace Web ServiceAmazon Marketplace Web Service ✓/−✓/−
  Common Data Service for AppsCommon Data Service for Apps ✓/✓✓/✓
  Concur(预览)Concur (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Dynamics 365Dynamics 365 ✓/✓✓/✓
  Dynamics AXDynamics AX ✓/−✓/−
  Dynamics CRMDynamics CRM ✓/✓✓/✓
  Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords ✓/−✓/−
  HubSpot(预览)HubSpot (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  JiraJira ✓/−✓/−
  Magento(预览)Magento (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Marketo(预览)Marketo (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Microsoft 365Microsoft 365 ✓/−✓/−
  Oracle Eloqua(预览)Oracle Eloqua (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Oracle Responsys(预览)Oracle Responsys (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Oracle 服务云(预览)Oracle Service Cloud (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  PayPal(预览版)PayPal (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  QuickBooks(预览)QuickBooks (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  SalesforceSalesforce ✓/✓✓/✓
  Salesforce 服务云Salesforce Service Cloud ✓/✓✓/✓
  Salesforce Marketing CloudSalesforce Marketing Cloud ✓/−✓/−
  SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) ✓/✓✓/✓
  ServiceNowServiceNow ✓/−✓/−
SharePoint Online 列表SharePoint Online List ✓/−✓/−
  Shopify(预览)Shopify (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Square(预览)Square (Preview) ✓/−✓/−
  Web 表(HTML 表)Web Table (HTML table) ✓/−✓/−
  XeroXero ✓/−✓/−
  Zoho(预览)Zoho (Preview) ✓/−✓/−


连接器标记为“预览”意味着,可以试用它并向我们提供反馈。Any connector marked as Preview means that you can try it out and give us feedback. 若要在解决方案中使用预览版连接器的依赖项,请联系 Azure 客户支持If you want to take a dependency on preview connectors in your solution, please contact Azure support.

与更多数据存储集成Integrate with more data stores

Azure 数据工厂可以访问比上述列表更广泛的数据存储集。Azure Data Factory can reach broader set of data stores than the list mentioned above. 如果需要将数据移入/移出 Azure 数据工厂内置连接器列表中未包含的数据存储,以下是一些可扩展选项:If you need to move data to/from a data store that is not in the Azure Data Factory built-in connector list, here are some extensible options:

支持的文件格式Supported file formats

Azure 数据工厂支持以下文件格式。Azure Data Factory supports the following file formats. 请参阅每一篇介绍基于格式的设置的文章。Refer to each article for format-based settings.

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